Day 7 - Presentation Day

What a day!

Heading to university this morning we were slightly nervous as we knew we were going to have to present a lesson, in Spanish, to the rest of our class.

Our homework for the past week has been to prepare a lesson based on a Spanish story book we were given. We had to make the resources, ensure all our pronunciation was correct and create activities for the class to help them improve their vocabulary.

Miss Doughty's book was all about a rabbit that didn't want to go to school.  He was worried all night about going to school but once he was there he had a fantastic time and didn't want to come home again!

The activity that Miss Doughty and her partner organised was a true and false game about the rabbit.  We had great fun reading the statements and organising them into the two groups.  Another activity that they did was to teach us vocabulary for different activities that the rabbit did, for example descansar - to rest, dibujar - to draw, jugar - to play.

Mrs Goode and her partners activities were all based on animals at a farm.  We played a ‘Who Is Missing’ game and had to say which animal had gone for a walk. The animals were: El gato - cat, El pato - duck, La gallina - chicken, La vaca - cow and El caballo - horse.  

The other game we played, based on the animals, was finding the different animals around the room and saying a sentence about them, for example La vaca es negro y blanco.

We had great fun playing all the different games and learning new vocabulary to add to our sentence knowledge.




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