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Clay Work

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Year 2 have had a lovely first week back at school after the holiday! Each class spent an afternoon in the Art room creating their own pot, using clay, as part of our Night topic work. Can you guess what they are?

We are really looking forward to our special 'Night Topic Day' next Wednesday when we are having visits from ThinkTank planetarium AND an 'Animal Man' who will be showing us different nocturnal animals.

 Clay pots 029 Mobile  Clay pots 017 Mobile
 Clay pots 032 Mobile  Clay pots 014 Mobile

Happy Easter!

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What a fantastic end to the Spring term Year 2 have had! We started the day with our fabulous Eater Bonnet Parade. There were so many amazing creations. A big well done to all the children for taking part. We finished this afternoon with our annual Whitehouse Common Talent Shows. It was an outstanding show that even had a suprise guest performance!

Happy Easter to everyone! We look forward to seeing your Birmingham projects and Big Hoot designs.

 Bonnet talent 006 Mobile  Bonnet talent 015 Mobile

Solar Eclipse Day

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Year 2 have had a fantastic morning watching the solar eclipse. We all wore our special glasses to protect our eyes. After watching the children enjoyed taking part in lots of eclipse activities. It was very exciting!

Solar Eclipse 006 Mobile   Solar Eclipse 005 Mobile
 Solar Eclipse 011 Mobile  Solar Eclipse 002 Mobile

Red Nose Day 2015

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Year 2 have all enjoyed wearing a 'splash' of red to raise money for Red Nose Day. The children took part in lots of different activities to mark the day -they even designed their own red noses. Thank you to everyone for their donations! If you would like to find out more about Red Nose Day and where your money will go please [click here].

RND 002 Mobile   RND 006 Mobile
 RND 005 Mobile  

World Book Day 2015

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Year 2 had a fabulous day celebrating World Book Day on Thursday. We enjoyed shared reading with Year 6, visiting the book swap shop and of course dressing as our favourite book characters. We also took part in 'DEAR'. When we heard the claxon we had to Drop Everything And Read, it was fantastic!

 2HB WBD blog 1 2MW Mobile 
 2VT photo Mobile  2HB WBD blog 2

Year 2 Choir

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Today, children from Year 2, performed in an annual music concert at Sutton Town Hall. Children sang for a sold out crowd! The first choir sang songs from the musicals and the second choir performed a piece entitled 'The Toyshop'. All the children sang beautifully and behaved well back stage. Well done Year 2!

IMG 4052 Mobile   IMG 4051 Mobile

Purple Pinkie Day

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On Friday February 13th, we joined other schools in our Learning Trust for Excellence in taking part in the 'Purple Pinkie Day' for Polio. Children wore a pink, purple or red 'splash' of colour and made a donation to the cause. To find out more about the day and the End Polio Now campaign, please [click here].

purplep  purple pinkie 006 Mobile
 purple pinkie 001 Mobile  purple pinkie 004 Mobile


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This week, as part of our science topic 'Rocks and Soils', we made our very own fossils! Fossils are the remains of dead animals or plants which have been preserved in the soil by natural processes. We enjoyed going to the art room and using clay to create our own ammonite fossils.

clay 011 Mobile clay 010 Mobile
clay 012 Mobile clay 009 Mobile

Springtime Spanish

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Everyone is very much enjoying their Spanish lessons at the moment. So much so that some pupils want to carry on with the activities at home. Therefore, here are some links that you might like to investigate:

Year 3 have enjoyed colour mixing with El juego de los colores.

Year 4 have enjoyed singing Los meses del año.

Year 2 have been pretending to go to the fruit shop and enjoy dancing along to El baile de las frutas.

Year 5 have been working hard on numbers , firstly to 30, then to 100 and then to 1000 (and beyond!)

And Year 6 have been using their paper folding skills as well as their linguistic skills; more of that in a later post!

Inspire Workshop

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Thank you to all the parents that attended our Year 2 Inspire workshop on Tuesday morning, we hope you enjoyed it! Everyone had a great time and worked really hard. We looked at reading, writing and maths. Information packs have been sent home, with children, for those parents that were unable to attend.

 inspire 057 Mobile  inspire 023 Mobile
 inspire 069 Mobile  inspire 005 Mobile

Rocks and Soils

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Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying their new Science topic 'Rocks and Soils'. We have thought about what rocks are and what they are used for. We went outside and collected different rocks and then sorted them into different groups. We thought about texture (size, shape, arrangement of particles) and appearance (colours). If you would like to find out more please [click here].

stones 016 stones 011
stones 028 stones 004

Numicon Fun

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In Maths this week we have been looking at fractions. We found out that the number at the bottom (denominator) shows the number of parts altogether and the number at the top (numerator) shows how many parts you have. We focussed on finding half of numbers and used the Numicon to help us. We had great fun! If you would like to play a fraction game at home please [click here].

Maths 13.1.15 008 Mobile   Maths 13.1.15 002 Mobile
 Maths 13.1.15 009 Mobile  Maths 13.1.15 001 Mobile

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