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New Toys!!!

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Just before Christmas Reception were lucky enough to receive new ICT toys to play with.

The Beebots help us to start thinking about programming as we have to guide the bots around the wood track.

bee bots


We have also being developing our communications skills by phoning each other.  All you need to know is the colour of your friends phone and you can call them.



Another of the fantastic toys have are the remote control cars.  They were hard to drive to be begin with but we have quickly got used to them.



Our topic is half term is Space and Travel so our new torches have come in handy when we have been exploring different planets.


Party Party Party!!!!

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What an afternoon!!

We started the afternoon by getting into our Christmas party clothes ready to enjoy the party.

We were lucky enough to have Santa come and visit us all in the hall.

RH sml


One of our party games was pass the parcel.  There was a fantastic prize at the end!

RG sml

Letters to Santa

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So we have written our letters to Santa and on Monday we walked to the post box to post them!

post box

Now we all have our fingers crossed!!

The children are very excited and are continuing to do a fantastic job practising 'The Nativity', remember your tissues on the 19th December!!

Adventures Up The Beanstalk

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Jack and the beanstalk

Can you guess what story we have been reading this week?

We have done lots of different activities based all around Jack and The Giant. 

As part of our Literacy lessons we have all written about Jack and his magic beans.  We also all agreed that our Mummy's wouldn't be very unhappy if we came back with beans instead of the money.

To make us really feel like we were part of the story we used puppets to recreate the story.  We put on voices, made silly actions and of course had a great time doing it.

Next week we are doing some Visual Literacy which we can't wait to share with you!

Staying Healthy

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We took part this week in a whole school Science day.  We focused on the importance of being healthy to make sure we grow up big and strong: eating healthly foods, exercise and sleep.


A great way to start the day is with fresh juice.  Mrs Rowney and Mrs Harding both enough fresh juice so help make some for us all to try.

Mrs R

We enojyed the flavours of carrots, pear, apple and beetroots.


After the juice we thought about other drinks that we good for us.  We came up with milk, water and fruit juice.  We played in some milk measuring it out.

measuring milk

Collaging different fruits helped us to think about the importance of eating right.

collaging fruit

The final important thing to remember to stay healthy is to exercise.  We went outside as a year group and did lots of different exercise.  Can you tell which exercise move we are doing?


Poppies to Pudsey

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We started this week remembering those who had died during war.  We looked at different pictures and did our own drawings.



Our story this week was Goldilocks so we all tried to make some porridge.

making porridge

Friday Fun Day with Pudsey!

To help raise money for Children in Need we got to bring out teddy bears in and do lots of fun activities. Can you see what we are enjoying?



Autumn Walk

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As part of our Understanding The World lessons we went on an Autumn Walk, but before we did we listened to an Autumn song.  Click on the picture below and see if you can join in.



We looked at the different colours we could see in our grounds.



We then looked at the evergreen trees in school and the cones that they have on them.


pine cones


It was all very excited, and wet, but we all enjoyed seeing what our school had to offer.

Treats and Sweets!

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We started the week by helping the wolf organise sweets needed for his party to say sorry to the three little pigs.


reading fairy tales

We have also enjoyed sharing lots of traditional tales.


dress up

We ended our week with a treat day.  We enjoyed dressing up, playing with lots of our toys and having our pyjama party in the afternoon. 

A great end to our first half term!

Gingerbread to Pink

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gingerbread dog

As part of our Gingerbread theme this week we all became investigators to find different characters trying to eat the Gingerbread Man.



During Maths we were looking at ordering different objects.  RH ordered children into height order.



Friday was a day of Pink, all for a good cause.



To finish our Pink day we decorated our own biscuits.  We used pink icing and pink decorations.  They were VERY tasty!


Little Red Hen

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Our story this week was Little Red Hen.  We were able to link so many of activities to the story and characters.

As The Little Red Hen was trying to make bread all by herself were created our very own roll sandwiches.  We had to roll out the bread, spread a thin layer of filling and them roll it up. We all loved eating them!


During our Maths lessons we have been looking at adding two groups together.  Little Red was having a party and she wasn't sure how much bread to make so it was our job to add up all the guests.



Each week as part of our PSHE lessons we share our family box.  Each child wil have the opportunity to talk it home, fill it with all their favourite things and then share them with their family group. 


A final part of a week was doing all about 2D and 3D shapes.  Do you know what this shape it?


Going Travelling

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This week we have all been really busy travelling around.

We started our week by looking at our school grounds.  In groups we went and looked at different areas of our grounds and thought about who used them and why the area was important.

Drawing 1

We took the time to really take in our surroundings and draw pictures of the areas we looked at.  Can you tell where these pictures were taken?

drawing 2

During our PE lessons this week we returned to the jungle.  We thought about the different animals we would see and pretended to be them.  Can you guess what animals we are? A clue is they have large mouths that snap shut.

PE crocodile

We finished our week by talking about lots of different 2D shapes.  We used the large 2D shapes to make lots of different pictures.  Can you guess what it is?


Busy Busy Week!

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In Reception this week we have been really busy.

One of the activities in RH this week has been to make a clay face using lots of different medias.  Can you see the different media used?

clay face


The iPads have been one of the favourite sessions this week.  Children were able to play on their own iPad to practise their letter formations.  Some children followed a train, others had to each the food around the letter.


As part of our All About Me topic we have all helped to paint a giant face for displays in the classroom.



Other materials we used to make faces we found around the school.  We went on hunts to find leaves and sticks to create our own pictures.

leaf faces


We have all settled very well into Reception and are looking forward to the rest of the year!

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