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Firework Fun in Reception 2019

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We have had a fantastic week celebrating Bonfire Night!

Sparklers 1Sparklers 2

Sparklers 3

Sparklers 4

For Forest School, we enjoyed writing with sparklers! We thought about how to use them safely and put them in carrots so that they were easier for us to hold.

Edible Sparklers

Edible sparklers 2

Edible sparklers 3

edible sparklers 4

Edible sparklers 5

edible sparklers 6

We enjoyed making sparklers to eat with melted chocolate, breadsticks and coloured sprinkles.

firework art

firework art 3

firework art 4

firework art 5

We used different materials to make firework pictures.

In our outdoor area, we enjoyed using marbling inks to create pictures of burning fire.

Adding Ink

Adding the ink.


Dipping the paper.


The Reveal

The reveal!

World Space Week 2019

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This week Reception have enjoyed learning about space as part of World Space Week 2019.

Space Week 7

We enjoyed investigating how craters are formed on the moon's surface.

Space Week 4

Space Week 5

Space Week 6

We also enjoyed making our own moon pictures using foil.

Space Week 1

Space Week 2

Space Week 3

We even went on a yoga space adventure! You can join in too by watching the video below :)

We're Going on a Bear Hunt 2019

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This week we have been reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' as part of our world on animals for World Animal Day.

Bear hunt 1

Bear hunt 1

Bear hunt 2

Bear hunt 2

Bear hunt 3

Bear hunt 3

Bear hunt 4

Bear hunt 4

Bear hunt 5

Bear hunt 6

You can listen to the story below.

Our Phonic Sounds

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Following feedback from our recent parent workhop, please see the video below for clarification on how to pronounce our phonic sounds.

See the source image

If you have any questions, please speak to your child's class teacher.

Playing and Exploring

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We have had lots of fun this week!

2ABBEF80 AA3D 4F21 8C36 9A1464E59F20

We have ordered numbers.

4F27FFEC 3418 48C8 B215 8CACFC109893

We ordered pictures from the story Little Red Riding Hood.

6C69B69B F342 4D42 B51D 4A167CD13D5C

We sorted letters on the touchscreen.

021C0D00 2614 48E3 9EF3 E9F60E79E3DF

We played with the Numicon in the sand.

26A8C618 FC78 419C B6E9 B018B9463A60

We made Numicon pictures with paint.

C0F95F83 7ED5 487D 932B 2E9C4610B896

We used tweezers to count out pom poms.

Counting skills

We counted out fruit in the water.

FA50602E 137B 443A A1C3 1E1600E2105DRe using materials

Re using Materials 2Re using materials 3

Re using materials 4

We thought about reusing different materials to build with.

Letter Formation

Pencil control

We practised our pencil control.

Water play

Water wallWater Wall 2

We enjoyed playing in the water.

PE Baked BeansPE Broad Beans

We enjoyed making different bean shapes in PE.


Reception Activities

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This week we have been enjoying spending time in our classrooms.

REception week 3 5

We enjoyed playing a counting game on the iPads.

REception week 3 4

We dug for treasure in the sand.

REception week 3 4

REception week 3 2

We used the Numicon to make different pictures.

REception week 3 3

We decorated pirate flags for 'Talk like a Pirate Day'.

REception week 3 3

We practised writing the letter a. Round the apple and down the leaf.

REception week 3 2

We found and counted the food in the water to take to Grandma's house.

REception week 3 1

We retold the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

REception week 3 1

Our First Week in School

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This week Reception have been learning our 'Talk 4 Writing' text, Little Red Riding Hood. We have started to think of actions to help us retell the story all by ourselves. We also enjoyed visiting our school library where we were able to choose two books to take home. Remember your library bags every week so you can choose two new books. RJS visit the library every Thursday and RHT on Fridays.

8FF518FC FF0B 4B2D 96A4 92AFA0A130DB

182C2311 3DD6 4047 804C DFDBCA084365

593D55D5 978D 482A 915E 041970B8A864

IMG 4686

RJS library 3

RJS library 2

RJS library 1

IMG 4689

IMG 4688

First Day At School!

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Reception children all thoroughly enjoyed their very first day at school! We enjoyed making lots of new friends and completing different activities. We especially enjoyed choosing our own lunch in the dinner hall.

Reception week 1 1

Reception week 1 1

Reception week 1 2

Reception week 1 2

Reception week 1 3

Reception week 1 3

Reception week 1 4

Reception week 1 4

Reception week 1 5

Reception week 1 5


Reception week 1 6

Reception week 1 7

Reception week 1 8

Reception week 1 9

Reception week 1 10

Reception week 1 11

Reception week 1 12

Reception week 1 13

Reception week 1 14

Reception week 1 15


The Rainbow Fish

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This week Reception have started reading their Year 1 transition text, 'the Rainbow Fish'. We have enjoyed reading the story and creating story maps to help us retell it.

PSHE Keeping Clean

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As part of our PSHE work, Mr Horne visited us to talk to us about the importance of washing our hands. He showed us how to wash our hands carefully to ensure that we get rid of any germs. We also talked about when we might need to wash our hands.

Photo 19 06 2019 11 47 43

Photo 19 06 2019 11 47 47

Photo 19 06 2019 11 49 47

If you would like to play a game about keeping clean, please [click here].



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This week Reception enjoyed Tennis sessions with coaches from Sutton Coldfield Tennis Club.

Photo 17 06 2019 13 26 01

Photo 17 06 2019 13 26 11

Photo 17 06 2019 13 26 23

Photo 17 06 2019 13 29 51

Photo 17 06 2019 13 29 55

Photo 17 06 2019 13 33 17

Photo 17 06 2019 13 35 11

Photo 17 06 2019 13 41 56

Photo 17 06 2019 13 42 20

Please see the card sent home for more information about Sutton Coldfield Tennis Club.

Business Enterprise 2019

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This week Reception have been thinking about money and different jobs. What jobs do the adults in your house have? We enjoyed a visit from Dr Helen who is a doctor for children. she talked to us about the different things that she has to do and told us that she had to go to university for 7 years!

Photo 10 06 2019 13 10 17

Photo 10 06 2019 13 15 13

Photo 10 06 2019 13 18 01

Photo 10 06 2019 13 21 01

Photo 10 06 2019 13 23 16

Photo 10 06 2019 13 24 51

What is your dream job?

We enjoyed thinking about all the different things that you need money for. Please [click here] to play a money game.

Money game


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