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Congratulations Year 6!

We are super proud of our Year 6 children for completing their SATs. They’ve all worked so hard to reach this point and we couldn’t have asked for more. Well done to each and every one of you ! We are looking forward to the end of year production, and all the fun things we have planned ! Pyjamas tomorrow Year 6 !


Crazy Cogheart

The term has started with Year Six reviewing texts in preparation for SAT exams. We have looked at the text, 'Cogheart' by Peter Bunzl. We have linked many reading skills to the text, completing SAT style questions including the use of the teachers toolkit, use of vocabulary and retrieving information from the extract. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading about Malkin, John and Lily.

Year 6 are working very hard on past papers and revision for their upcoming SAT's exams. Thank you all for your continued support!




The Harrowing Hound

The Year 6 squad have been applying their Talk for Reading skills this week. The focus has been The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle. This classic text has allowed us to use our knowledge of the English countryside, visualisation skills to imagine The Hound as well as decipher VIP vocabulary. We have loved meeting Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson and being absorbed into their wonderful world of mystery and intrigue.


holmes USE

Marvellous McGinty

Year 6 had a visit from the wonderful Professor McGinty. He was our ‘hook’ for our Spring 1 topic ‘Tomb Raiders’. He talked us through Ancient Egyptian life, beliefs, diet, clothing and hierarchy. The Prof showed us relics and artefacts including:

  • a mummified cat (not a real one!)
  • papyrus
  • bowls and food
  • scarab beetles
  • hieroglyphs and correspondence.

ben mcginty

Super Christmas Sewing

This week, Year 6 have undertaken the mammoth task of sewing a Christmas decoration. The design involved a nativity scene and a variety of stitches. Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Nagle took charge and the end results were fantastic with all pupils creating wonderful final pieces and Mr.Worth managing the needles beautifully- good job!



Riveting Room 13

This week, Year 6 have continued working on their text 'Room 13' by Robert Swindells. We have completed a report on the incidents that have occured within the story so far, a setting description of The Crow's Nest Hotel and a diary entry from the main charcter Fliss. 

The pupil's have really enjoyed the text and are looking forward to reading more. Creepy stuff!


room 13

Year 6 Tackle Rugby with BVGS

This week Year 6 have started their rugby session with Bishop Vesey Grammar School. Mr. Jones took each class to asess skills and then showed the pupils how to pass ball and find space. As the weeks progress, the children will be learning positional play, running channels and then finish with a tag rugby, inter-house, competition.


rugby tripod trophy

An after school rugby club is available for children in year 6 (male and female) and will commence the week following Ullswater.

Super Start Year Six!

Year Six have hit the ground running this week, completing written work on 'Kensukes Kingdown' and undertaking an abundance of mastery work during maths lessons.

Place Value has been our drive with pupils multiplying and dividing numbers up to seven-digits. All pupils have given 100% to all the tasks set. In English the pupils role-played and created a play script. Well done!


Dazzling DT Day at Bishop Vesey

Yesterday, a group of pupils from our Year 5 and 6 cohort were given the opportunity to attend a pioneer DT day at Bishop Vesey Grammar School. The day was set up to forge links between a DT secondary provision and our primary approach to the design-make-evaluate process. The children were guided through the design procedure by Mr. Brown, the head of Design Technology at BVGS. From here the pupils used new technologies and techniques including; CAD design, laser cutting, using acrylic plastic, lining-up of layers and tapping of the holes. The building process was fantastic, with the end project being professional and well-constructed. The children experienced a secondary setting and were fantastically behaved and a credit to the school. Mr. Brown allowed the school to experience hands-on DT using specialist equipment. A wonderful opportunity!

boxing glove

bore hole


Spectacular Shelters

The children in year 6 have been putting their history and DT knowledge to the test this week by designing World War II Anderson shelters. They were given the following criteria:

  • make the structure freestanding
  • ensure it can withstand weight/ pressure from above
  • ensure the structures have enough room to house a family of four (to scale)
  • ensure air can circulate the inside of the shelter

The pupils have been given a range of tools and resources to create their shelters and construction will commence on Monday 23rd April. We will be undertaking rigorous ‘testing’ of the shelters (dropping heavy objects on them) during the following session.


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