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A Windy Day

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Hi All,

Please enjoy the following past weeks photos. We found out about the Three Pigs learning to describe the characters in the story in our Puppet Theatre and then writing about the Big Bad Wolf. We thought of lots of fantastic describing words. We became investigators in Nursery on Wednesday and explored the strength of sticks, straw and brick after we built our own pig house and then tested our structures with 'The Big Bad Wolf' hair dryer. It was very exciting and encouraged lots of talk about textures and materials. Friday was extra windy so for Forest activities we decided to make a simple kite and have a Windy Walk around our school grounds. Mrs Duckers enjoyed her first days wiith Nursery and loved teaching 's' and making a snowman picture with them.


Ten Town Celebrations

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Enjoy the pictures of our Ten Town Party. We had lots of fun dressing up, making party food and Ten Town games, like pass the parcel, Ten town sstatues and pin the nose on Eric Eight. King One sent us letter and some certificates too.

tt4tt1tt2tt3tt5xtt7tt8tt9tt11tt jamttme


Ten Town Activities and Den Making

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Hi All,

We have had such fun learning about all the character numbers from Ten town. Here are few of the fun activities we enjoyed along with our counting and number writing.


Making Jam tarts and trying out fiona Five's obstacle course. how many jumping jacks can you do?

ice9practise6snowmen5nina sand7

We loved exploring melting in the ice tray..brrrr... Practise makes perfect on our IWB and counting snowmen buttons.Building a recycling centre with Nina Nine was very popular in our sand tray.

10 hands 1110 meal 11writing n1map8

We loved making Tia Ten's sparkly clean hands and practising our number formation. Her Chinese Restaurant was a popular role play - Dumpling soup anyone? And we loved making numbers in Tia Ten's lucky red glitter. The children loved finding out where China and the other countries of the world were on our giant floor map.

den 311den 411den11tent3hot choc11

We enjoyed Den building In Forest Friday activities. We triend all sorts of different ways to build. It really developed our team building, sharing and communication skills. WE looked forward to our hotchoclate at the end. 

Ten Town Party snaps to follow soon.

Reminder to send in Star Costumes for the Christmas Performance in a named bag. Please write names on outfits as well. Thank you.




Ten Town begins

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Hi All,

We have got off to a great start with out Ten town activities. What a surprise on monday morning when we discovered the roleplay had changed to Ten town land and King One's castle. There was even a zero pond. We went to visit our own school pond in the Oaks plaground and found out it is the same shape.We made our own zero pond in the water tray and cleared out all the rubish and plastic. Our King One crowns were a big hit and gave us lots of practise 'top to go there you go'. Thank you for the fabulous number posters. We are sharing a few each day.

zeroz pond wz pondten town 1ten t crownten t iwb

Celebrations in Autumn

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Hi All,

Our Autumn celebration weekly theme has been a big hit with the children. We have created some bautiful firework pictures and practised our counting skills making rockets.We had lots of mark making practise!

fireworks2fireworks iwbrockets

We have really enjoyed exploring the season of winter. We worked hard to recognise all the letters in our name in these Autumn name hunt pictures. We loved our Forest Fridayl activities too. We went on a signs of Autumn hunt and we were very interested in the mushrooms we discovered and then we were so excited when we discovered a bright red Toadstool too. We used the Autumn leaves around us to thread necklaces and make our own collages. We looked forward to our hot chocolate after a busy session.

nameleavesmushtoadstooltoadstool2leaves 3leaves2hot choc

We enjoyed finding out about Diwali too. We made some bautiful diva lamps to take home. It was hard work rolling the clay and shaping the clay. Our fingers go a good work out.


Sports Day frolics

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Hi All,

Enjoy a few photos from sports day. Thank you to all who came along to cheer us on and joiin in with the parents race too. Precious memories to be cherished forever.


Thursday 11th - Teddy Bear's Picnic 1:30pm -2:30pm  and Miss Jones last day (boo hoo) before she start Maternity leave.

Thursday 18th -  Celebrations  -singing starts at 11:00am a detailed letter went home to all on Monday 8th.

This is our last post for the year. Thank you to all families for your continued support to the staff over the year. Thank you for lending your children to us for the year it has been a pleasure watching them grow and learn over the year. Happy and safe holidays.



Plants and Bugs

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Hi all,

We have had a great few weeks finding out about living things!. We really enjoyed learning about the parts of plant and which parts we can eat. All of them! We were very gentle planting our own seeds and seedlings and are helping the teachers look after them as they start to grow. We went minibeast hunting despite the weather and found lots of of millipedes and worms! We made our own minibeast model from clay and pipe cleaners. We also als madet the life cycle of a butterfly and enjoyed some 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' yoga!

A very big welcome back to Miss Barrell who will be working morning sessions with us again. 

Don't forget = Dance Show - Friday 28th and Thursday 4th, Summer Fayre - Saturday 29th,  Sports Day- 2nd July 2:15pm

plants 6plants 5plants 7plants 4plants 3plants 2m 3m 2m 4m 5m 1

A Bear Hunt in Nursery!

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Sorry we have not updated the blog for some time wer have had a few technical problems.

The children absolutely loved our week on 'Going on a Bear Hunt' they enjoyed so many different activities. We loved going on a real hunt around the school saying the story as we went. It was very fun and little scary when we found the bear and had to run all the way back to Nursery! We used our sense of touch all week to explore and describe different textures. Our favourite activity was the 'bare foot' walk. The mud felt so squishy between our toes!

walkwalk 2bare 2barebearsdressing upmudmud 2


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Some of the fun activities during Easter week.


Pirate Fun Day!

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Our Dress Up Pirate day was so much fun. We enjoyed a treasure hunt before the rain came, made some priate cakes, enjoyed pirate games in the hall and we loved finding the mini treasures in the blue spagetti!


Pirates 'aaarrgh'

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We have loved our Pirate theme this term. we have explored pirate ships, labelled the parts of the ship and had a go at making one.Threading the sails was quite tricky. The gunports were made from cheiros which made us giggle!. We have counted treasures into all kinds of treasure boxes and made our own treasure from playdough, rocksalt, clay and plenty of glitter of course. We had lots of fun exploring maps in atlases, on a computer program and then making our very own. It was funny using tea water to make them look old. Our special people were very good following an old map around our classroom to find the hidden treasure box! We put in our Pirate ship role play to count and share fairly with our ship mates. Don't forget... PIRATE DRESS UP DAY... this Thursday. We might find some real buried treasure!


Forest School Stay and Play

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Hi All,

Please enjoy a few photos from our Friday afternoon Forest school Stay and Play session based on 'Super Worm'. Thank you for coming and helping make our Wormery for inside out classroom. The worms are having a 'super' time and we can see the tunnels they have made.


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