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Chinese New Year 2020

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This week Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year. 2020 is the year of the rat. Do you know the animal for the year that you were born?


Children are traditionally given red money envelopes. Red is considered to be a lucky colour. We made our own red evnelopes and we even had a chocolate coin inside.

Red Money Envelopes 1

Red Money Envelopes 2

Red Money Envelopes 3

Red Money Envelopes 4

We also made red lanterns which are used to decorate people's houses.

Chinese Lanterns 2

Chinese Lanterns 4

Chinese Lanterns 6

Chinese Lanterns 7

Chinese Lanterns 8

As part of our 'forest schools' work we enjoyed creating our own dragon dance!

Dragon Dance 1

Dragon Dance 3

Dragon Dance 4

Dragon Dance 5

Dragon Dance 6

Please [click here] to see this week's homework.

Reception Reading

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All children are now bringing home 'Ditty' books or sheets as their home readers. Please try to read a few pages of these books with your child everyday. Whenever you read, practise the 'speed sounds' from the chart, at the front of the book. Touch each letter and quickly say the sounds. It’s important that we use 'pure talk' to say the sounds, adding 'uh' to the end confuses children.

speed sounds

Green Words These can be spoken in “pure talk” because they sound like they are spelt.

Red Words These are our 45 Reception keywords that cannot be sounded out. The children have to learn them by sight.

Encourage your child to read the text themselves. Children should touch the letters and say the sounds and then blend them together to read the words. Practise reading daily to give children more confidence. Ask your child questions about what they have read to ensure they understand the text.

Please [click here] to view the Parent Ditty Reading Booklet.

Reception INSPIRE 2019

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Thank you to all parents who attended our Physical Development INSPIRE workshop. We hope you enjoyed it! Please [click here] to view the parent presentation.

Fine Motor 1

Fine Motor 2

Fine Motor 3

Fine Motor 4

Fine Motor 5

Fine Motor 6

Gross motor work Hall 1

Gross motor work Hall 2

Gross motor work Hall 3

Gross motor work Hall 4

Gross motor work Hall 5

Gross motor work Hall 7

Gross motor work Hall 8

Outdoor 1

Outdoor 2

Outdoor 3

Outdoor 4

Outdoor 5

Yoga 1

Yoga 5

Yoga 12

Yoga 14

Please [click here] to view this week's homework.

Happy New Year 2020

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Happy New Year! We have had a great first week back and have another busy week next week with our INSPIRE workshop and class assemblies.

Image result for happy new year"

Tuesday 14th January Reception Parent Inspire Workshop- see letter sent home

Thursday 16th January RJS Class Assembly 2:45 Acorns Hall

Friday 17th January RHT Class Assembly 2:45 Acorns Hall

Please [click here] to view this week's homework.

Christmas Fun!

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Reception have had a brilliant time during the last week of term!


Puppets 1

Puppets 2

Puppets 3

Puppets 4

We finished decorating our Christmas puppets.

Calendars 1

Calendars 2

We made our calendars for 2020. We had our photograph taken and it was edited to make us look like we were flying in the sky, then we added some fingerprint balloons.

Christmas games 1

Christmas games 2

Christmas games 3

Christmas games 4

We played some Christmas parachute games outside.

Xmas folders 1

Xmas folders 2

Xmas folders 3

We decorated our Christmas folders by printing lots of different Christmas stamps.

Shine Star shine 1

Shine Star shine 2

Shine Star shine 3

We thoroughly enjoyed perforing our Christmas show, Shine Star, Shine!

Please [click here] to see the Christams homework activities.

Thank you for all the lovely Christmas cards and gifts. Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing all the children back at school on Tuesday 7th January.

Image result for merry christmas and happy new year

Christmas Activities!

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This week we have started our christmas activities.

Christmas Cards 1

Christmas Cards 2

Christmas Cards 3

Christmas Cards 4

We have started to make our Christmas cards.

Christmas outdoor 1

Christmas outdoor 2

Christmas outdoor 4

Christmas outdoor 5

Christmas outdoor 6

We enjoyed learning about the christmas Story.

Sewing Puppets 2

Sewing Puppets 4

Sewing Puppets 6

Sewing Puppets 7

Sewing Puppets 9

Sewing Puppets 10

Sewing Puppets 11

We have started to sew our own Christmas puppets.

[Click here] to download this week's homework.

A reminder that our Christmas performances are Wednesday 18th December 2:25pm and Thursday 19th December 9:20am.


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This week Reception have been thinking about Winter. We thought about how the seasons change and what the weather is like during winter.

Winter animalsWinter animals 1

Winter animals 2

Winter animals 3

Winter animals 4

In our forest school area, we thought about which animals lived in a cold winter climate and what specail adaptations they had to help them survive.

Penguins 1

Penguins 2

Penguins 3

Penguins 4

Penguins 5

Penguins 6

We made penguins and thought about how they stay warm. They have to keep high body temperatures to remain active. They have thick skin and lots of fat (blubber) under their skin to keep warm in cold weather.

Maths 1

Maths 2

In Maths, we enjoyed investigating and comparing quantities. We said which set had 'more' and which set had 'fewer'.

Please [click here] to view a copy of this week's homework.

Green Tree School Award

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As part of our work towards the Green Tree School Award from the Woodland Trust, we have been exploring trees.

Tree Characters 1

Tree Characters 2

Tree Characters 3

Tree Characters 4

Tree Characters 5

Tree Characters 6

We designed our own tree characters.

Tree decorating 1

Tree decorating 2

Tree decorating 3

Tree decorating 4

Tree decorating 5

Tree decorating 6

Tree decorating 7

Tree decorating 8

Tree decorating 9

Tree decorating 10

We collected lots of different materials to create decorations to hang on the trees.

Tree painting 1

Tree painting 2

Tree painting 3

Tree painting 4

Tree painting 5

We developed our fine motor skills creating tree pictures using scissors and cotton buds.


If you would like further ideas for activities you can do at home please visit the Woodland Trust website [click here].

Road Safety 2019

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This week Reception have been thinking about road safety as part of our PSHE work. We completed lots of different activities to help us think about how to be safe when walking on the pavement, next to the road, and crossing the road.

 Road Safety Outdoor 1 Road Safety Outdoor 2 
 Road Safety Outdoor 3  Road Safety Outdoor 4

We designed bright coats to help us stay safe when it is dark so we can be seen by cars.

Art 1  Art 2 
 Art 3  Art 4

We even made our own traffic light sandwiches!

Traffic lights   Traffic lights 3
 Traffic lights 1  Traffic lights 2

Stop, look and listen.

Remembrance Day 2019

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This week Reception created poppies, both inside and outside, for Remembrance Day. We also took part in the whole school silence on Monday 11th November at 11:00.

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Even though we have had lots of rain this week, we have still been outside!

Outdoor learning even in the rain

Outdoor learning in the rain

Stick Man tuff spot

Water wall

All costume letters have now been sent home so unless your child is a character. They will need a star costume. Please can children practise getting into and out off their own costumes prior to bringing them. Costumes need to be clearly named please and sent into school in a named bag for Monday 9th December. If your have any questions about our Christmas Show, please speak to your child's class teacher.

Firework Fun in Reception 2019

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We have had a fantastic week celebrating Bonfire Night!

Sparklers 1Sparklers 2

Sparklers 3

Sparklers 4

For Forest School, we enjoyed writing with sparklers! We thought about how to use them safely and put them in carrots so that they were easier for us to hold.

Edible Sparklers

Edible sparklers 2

Edible sparklers 3

edible sparklers 4

Edible sparklers 5

edible sparklers 6

We enjoyed making sparklers to eat with melted chocolate, breadsticks and coloured sprinkles.

firework art

firework art 3

firework art 4

firework art 5

We used different materials to make firework pictures.

In our outdoor area, we enjoyed using marbling inks to create pictures of burning fire.

Adding Ink

Adding the ink.


Dipping the paper.


The Reveal

The reveal!

World Space Week 2019

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This week Reception have enjoyed learning about space as part of World Space Week 2019.

Space Week 7

We enjoyed investigating how craters are formed on the moon's surface.

Space Week 4

Space Week 5

Space Week 6

We also enjoyed making our own moon pictures using foil.

Space Week 1

Space Week 2

Space Week 3

We even went on a yoga space adventure! You can join in too by watching the video below :)

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