Belonging - a whole school project.


At the start of the year, Years 1 to 6 all spent some time looking at a beautiful book by Jeannie Baker entitled Belonging. A picture book, it features the view from the same window over the course of the life of Tracey from her birth into adulthood. It charts the changes in her life as well as in her surroundings and those around her. Each picture (across a double page) is full of detail and many children were frustrated that they needed more time to spot everything that was happening and to fully appreciate the changes between the different scenes.

Over the book, the neighbourhood in which Tracey lives changes, partly due to time but also to do with the people in her community, and this was the springboard into discussions about our own sense of belonging and of what it means to be part of a community. 

In assemblies, children were asked what it meant to belong and some suggestions were 'feeling safe', feeling 'at home' and 'feeling part of something and not on the outside.' We discussed how there are no outsiders at Whitehouse Common Primary and thought about how we might ensure that everyone feels safe, at home and that they belong. 

In classes, children continued these discussions and recorded their ideas in a variety of ways. Each class summarised their activities and thoughts on a large sheet of card and these have been compiled into a large book. So if you're visiting in the near future, have a look at the beautiful artwork, thoughtful ideas and considered opinions of our pupils in our special book which is in the Acorns reception area.

belonging big book

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