Letter to Parents - 27/04/2020

Dear Parents,

I do hope you and your families are well and that lockdown is proving to be as positive experience as possible for you all. Please may I take this opportunity to remind you that there are many support mechanisms in place for both children and adults; a range of information can be found on our website. There is no doubt that I speak for all the school staff when I say we are really missing you and the children and look forward very much to when we can see you all again.

As you are aware, since 23rd March, we have been providing our key worker child care provision, run by our own staff in a self contained part of the building, at Hollyfield Primary School. We will continue to provide this while it is required. This child care is for key worker parents only, but most importantly those key workers who have no other alternative child care arrangements.

Please may I take this opportunity to remind you that homework for children is on our school website. Initially, our aim was to ensure that there was a range of work for all year groups that would support home learning until after the Easter holiday. However, we will be updating this for every year group every two weeks. It is absolutely vital that every child can access their homework and carry out key tasks so as to ensure this unavoidable and unprecedented disruption to their education has minimal impact. Teachers are setting carefully chosen activities that support your child’s learning of the National Curriculum, builds on their prior knowledge and deepens their understanding of key concepts. Many children are having virtual music lessons arranged by their peripatetic teachers. Parents who have contacted us about difficulties accessing homework information on line will be contacted individually.

Essential homework that you have been provided with for your child on the website is as follows:

Nursery to yr 2. - Daily phonics on line (youtube link on website)

Yr 1 to Yr 6 - White Rose maths lessons - watch tutorials and complete the corresponding activity (Reception to complete maths tasks provided for them in their homework area on website).

-All children to read daily and ensure guidance from teachers is followed so that they access a range of texts

-History and Geography on the guidance for your child’s class ensures coverage of the national curriculum and progression across school.

-All children to work on their basic skills to include number bonds work for EYFS and KS1 and times tables (TT Rockstars) work for yr 2 upwards.

-Spellings are all on the website under the curriculum tab/Spelling.

- Years 1 to 6 have also now been set an account with either ClassDojo (Y1 & 2) or Showbie (Y3 - 6). This is a great way to keep in touch with your teachers and improve your learning. Please can children update this with photos of their work or information about what they have been doing.

Please access the homework area on the website for all the relevant information for your child’s year group.

As you are aware, staff are making contact with children in their class approximately every 2 weeks to have a general chat and maintain contact. Mrs Horne is calling children who she sees on a regular basis for extra support and Mrs Slassor may call parents of SEND children, too. Please be mindful that these conversations take time and will take place over a number of days. Staff will call from numbers that are withheld, so please be mindful of this and do answer your phone! We will worry if we cannot get in touch with children and families!

We are aware that we want to continue to celebrate and reward the children’s effort, hard work and positive attitudes to their learning, whilst they are working from home. We will, of course, be doing this in our phone calls home and also when children return to school. From today, one child a week in each class, from year 1 upwards will be selected to receive a personalised letter from their teacher as one of the special ways we will be celebrating their achievements. Reception children’s learning will be celebrated in a range of different ways by their teaching team.

Please do use the website to access all key updates from the school. Homework will continue to be provided on a fortnightly basis. Information about school opening and closure, as well as child care provision for key workers will be available on the website. Newsletter updates from the school staff team will be provided and a wealth of information is also available for supporting families and children with special needs or for mental health and well being.

I am aware that some parents have expressed concerns about their year 6 children not returning to Whitehouse Common, if the current situation continues. Obviously, we all hope this is not the case but please be reassured that, if it were so, we would be looking at a range of ways to ensure their achievements are suitably celebrated and their leaving is marked appropriately.

On behalf of all of the staff team here, I would like to wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness in these unprecedented times. We hope you will all join in with the Thursday evening ‘clap for key workers’; we will all be doing this and thinking of you too.

Best wishes

Mrs Debbie Allen

Head Teacher

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