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Christmas is Coming!

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Today in Year 2 the most peculiar thing happened...

Mrs. Dodd delivered a special parcel to both of our classes, addressed from the North Pole! 

Photo 01 12 2017 10 52 45 1

We eagerly waited whilst Mr. Vickers and Miss. Hughes opened them up, revealing two mischievous elves!

They also contained a sealed letter, explaining who they were! The elves had been sent by Father Chirstmas! We needed to give them a name to activate the magic...

2JV chose "Elfred" and 2KH chose "Henrietta"! 

Here they are!

Photo 01 12 2017 15 29 23Photo 01 12 2017 13 56 39

I wonder what mischief they will get up to over the following weeks...

Thanks for visiting,

The Year 2 Team

We Don't Monkey About When It Comes To Reading!

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As you know, in Year 2 this week we have been practising giving "A.P.E." answers in guided reading and maths! This means that we must Answer, Prove and Explain when answering questions!

Photo 24 11 2017 14 02 32

We've even made a new friend, Charlie the Chimp! As a class we voted for what we would call him!

Photo 24 11 2017 13 59 14

When reading and completing work at home, please encourage your child to "A.P.E." their answers, this helps develop and deepen their understanding!

Thanks for visiting!

The Year 2 Team



Igniting our Excitement for the Great Fire of London!

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We've had another fantastic week in Year 2. 

Our favourite day was Wednesday. Half way through our handwriting lesson Mr. Vickers and Miss. Hughes told us to go and get our coats... We wandered down the path and saw an enormous fire engine! Photo 08 11 2017 10 08 17 1

Blue Watch from the Sutton Coldfield Fire Service had come to visit us to start our new topic, the Great Fire of London! They told us all about the different parts of the fire engine, and how the fire service differed during the Great Fire.

Photo 08 11 2017 10 12 40Photo 08 11 2017 10 09 26Photo 08 11 2017 10 09 48Photo 08 11 2017 10 12 40

Because we were so well behaved, the firefighters allowed us to use the hose at the end! We each got a go to spray up in the air! 

Photo 08 11 2017 10 25 13 min

All the teachers and children would like to send a massive thanks to the Sutton Coldfield Fire Service for taking time out of their busy schedule to provide us with this memorable experience. 

Thansk for visiting, 

The Year 2 Team

The Best Afternoon Ever!?

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Year 2 have been celebrating the end of their first half term in style!

This afternoon, thanks to the PTA, we had our disco! We loved busting some moves to the different tunes! 

Next we went  and explored the different gems, rocks and fossils that Miss. Stevens and Mrs. Dodd had kindly let us borrow! How exciting!

Photo 20 10 2017 14 21 23Photo 20 10 2017 14 23 12

Then we went back to class to celebrate our homework power projects! We loved looking at the different models and work people had made at home! Thank you to all of the parents who helped us create such fantastic things.

Photo 20 10 2017 14 25 18Photo 20 10 2017 14 21 16Photo 20 10 2017 14 21 20

Finally we recieved a letter from the European Space Agency, replying to the letters we sent! They are going to send in a team of space experts, along with a planeterium for us to visit next half term!

Photo 20 10 2017 14 45 42

Thank you for visiting and for all of your support this half term.

We hope that everyone has a fun (but relaxing!) break. Stay safe.

The Year Two Team

Celebrating Nelson Mandela!

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This week at Whitehouse Common we have been celebrating Black History Week! In Year 2 we focussed specifically on Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa. 

Photo 13 10 2017 14 24 21

To celebrate with participated in lots of different activities. As you know, we have been reading all about him in guided reading, answering questions about the text as well as sharing our opinions and discussing the meaning of words like "apartheid". We also did some special writing about how his story made us feel. Another activity included practising our handwriting by copying some of his famous quotes. Our favourite was "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".  Finally, we created this fantastic flag to display our work.

Photo 12 10 2017 10 13 07 1Photo 12 10 2017 14 28 46Photo 12 10 2017 10 08 45 1

Thanks for visiting, see you next time!

Harvest Festival!

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We've had yet another fantastic week in Year Two. The highlight of our week was the Harvest Festival Assembly. Look at all the food that was donated!

Photo 05 10 2017 09 15 35

Thank you again to all of those families who donated things towards our Harvest Festival. The Birmingham City Mission even said it was their largest donation!

See you next time,

The Year Two Team

Blasting Off into our New Topic!

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Our first few weeks in Year Two have been so much fun! 

We have been making papier mache planets as a hook to our new topic "Reach for the Stars!"


Thanks for visiting, we hope you have lots of fun with the Reach for the Stars Power Project!

The Year Two Team

First Week in Year Two!

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Wow! Can you believe we've already finished our first week in Year Two!? It's been so fun. We've shared what we know in maths and continued with our transition work based around 'The Night Pirates'. We really enjoyed doing some observational drawings of shells and discussing equality, which is our year group value. 

Year 2 Start of the Year min

We can't wait to working together and learning lots of new, exciting things throughout the year!

Thanks for visiting,

The Year Two Team

Donkey Rides!

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We've had lots of fun today riding donkeys! 

Photo 12 07 2017 10 59 30 min

A huge thanks to Mrs. Slassor and Mrs. Duckers from Year One for organising this fun activity.

Also, a massive thanks to Spot, Fred, Guinness and Kane (the donkeys!) for letting us ride them!

Time Week!

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This week we have been celebrating time week! We've done lots of things to develop our confidence with telling the time. We've practised telling the time to the nearest five minute on anologue and digital clocks, as well as working out what time it will be in 30 minutes or an hour! We've also been learning a 'Months of the Year' poem in Guided Reading. 

Time Picture

Please continue to work with your child on telling the time at home, this will really help them! If you wish to play some onlien games, you can visit :

Please note that your children's SATs results will be found in their end of year reports. If you wish to be reminded of materials shared during the SATs information session, please follow this link:

Thanks and see you next time! 

The Year 2 Team

Class Dance!

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Wow, I'm sure you're just as impressed as us at the quality of Year 2's class dances. We've been practising really hard over the last few weeks, and it has all paid off! 

2HP Dance Blog Photo2JV Dance Blog Photo min

Thanks to all of you who provided your children with the costumes, which made it even more special. 

See you next time,

The Year 2 Team

Life Cycles!

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This week we have had lots of fun learning about the life cycle of a frog! We have used the Talk for Writing approach, learning actions and creating 'story maps'! 

Frog Blog

Please continue to practise times tables, spellings and daily reading at home. 

Well done for all of your hard work this week Year 2!

The Year 2 Team

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