Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Verano 10 y 11)

We may be nearing the end of term but there's still lots of learning going on in Spanish lessons. Year 4 and 5 are busily planning weather forecasts and Year 6 are conjugating verbs to write very short stories about mini figures whilst Year 3 are working on colour and shape in the mosaics of Gaudí - or Gandhi as one child excitedly told Señora Stevens.  However, this time we're going to focus on Spanish in the Acorns.

As Señora Stevens entered the building this week she thought she heard Spanish angelitos singing. Without spoiling the surprise, she is very proud of Nursery and hopes they liked their stickers!

1ag ricoasco1AG have been talking about food they like and don't like in Spanish for the last few weeks. They started by saying ¡ñam! or ¡puaj! to show like or dislike before moving on to say sí por favor if they wanted the food offered or no gracias if they didn't. They've enjoyed the story ¡Qué rico! ¡Qué asco! that contrasts foods that are good to eat and things that you really shouldn't eat like gusanos, polvo and jabón, and their favourite one, mocos. There's been lots of enthusiastic joining in with the repeated sections and they especially enjoyed playing a game with Lewis who is helping with our Spanish lessons for the next few weeks. We also had a conversation about food in others countries; several children mentioned eating snails in France and Naiara was able to explain the picture of the jamón in the story as many children had never seen jamón serrano.

Year 2 have been joyfully singing about washing machines for the last few weeks in class - and at home too it seems from a couple of notes in planners! The contents of Ramón's washing machine has taught us the words for different items of clothing -(see left hand picture) and every week his calcetines que huelen  cause the machine to break down much to our amusement. This week we listened to the story Me visto...¡y te como! in which Señor Lobo gets dressed and... well, what do wolves normally want to do in stories? We sequenced some pictures from the story and matched up the vocabulary used (see right hand picture.) Finally we sang a song about playing in the woods whilst Señor Lobo isn't around. We called ¿Lobo estás? (are you there Mr Wolf?) and each time he replied that he was putting on an item of clothes until he was fully dressed and... You can find out what happens by listening to and watching the song Juguemos en el bosque.


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