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Ullswater Day One

Wow! What a start to the week. We had a fantastic journey and only hit a small amount of traffic on the motorway. When we arrive we were greeted with brilliant sunshine and a glorious view of the lake. After meeting our friendly guides for the week, we were shown our rooms and had to make our own beds! (This took a while)

Later that afternoon we all enjoyed a refreshing jog and dip in the beautiful lake – teachers included! Followed by a hearty evening meal and some evening activities like orienteering.

We are eager to see what the week has in-store. Hope you are not missing us too much.

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Excellent Work (Week Beginning 17/9/18)

Newletter 14th September 2018

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Excellent Work (Week Beginning 10/9/18)

Lo que aprendimos - First day of Spanish lessons 2018-19

Today was the first day of Spanish lessons in KS2.

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Year 3 impressed Señora Stevens with their knowledge of Spain and Spanish. 3LS were able to tell her several countries other than Spain where Spanish is spoken, and quite a few seemed to have an encylopaedic knowledge of Spanish speaking footballers! 3JM were not to be outdone and had an enthusiastic discussion about churros and paella, and certainly win the prize for the most unusual facts about Spain that they shared. One was about a mislaid pencil case and another young man informed Señora Stevens that Spain has the biggest salt mountains in Europe. Intriguing! I wonder if these are the salt mountains he means? https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/cardona-salt-mountain They sound amazing!

Year 5 began their new topic with lots of singing! Singing is not everyone's cup of tea but both 5AG and 5MM joined in with Señora Stevens' selfpenned ode to the Simpsons, written from the point of view of Lisa, and soon knew how to talk about their parents' grandparents' aunts and uncles, and siblings in Spanish. Having done a bit of puzzling and sorting to work out a rule for deciding if a family word if masculine or feminine, the lesson ended with a spirited rendition of Tiburón Bebé which cuased great excitement and amusement not just in the classroom but also in the corridor as children waited for a meeting! Apologies to parents and families of Y5 who may be wishing Señora Stevens hadn't taught the children how to sing 'that song' in Spanish as well as English! Here's the link - https://youtu.be/srAVqewVajo

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Oh, and next week, there's another catchy song lined up for next week too...


First Week at School

Reception children have all had a fantastic first few days at school.

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They have enjoyed making lots of new friends.

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We played on the outdoor equipment.

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We enjoyed choosing our own lunch in the dinner hall.

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Newsletter 20 July 2018

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World Cup Competition Winner

Our kitchen staff recently ran a competition for the children to guess the number of goals scored during the World Cup. Here is a picture of our winner from 1AL, whose guess was incredibly close with 170 goals. The actual number scored was 169!

She has won a £10 Argos gift card, kindly provided by Cityserve. Well done!

Goals Competition

Happy Hometime Club July 2018 Newsletter

hhtc sign2The Happy Hometime Club July Newsletter is now available to open. Please [click here] to view.


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