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Health Week Work - Dentists and DT!

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This week has been Health Week in school. Our focus in Year 1 has been Oral Health so we have been thinking about healthy teeth. As part of our work we had a visit from Whitehouse Common Dental Surgery. The staff talked to us about the anatomy of our teeth, how to brush our teeth correctly and about foods and drinks which are good and bad for our teeth based on how much sugar they have in them. It taught us a lot and we used the facts that we had learnt to help us write instructions in our English lesson for 'How to Brush your Teeth' too.

Dentist  Dentist 2 Dentist 3

Brushing Teeth 3 Brushing Teeth Brushing Teeth 2

Brushing Teeth 4

Good Bad Teeth Good Bad Teeth 2

Sugar in Nutella Sugar Frijj

Rainbow Salad Rainbow Salad 2

Rainbow Salad 3 Salad final Salad final 4

Salad final 2 Salad final 3 Salad final 5

Salad final 6 Salad final 7 Salad final 8

Salad final 9 Salad final 10

Later this week, we also linked our DT project to Health Week by using designing, making and evaluating skills to create a 'Rainbow Salad'. We used skills of chopping, grating and peeling and we had to think carefully about appearance, texture and flavour when designing. We tried to use patterns or pictures to make our salads appeal to a customer.

Dance Fever!

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We have had great fun learning our class dances for the school dance show and performing them 3 times to large, enthusiastic audiences! It has been great to help us build our PE skills around rhythm, style and performance and has also helped us to grow in confidence when presenting ourselves on stage.

We hope that you enjoyed our routines too!

Ribbon dance

Ribbon dance 1  Ribbon dance 2

Ribbon dance 3  Hula Dance  Hula dance 1

Hula Dance 2  Hula Dance 3Hula dance solo Hula Dance 4 

The World of Work

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As part of Business Enterprise Week, we have been visited by a range of people to talk about their jobs. It has helped us to understand a little more about the world of work and the interesting careers that we could pursue when we are older. We asked the visitors lots of questions to help us understand what their jobs were like and we understood how different jobs are all important and have an impact on the world in a variety of ways. It was lots of fun and very interesting.

We met a teacher, a hospital doctor, a photographer/videographer and an ecologist.

Teacher Hospital Doctor

Cameraman Ecologist

After meeting the visitors, we reflected on what we had learnt and thought about our dream jobs for the future. We shared thoughts on what we might like to do when we are adults and why. We realised that we have many different hopes and ambitions but that if we work hard and set our minds to it, there are few reaosn why we shouldn't achieve our dreams!

Dream Job

Dinosaur army!

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For our Art in a Day this half term, we have made links between our Dinosaur topic and our art unit of 3D work to make clay dinosaurs.

We learnt about the artist Anthony Gormley and looked at some of his 3D work including the famous Angel of The North and an installation that he created called 'Field' which was made up of many clay figures. Inspired by this work, we each created our own clay dinosaur which could be combined to make a dinosaur version of 'Field'.

We developed our clay skills initially using Playdough and explored the different ways to manipulate the clay and to use tools for mark making to create texture on the surface.

Clay skills  Clay skills 1  Clay skills 2

Clay skills 3  Clay skills 4  Clay skills 5  Clay skills 6  Clay skills 7  Clay skills 8

Clay skills 9  Clay skills 10Clay skills 11

Clay skills 12  Clay skills 13  Clay skills 14

We then applied our skill to the clay and each made a unique dinosaur on which we tried to include some of the features which we have learnt about through our topic work.

Dinosaurs  Dinosaurs 1  Dinosaurs 2

Dinosaurs 3  Dinosaurs 4  Dinosaurs 5

We had great fun and were very pleased with our final pieces!

Discovering Dinosaurs!

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We have launched our Summer term with everything dinosaur due to our new and exciting topic!

We returned from the Easter holiday to make an interesting discovery just outside our classrooms (we have been watchng closely ever since!) and then we had a fantastic trip to The Land of The Dinosaurs to learn lots of fun facts and explore our topic a little further...

Dino eggs  Dino egg close up

The weather was kind to us on our day out and we did loads of great activities; we 'met' some prehistoric beasts, learnt about fossils and even got to meet a relative of the dinosaurs who still live on Earth today!








Fossils 1  Fossils 2

Fossils 3  Fossils 4

Fossils 5 Snake 1 Snake 2

It was brilliant and we are loving our topic work so far with links across the whole curriculum!

We've been having 'sew' much fun in Year One!

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For our Art in a Day this half term, we have explored the work of artist Paul Klee and analysed the colours and shapes that he uses to create his abstract art. We looked in detail at some examples of his work and used key art vocaublary to discuss and describe it.

We went on to explore tecniques for textile art and sewing. We practised our threading skills using a range of resources so that we could then translate these skils when producing our final art piece with fabric and a needle and thread.

Sewing skills  Sewing skills 1  Sewing skills 2  Sewing skills 4

Sewing skills 5  Sewing skills 6

Sewing skills 7

Our designs had to include careful thought about shape and colour linking back to our art focus at the start of the day and we planned out our doll character with labelled pictures.

Then we used a range of fabrics and embelishments to create our dolls, sewing the templates together using a running stitch, stuffing them with wadding and then adding detail and decoration to complete.

Sewing  Sewing 1

Sewing 2 Sewing 3

We had a lot of fun and we really apprecaited the help of some of our mums and nans who came and shared their expertise!

Look at some of our finished dolls:

Doll Doll 1 Doll 2 Doll 3

Doll 4

Doll 5  Doll 6

Doll 7 Doll 8

Bettering our Basic Skills!

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This week we have been focusing on some key skills in our Maths and English learning.

In maths, we have been focusing on adding and subtracting and have been using both a range of apparatus and number lines to solve calculations. We have improved our understanding of these key skills and have made links to end of year expectations grid for addition facts!

Adding in maths

Maths adding 1 Maths adding 2 Maths adding 3

Maths adding 4 Maths adding 5 Maths adding 6

Maths adding 7 Maths adding 8

We have also been focusing on our phonics skills in preparation for our phonics screening in June. We have been sounding out and blending both real words and alien words to help us use and apply our knowledge of the phonics sounds.


Fred Frog is very proud of all our hard work!

Fred Frog

Keeping Active!

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In our PE lesson this half term we have been busy developing our swimming skills and learning about basic tennis skills. Our swimming lessons have been lots of fun with us improving both our confidence in the water and our techniques for different swimming strokes. In class we have also learnt all about keeping safe around water and the importance of learning to swim.

Swimming cartoon

For our tennis unit, we have developed hand eye co-ordination by throwing, rolling and catching using tennis balls and progressing to using rackets. We have learnt to perform a simple volley and have learned some key vocabulary. Next week we will be having an inter-house competition using our skills to earm points for our houses!

Tennis  Tennis 2Tennis 1  Tennis 3

Tennis 4  Tennis 5 Tennis 6

Tennis 7 Tennis 8

Tennis 9

Wonderful World Book Day

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We had fabulous fun for World Book Day when we enjoyed a range of activities around our chosen classic text, The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

We did lots of English work based on the book which all started when a mystery visitor came to our classrooms and left them in a terrible mess! We had to use our detective skills to try and work out who might have been the culprit and we deduced that it was the tiger from the famous story. The clues helped us to link the crime scene to the story that we knew so well.

WBD Eng 1

Using the text again, we also based our maths work around this theme and continued our money work by planning a shopping list and then calculating money totals to replace the itmes which the tiger ate when he visited Sophie's house in the story.

It was a great opportunity for us to use and apply both our money and counting skills and we had a lot of fun adding up the different prices.

WBD maths 1  WBD maths 2  WBD maths 3

WBD maths 4  WBD maths 5

Finally, we also enjoyed some paired reasing with the children in Year 5. We shared the books that we love to read and talked about the characters and the stories that we particularly like. It was nice to spend time with the older children and they helped us with tricky words. Some of us even got to spend time reading with our brothers and sisters.

WBD reading  WBD reading 2  WBD reading 3

WBD reading 4  WBD reading 5

An Inspiring Morning!

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Inspire title

This morning, Year One enjoyed an Inspire workshop which was a great opportunity to share their learning and work with visiting grown ups. We demonstrated how we learn and use our phonics skills and how we use apparatus to explore and represent numbers. The grown ups enjoyed watching our phonics session and joining in with using Fred Fingers and Fred Talk to sound out and blend and they especially liked seeing our phonics celebrations!

Inspire 2019  Inspire 2019 2

Inspire 2019 3  Inspire 2019 4

Inspire 2019 5   Inspire 2019 6  Inspire 2019 11  Inspire 2019 7

Inspire 2019 9  Inspire 2019 10

It was good fun getting the adults to join us playing games, singing songs and using and applying many of the skills which we have developed this year. We are looking forward to using lots of the ideas at home with our grown ups to continue our learning even further!

World of Wonders - Junk Modelling

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This half term, we are starting our new topic of "Wonders of the World".

For our 'hook' lesson, we thought about the amazing sights that can be seen around the world and what the word 'wonder' means.

Using satelite imaging technology, we explored the modern wonders of the world and discussed their features. Inspired by what we had seen, we used our design and make skills to create our own wonders using recycled materials through junkmodelling activities.

Junk   Junk 1

Junk 3  Junk 5

Junk 7

Yoga Bugs

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As part of our work around mental health and well-being, 1AL had an introductory Yoga workshop from Yoga Bugs.

Yoga 1   Yoga 5

Yoga 2 

We learned some simple moves on the theme of the jungle and jungle animals and learned about how yoga can help us to relax, clear our minds and develop skills of focus and concentration. The moves also help us to become more flexible and supple and develop techniques to control our breathing.


Yoga 6  Yoga 7

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