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Lace Tying Fun!

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Many if the children in Year 2 have lace up pumps in their PE kit. This is great and they are a fantastic addition to their kits...However......

Many of the children are unable to tie their laces. This has an impact on the amount of time it is taking for the children to get changed and creates interuptions during lessons whilst the teacher reties laces that have come undone.

Weekend Challenge

If your child has lace ups in their kit, please could you spend 5 minutes looking at the video link attached with your child and helping them to practise a method that works for them!



Science Investigation

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zack and autumn

Year 2 have been busy testing a range of materials to find the most suitable to make an umbrella. The children planned their investigations carefully to ensure they would be 'fair'. After predicting Felt would be the best material for the umbrella, due to its ability to absorb water, the children discovered their initial prediction was not a good choice as when the felt reached maximum absorption levels it leaked! The children final settled on a plastic coated material as this allowed the water to roll off.

Outdoor Maths

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Year 2 have been busy using and recalling their numberbonds to 20. All of the children took part in an outdoor maths lesson where they rotated around 5 different games to help them create numberbonds. The children had a fantastic time in the sunshine and created lots of numberbonds throughout the session. They children were also able to talk about the commutative law of addition by comparing how each of the children had recorded their numberbonds.

Year 2 'Land Ahoy!' Day

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Yesterday Year 2 enjoyed a fun filled, pirate day! We made gold doubloons, decorated our own pirate treasure chests and then filled them with treasure and we even found out our pirate names! It was a great way to start our new topic 'Land Ahoy!'.

Year 2 have made a fantatsic start to the year! 

The Year 2 Team 

Year 2 Class Dances!

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2JV Charleston min 2JV Disco min2JV Hip Hop min2JV Rock n Roll min2JV Swing min2KH Dance Blog Pic

Year 2 today performed their class dances and they were nothing short of FANTASTIC!! All of the Year 2 teachers are very  proud of them. They performed with energy, enthusiasm and big smiles! Well done Year 2! 

Year 2 Health Week

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Photo 19 06 2018 10 15 01

This week Year 2 investigated how much sugar is in these popular drinks that are available in many supermarkets. They were shocked when they found out that Juicy Water has the most sugary content and has more sugar than Coca Cola. If you would like to investigate this further then you can log onto

Photo 20 06 2018 11 19 35Photo 20 06 2018 10 59 38

We also designed and made fruit smoothies using fresh strawberries and bananas which were kindly donated by Sainsburys. It was lots of fun and they were really tasty! Then we all wrote a thank you letter to Sainsburys.

We have had a fantatsic week!

From all of the Year 2 Staff

SATs Party

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Year 2 worked really hard on their recent SATs tests! They enjoyed a pyjama party to celebrate.

Photo 17 05 2018 13 36 12

Photo 17 05 2018 13 14 16 1


Egg-cellent Easter Fun!

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This week in Year 2 we have been celebrating Easter. We have done lots of fun Easter activities. 

Today we took part in the famous Easter Bonnet Parade! It was so fun showing off our bonnets to family and friends!

Photo 29 03 2018 09 14 08Photo 29 03 2018 09 47 50

Then we went out for our favourite part of the year... The Easter Egg Hunt!

Photo 29 03 2018 10 28 21 1

Well done to Scarlett and Christiaan for finding the Golden Egg!

We hope you all have a fun and safe Easter break (with lots of chooclate!)

See you next time,

The Year 2 Team

Year 2's Marvellous Medicines!

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Yesterday we celebrated World Book Day. The theme this year was 'Share a Story', so we did just that!

As a class, we read 'George's Marevellous Medicine!'

Georges Marevellous Medicine

We also took part in lots of fun activities...

Shared Reading with Year 6!

Y6 Shared Read 1Y6 Shared Read 2Y6 Shared Read 3

Writing instructions to make our own 'Marevellous Medicines'!

Year 2s Marevellous Medicine Insturctions

Finally, the most exciting part of the day... making the Marvellous Medicines! We followed each step carefully, measuring out the ingredients to make our fantastic concoctions!

Medicine Ingredients

Making Medicines 1Making Medicines 2Making Medicines 3

What a fun day we had!

Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoyed this post!

P.S. Remember, just as George warned us: Don't make your own medicines at home, it can be dangerous!


Child's Mental Health Week

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This week we have been particpating in Child's Mental Health Week! 

We have done a range of fun and exciting PSHE activities, all promoting our wellbeing. 

We've done some yoga and meditation with Miss. Stevens, maybe we could show you at home! 

We also took time to reflect on ourselves, focussing on what we like about ourselves and what we are proud of. Then we did the same, but this time we thought about our partners and what we like about them! We wrote them down on compliment slips and give it to them. It felt good to find out what people like about us, but also tell people what we like about them.

Photo 06 02 2018 13 39 55Photo 06 02 2018 13 43 45

Today, we also went outside and did some 'Super Hero Yoga!', we stood in powerful stances and thought postively. It was lots of fun and also helped us feel good about ourselves! 

Photo 09 02 2018 14 31 54Photo 09 02 2018 14 32 42

Until next time,

The Year 2 Team

We've had 'snow' much fun!

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We've been having lots of fun exploring our new topic 'Poles Apart'! We started with our topic hook. 

This included lots of fun activities, all relating to the polar regions! Our morning included:

  • Building igloos out of marshmallows and sugar cubes.
  • Watching an episode of 'Frozen Planet'.
  • Exploring the Arctic and Antarctic regions on Google Maps.
  • Wearing winter clothes.
  • And finially, our favourite part.... Drinking hot chooclate! 

Take a look at some of the photos!

Arctic Blog 1Arctic Blog 2Arctic Blog 3Arctic Blog 4


A Christmas Recipe!

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Wow. What fantastic shows they were! Well done to all the children in Years 1 and 2 for their hard work and effort. 

ACR Pic 1

It never fails to amaze us how much children can do in such little time... With snow days, special visitors and other interuptions, the children managed to pull of a fantastic show, full of singing, dancing and acting!

ACR Pic 2ACR Pic 3

Year 2 would also like to say a special thank you to all of you for providing such great costumes for the show. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, take care and we'll see you again soon! 

The Year 2 Team

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