Day 8 - Els Pins

We were in school today, going from class to class seeing how English and Spanish lessons are taught. 
The school looks very different to ours, it is a one form entry with only 2 playgrounds and no playing fields. 


The classes here are named very differently to ours. This year the theme is water so the children picked something water related and do projects based on that. 
The names were:
Year 6 - Icicles 
Year 5 - Mediterranean
Year 4 - North Pole 
Year 3 - Martians
Year 2 - Icebergs
Year 1 - The Future
Reception classes- Fishes and Dolphins 
Nursery - Turtles

They have a display in their entry hall with all the different names and research. 


We started with a spanish lesson in a year 3 class. They speak Catalan most of the time but are taught Spanish in a similar way to our literacy lessons.

We then moved to a class called P5, which at our school would be reception class. We sang nursery rhymes in English and the children learnt the words for head, shoulders, knees and toes, which of course involved singing the song in English. 
The lessons are very different to ours. The children are spilt into two groups and they swap teachers half way through the lesson

Green George wanted to play and meet the children today so we brought him along

He really enjoyed spending time in a year 2 English lesson. The children loved playing with him and giving him cuddles. He helped them to name animals and describe them as part of a guessing game.

It was a great day and we can't wait to go back tomorrow. 

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