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Welcome to the meet the Governors webpage, from feedback which we received from parents and carers there seems to be little understanding as to the role of the governors and the governing body at Whitehouse Common Primary School. I hope that this page will help to increase that understanding.

The Governing Body at Whitehouse Common primary School is made up of members of the local and school community. There are 18 members on our governing Body. The governing body works closely with the Headteacher, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school. The governing body is part of the school leadership team, responsible for strategic planning and policy development. They work as a team to make sure the school provides a good quality education for all its pupils and we:

  • support the school, but not uncritically
  • explain its policies to parents and the community
  • help to settle its disputes, fairly and conscientiously
  • oversee its policies and its use of resources and finances

The governors at Whitehouse Common Primary School work as an effective team, we get together as a full body for a meeting once a term and are also working with the school as either governors with defined responsibilities or as committee members.



The Governing Body operates 4 committees:

  1. Finance, Personel, Staffing and Salaries. This committee helps to control the annual school budget which is in excess of £1million.
  2. Curriculum. This committee works with the heads of the curriculum areas and the teaching staff on standards of student achievement, teaching and learning including the provision of Special Educational Needs.
  3. Health and safety. Advises the governing body on general safety policies and recommends steps to be taken to ensure that everything feasible is done to promote the safety of staff, students and authorised visitors on the school premises, and that relevant legal obligations are complied with. .
  4. Happy Hometime Club. The not for profit Before and After school club.


The governors at Whitehouse Common Primary School are as follows:

rob crosson

Name: Rob Crosson

Position: Chair of Governing Body, Foundation Governor

Committees: Finance, Curriculum, Health and Safety, SEN, Pay

I have been a governor for 10 years and Chair for the last 5 years.

I applied to be a Local Authority Governor in 2003 and was lucky enough to be allocated to Whitehouse Common. I wanted to be a governor to return some of the support I received during my schooldays. I was also, for the first time in my career, able to commit the time to do something for the community.

I am am constantly amazed at the energy and enthusiasm the staff consistently demonstrate whilst facing the successive challenges that come with that shared vision of improving the experience of every single child during their time at Whitehouse Common.

I suppose the highlight of the last few years is that I have been able to accompany the children on educational visits and on their residential visits to Howtown sharing their experience of learning in a completely different environment.

I am also a National Leader of Governance; a role that allows me to support other Chairs of Governors who are new, inexperienced or just struggling to build an effective Governing Body.

Chair of governors at Maney Hill School.

mrs f milward drawn1Name: Fiona Milward

Position: Head Teacher

Committees: Finance, Curriculum

As Head Teacher, I am extremely proud and privileged to be able to play a key role in maintaining and developing the excellent reputation that Whitehouse Common Primary School has amongst the local community. We have a superb and highly committed team of governors and an extremely enthusiastic, hard working, dynamic and talented group of staff. We all share a common vision and set of goals for the school’s future and so it is a real privilege to be able to work with them all to help make our great school even better.

Our desire is that every child who attends our school should reach their potential and this ideal is the foundation of everything that we do. The children never cease to amaze us with what they can achieve, as anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to visit one of our assemblies or events (such as our fiftieth anniversary) would agree. I therefore consider myself extremely fortunate that my two daughters attend this school and it is fantastic to see them benefiting from the high quality and rounded education that we offer.

colin philpottName: Colin Philpott

Position: Chair of Finance Committee, Foundation Governor

Link / Training Governor

Committees: Finance, Health and Safety, SEN, HHC, Pay

I became a LEA Governor in 2001 & was delighted to be allocated to Whitehouse Common Where both my children started their School days 25 years ago. WHC gave them a very good start & it is great to be part of the fast moving, hard working School of today.

I am Chair of the Finance & Personnel Committee and my experience of working as an Accountant for B'ham Council is useful for making the most of the School budget and helping to plan for the future.

Neil Simmonds govName: Neil Simmonds




I was elected Parent Governor in November 2020.

I am the proud father of children who attend Whitehouse Common School. As my children grow-up and become more independent I am motivated to give back more to society in the best way I possibly can. I believe a child’s formative years are a critical period for growth, both personally and academically, and as a Parent Governor I will strive to make a positive contribution to the operations of the School.

As a Human Resources professional with fifteen years’ experience, I have collaborated with others to maximise the potential of individuals, teams and organisations. With knowledge of staff development and recruitment and extensive business experience I will be able to make an informed contribution to both curriculum and personnel related matters in support of the School.

claire wheelerName: Claire Wheeler

Position: Co-Opted Governor

Committees: Health and Safety

I was elected as a parent governor in October 2011 and in 2016 became a co-opted governor.  I serve on the Health and Safety committee and the curriculum committee.

I have a little boy who started Whitehouse Common in September 2011 and a little girl who started the school in September 2013. I attended Whitehouse Common Primary school myself in the 80's and have some wonderful memories of my time there. I am passionate about educational standards and the important role a parent plays in the partnership within a school. I welcome this opportunity to continue to help the school succeed for the benefit of all our children, representing parents as well as supporting the Head Teacher and staff in decisions that will affect our children's education now and in the future. 

I have been a teacher myself for more than 20 years in a local Infant school in Sutton Coldfield. 

lesley hopkinsName: Lesley Hopkins

Position: Co-opted Governor

Committees: Curriculum

I was asked to become a co- opted governor when I worked at Birmingham City University (BCU ) as a teacher educator and also as a senior  lecturer in Early Years. This occurred because Whitehouse Common Primary School had formed a partnership with the University, some schools in the Four Oaks area and other partners to form the Trust for Excellence.  Prior to this I worked at University College Birmingham and for many years as a primary school teacher mainly in schools in the north of Birmingham. 
I was very pleased to become a governor at Whitehouse Common as I used to visit the school in my capacity as a student tutor and always admired the conscientious attitude of everyone in the team. I retired last year and have had the opportunity to take up some hobbies and activities that I was unable to find time to do whilst working. However, I was eager to continue in my governor role and currently I am the chair of the Curriculum Committee. This role has proved to be very interesting and demonstrates at first hand the work ethic of the team. 

miss h breezeName: Harriet Turley

Position: Co-Opted Governor

I joined Whitehouse Common Primary School in 2004 and thoroughly enjoy being part of the staff team. I have been able to teach in all key stages of the school and currently lead the Early Years Foundation Stage. I have successfully led Religious Education and now also lead Computing, securing secure our first ICT Mark in 2012. I look forward to playing a strategic role in continuing to strive for excellence, for all our children, in my role as governor.


sarah burtonName: Sarah Burton

Position: Co opted Governor

Committees: Health and Safety, Curriculum


I am a mum to two daughters who both attend Whitehouse Common School.Their love for Whitehouse Common and the excitement and happiness they display is infectious. This is one of my reasons for becoming a governor, ensuring that like my daughters other children enjoy positive experiences and thrive throughout their school life. I have been employed in the public sector for 25 years. I have worked in partnership with a variety of organisations, and have seen first hand how vital a positive school environment is in shaping a young person's future. It is a privilege to serve as a co opted governor and Inclusion governor at Whitehouse Common School, providing support to both staff and children to ensure that Whitehouse Common continues to provide an outstanding education for our children.


mrs l parkesName: Lucy Parkes

Position: Co-opted Governor


I am very proud to be a staff governor here at WHCPS.

I have been a part time teacher here for the past 8 years and in that time I have been fortunate enough to teach in most of the year groups, working with fabulous children and very talented and dedicated staff.

In the eighteen or so years of teaching before my time at Whitehouse Common I have worked in many other Sutton schools – I loved them all…. but Whitehouse Common is a very special place! 

I am looking forward to seeing how, in my new role as a staff governor, I can further work towards the provision of an outstanding school for our children.


Lisa hicken drawnName: Lisa Hickin

Position: Parent Governor


I am a mother of one daughter who attends Whitehouse Common School, and one of my reasons for wanting to be part of the Governor Team is to make a positive difference in children’s learning experiences, and to help them enjoy their learning experiences at school, which I hope they take with them throughout life. I am a Chartered Construction Manager, and have worked in construction for over 20 years, through many sectors. I firmly believe in giving back to the community and I hope to do this for the children and staff at Whitehouse Common School, within my role as parent governor. Children are very much our future, and I would like to be part of the team who positively supports and guides them to achieve to their best abilities

Governor Coming Soon

Name: Lateesha Johnson

Position: Local Authority Governor


Governor's Register of Interests


Type of


Office  Term  Committee(s) Registered Interests

Safeguard Training

Safer Recruitment Training


Rob Crosson Foundation

Chair of


2013 - 2017

Finance & Personnel


Health & Safety



National Leader of Governance

Safeguarding Training


Safer Recruitment Training

Fiona Milward Head Teacher    

Finance & Personnel


Health & Saftey




Staff Member


Safeguard Lead (DSL)

Safeguarding Training

Colin Phillpot Foundation Chair of Finance 2013 - 2017

Finance & Personnel

Health & Saftey





Safeguarding Training


Safer Recruitment Training

 Lisa Maugham Co-opted    2014 -2018 Curriculum Staff Member Safeguarding Training
 Harriet Breeze Co-opted   2016 - 2019   Staff member

Safeguarding Training

Lesley Hopkins Co-opted Chair of Curriculum 2013 - 2017 Curriculum Birmingham City University

Safeguarding Training

Chris Harris Co-opted / Parent

Vice Chair of Governors

Chair of HHC

Chair of Health & Safety

2014 - 2017


Health & Safety

Parent of children attending HHC

Safeguarding Training (NHS)

Paul Carroll Co-opted   2013 - 2017 Curriculum None  
Mike Dixon Co-opted   2013 - 2017 Finance & Personnel None  
Sarah Burton Co-opted   2014 - 2018

Health & Safety


Claire Wheeler Co-opted   2011 - 2015 Health & Safety

Teacher Governor at

Walmley Infant School

Safeguarding Training

Martine Cowdery Staff   2012 - 2016


Health & Safety

Guardian Window Films

Safeguarding Training

Fiona Milward Associate Member No Voting Rights 2014 - 2018




Safeguarding Training

(Deputy DSL)

John Horne Associate Member No Voting Rights 2014 - 2018 Health & Safety Married to staff member  


Governor Attendance

To see our records of governor attendance, click the below links.

Previous Governors who have helped the school on its journey:

  • Mr Peter Martin (LEA Governor)
  • Mrs Valerie Martin (LEA Governor)
  • Mrs Julie Morgan (LEA Governor former Chair)
  • Mr Martyn Collin (Head Teacher Governor)
  • Mrs Helen Sotomayor (Teacher Governor)
  • Mrs Suzan Poulton (Parent Governor)
  • Mr Robin Wheeler (Parent Governor)
  • Mrs Jean Wood (Lea Governor)
  • Mr Henry Lacey (Lea Governor)
  • Mr Ian Stewart (Parent Governor)
  • Mrs Gail Chamberlain (Co-opted Governor)
  • Mr Simon Rowney (Co-opted and Parent Governor, former Chair)
  • Mrs Marion Daniels (Teacher Governor)
  • Mr Giles Wheeler (Parent Governor, former Chair)
  • Mrs Katrena Aucott (Co-opted Governor)
  • Mrs Sue Eriksen (Parent Governor)
  • Mr Jamie Barry (Teacher Governor)
  • Miss Chris Tonkinson (Teacher Governor)
  • Mr Dale Hill (Head Teacher Governor)
  • Mr Japp Vos (former Chair)
  • Mrs Nicole Checkley (Deputy Head Governor)
  • Mrs Helen Myers (Parent Governor)
  • Mr Shafiq Ahmed (Parent Governor)
  • Mr Mark Tipton (Parent Governor)
  • Mr Bob Pattni (Community Governor)
  • Mr Simon Lowndes (Parent Governor)
  • Mrs Julia Wakefield (Parent Governor)
  • Mr Wayne Merrick (Co-opted Governor)
  • Mr Nigel Marshall (Co-opted Governor)
  • Mr Dean Boyce (Co-Opted Governor)
  • Mrs Helen Woodman (Clerk to the Governing Body)
  • Mrs Jane Slassor (Staff Governor)
  • Mrs Carol Duckworth (Foundation Governor)
  • Mr Perminder Balu (Co-opted Governor)
  • Mr Chris Harris (Co-opted Governor, former Vice Chair)
  • Mr P Pritchard (Co-Opted Governor)
  • Mrs Debbie Allen (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs Martine Cowdery (Staff Governor)
  • Mr C Sturridge-Packer (Parent governor) 

  • Mrs K Chanian (Co-opted Governor)





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