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Post SATs Fun

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Year 2 have enjoyed lots of fun activities since the end of the half term. The children (and staff) really enjoyed our pyjama parties with lots of treats being consumed! The children have participated in a house PE competition where the 2 year 2 classes were pitted against each other in a variety of athletic field events. We were really fortunate to have some amazing visitors come and speak to us about their careers and inspire the children with ideas for their future jobs. The children enjoyed learning about being a professional trombonist, CEo of a Logistics company and Professional songwriter and performer! This week the children have enjoyed tennis workshops and we are very much looking forward to our Dance Show dress rehearsal on Friday!

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The children in Year 2 have worked really hard over the last few weeks, revising all their learning from the year and completing their SATs assessments. Only 2 more tests to go!

We are really proud of them and all their effort and can't wait for our Pyjama Party next week!

Cadbury World Trip

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Year 2 enjoyed a great day at Cadbury world as part of our Going Loco topic. The children found out all about how chocolate is made and were able to see how it is moulded, tempered and used to make lots of chocolate products. The children enjoyed the 4d cinema and, of course, trying lots of chocolate!


KS1 Athletics Tournament

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On Tuesday, 18 children from WCPS represented the school at the Bishop Vesey School and took part in a variety of athletics competitions. The children were fantastic, putting in huge effort in every race or field event. Many showed amazing perseverance in their races overcoming stage fright and injury to carry on and perform brilliantly. Miss Lindsey, Miss Stevens, Mr Cope and Mrs Edwards were all incredibly proud of them. It was particularly exciting to see the boys finish in 1st place and the group finish 3rd overall. Well done to all our superstar athletes And thank you to all the parents that gave up their time to get the children to the venue.


World Book Day Year 2

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Wow, what great costumes! The children in Year 2 had a great day looking at the classic text 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'. The children learnt to recite the poem and even created a version of their own. They also really enjoyed working out the classic problem of how to get a Fox, Chicken and bag of grain across a river without everything getting eaten. The children had to safely deliver a owl, a quince and a big bad wolf! The children also enjoyed sharing books with children from Year 6.

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Year 2 speak to Antartica Scientist

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Year 2 were very lucky to be able to Skype call Dr Jenny Hillman from the University of Helsinki about her recent trip to Antartica. The children have been learning lots about the North and South poles and in particular what life is like in Antartica. Dr Hillman was able to talk to the children about what life is like in Antartica and spoke about how her and her team dove under the ice to see the effects of global warming on animals on the sea floor. The children were fascinated to find out about the special dive suits that she needed to wear to keep warm in the -2 waters and how sometimes her hands would freeze and take 2 hours to thaw out after a dive! They also found out that whilst Dr Hillman was in Antartica there was no darkness - they found this very exciting, they thought this meant no bedtime!

Polar Exploring Fun!

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We had a fantastic start back to school with our Polar Expedition day on Tuesday. It was great to see the children all dressed and ready for their adventures! During the day the children had a go at building shelters to keep them warm and protect them from polar bears at night, read maps to find clues around the school grounds with information about Captain Scott and his expedition, create igloos from marshmallows, pipe cleaners or cotton wool balls and finally finished the day with a nice warming cup of hot chocolate!

The children collaborated brillinatly throughout the day and used some fantasitc problem solving skills to create their shelters and read the map.


Christmas Festivities

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Year 2 have really enjoyed the build up to Christmas in school. The children gave fantasitc performances in this year's production 'Christmas with the Aliens' with fabulous singing and acting. They had a great time completing this half term's DT unit of work designing and creating gingerbread. They children decorated them beautifully and I understand they tasted as good as they looked!


Phew!! What a busy few weeks.

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We have had a very busy few weeks in Year 2.

We really enjoyed our visit from the West Midlands Fire Service who were kind enough to bring their fire engine into school for us to look around. They also delivered a session on fire safety and taught us all about the Great Fire of London. The children's favourite bit was setting off the hoses!

We have also been getting to grips with our Year 2 Multiplication and Division strategies. The children are beginning to apply their developing times table knowledge to support them when answering division and multiplication questions.

We are fully in the swing of Christmas rehearsals.... fingers crossed for the big event on Monday and Tuesday.


Remembrance Day Activities

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To mark 100 years since the end of World War I, Year 2 created pieces of artwork in rememberance of the many soldiers that fought and lost their lives.

The children created silhouettes against a blended background. The children learnt how the top of a sky needs to be dark and as the colour meets the horizon it needs to become lighter.

The children were really proud of their final pieces. Many are now on display in the KS1 entrance hall.

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What type of house weighs the least...?

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Year 2 have really enjoyed working on their Design Technology unit this half term. The children learnt about, designed and created their own lighthouses.  The children really enjoyed learning about the purpose of lighthouses and their history. After investigating several existing lighthouses the children created their own designs based on what they discovered. The children were really surprised to find out many lighthouses also had a large bell or siren as part of their construction.

After lots of sticking and gluing the children's Pringle tubes were transformed! What bright sparks they are!

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Lace Tying Fun!

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Many if the children in Year 2 have lace up pumps in their PE kit. This is great and they are a fantastic addition to their kits...However......

Many of the children are unable to tie their laces. This has an impact on the amount of time it is taking for the children to get changed and creates interuptions during lessons whilst the teacher reties laces that have come undone.

Weekend Challenge

If your child has lace ups in their kit, please could you spend 5 minutes looking at the video link attached with your child and helping them to practise a method that works for them!



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