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Whitehouse Common is an Eco School. We follow the Eco Schools’ programme to give our pupils a wider understanding of the world and the environment we all share. Eco Schools is an international organisation operating in over 50 countries, encouraging and educating children to be environmentally aware. In the UK, Eco Schools is overseen by the Keep Britain Tidy organisation.

There are nine topics that form the structure of the programme: Energy; Litter; Water; Waste; Healthy Living; School Grounds; Transport; Biodiversity; Global Perspective.

We have been following the Eco Schools programme since 2009, gaining our Bronze and Silver award, culminating in being awarded Green Flag Status in 2012. In July 2014 we successfully renewed our Green Flag Award. The school continues to develop its Eco work, spearheaded by the Eco Team. We hope you find our page interesting.


Litter Picking in Rectory Park

This afternoon our Eco Team went litter picking in Rectory Park!

We met Hollyfield and New Hall's Eco Teams there. Once we had introduced ourselves we learnt Hollyfield's litter picking song, which is sung to the tune of 'She'll be coming round the mountain':

If you see a piece of litter pick it up,

If you see a piece of litter pick it up,

You can make the world look greener, by picking up the litter,

If you see a piece of litter pick it up!

We then mixed with the other school's Eco Teams and collected litter from around the park. Well done to the Eco Team for a wonderful afternoon :). Thank you to Mr. Wheeler and Mrs. Hawksworth for joining us and making our visit possible.

WCPS Eco Team Meets Hollyfield's Eco Team

Last week we were delighted to welcome Hollyfield's Eco Team to our school. We had a fantastic time getting to know one another. We completed a quiz to learn about each other's Eco Teams, whilst enjoying some tasty Eco Team biscuits that Hollyfield generously made for us to share.

After this, we looked at how many used stamps both of our schools had collected for Oxfam. It was very close, but WCPS just about won (for the second year in a row).

We are very excited to be working with Hollyfield for even more exciting projects over the year.

Check out Hollyfield's article about their visit to us on:

Stamp Collecting!

stampsThe Eco Team need your help please. Their mission is to recycle as many used stamps as possible! They are going to send the stamps to the Oxfam Charity, to help other children around the world.

The stamps must be used. Please tear the stamps off the envelope, leaving a 1cm border around the edge. There's a stamp box outside the Oaks office to post the used stamps in.

WCPS will also be competing against Hollyfield to see which school can collect the most. We're keen to keep our two year winning reign!


Eco Team Report To The Full Governing Body

Each year the Eco Team is invited by Governors to attend the Full Governing Body meeting to showcase their work over the last year.

This year our Yr3,Yr4 and Yr6 Eco Team members attended. They started with telling Governors about the visit from the Bee Keeper( Mr Mundye) and finished with talking about how we have mapped the school for wildlie with Lucy Fleming the RSPB ranger that visited the school in May.

In addition to this work,  34 of our Yr6 children passed their level 2 Bikeability award. To use their new skills they went on a bike ride from school to Pype Hayes Parkk, and returned safely!

If you would like to view the powerpoint presentation that accompanied the Eco Team report to Governors please click here

A big well done to all the children who attended, they are a credit to themselves and the school. It has been recorded in the FGB minutes how impressed Governors were with the presentation and the children's obvious enthusiasm for the subject.

Agenda 19 April 2016

water dayThe next Eco Team meeting will be on Tuesday 19 April 2016. We have been in communication with our link school, Coleggio Esperanza, in Mexico. We have exchanged data on how each country obtains and uses water. The comparison is striking. The Eco Team will be sharing this information with their classes over the next week.

If you wish to view our agenda please click here  agenda icon 



Pond News!

A big thank you to Mr Roberts for his work on our beautiful pond. He has covered all the edges hiding the unsightly pond lining, making the pond very attractive and more wildlife friendly. Water loving wild flowers seeds have been sown around the margins to add to the environment. Great work Mr Roberts.  Thank you once again!!

Pond resized


Over the Easter break the pond creatures have woken up and are starting to bring the pond to life.

We have frog spawn with some tadpoles already swimming around. On Tuesday several classes visited the pond and as well as inspecting the frog spawn, were rewarded with more than a glimpse of 2 common newts!



Eco Team Agenda 9 March 2016

To view the agenda for 9 March 2016 please click hereagenda icon

Eco Team Minutes 23 February 2016


To View the Eco Team Minutes for 23 February 2016 please click here3701740 minutes icon

Clean for the Queen

On Tuesday 1st March 3JH  joined forces with the Eco Council from Hollyfield Primary School to Clean for the Queen in Rectory park.

The park was generally litter free which was good to see, however we did collect and remove over 12 kilograms of litter from the park.

 resized 2 resized 3   resized 1


The children enjoyed the activity. They felt that reducing the litter in the park improves our local environment, helps protect wildlife, and enjoyed working with Hollyfield Eco Council.

Solar Panel Energy

Solar Panel Poster

Agenda for 9 February 2016

If you would like to view the Eco Team Agenda for 9 February 2016 please click here agenda icon

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