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We have had lots of fun this week!

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We have ordered numbers.

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We ordered pictures from the story Little Red Riding Hood.

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We sorted letters on the touchscreen.

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We played with the Numicon in the sand.

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We made Numicon pictures with paint.

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We used tweezers to count out pom poms.

Counting skills

We counted out fruit in the water.

FA50602E 137B 443A A1C3 1E1600E2105DRe using materials

Re using Materials 2Re using materials 3

Re using materials 4

We thought about reusing different materials to build with.

Letter Formation

Pencil control

We practised our pencil control.

Water play

Water wallWater Wall 2

We enjoyed playing in the water.

PE Baked BeansPE Broad Beans

We enjoyed making different bean shapes in PE.


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