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Look at our Igloos!

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As part of our homework we have made some amazing igloos.  They are made will all sorts of different materials -  clay, cotton wool and paper mache, some are even made with marshmallows!  We have even eaten some of the marshmallow igloos that have been made!  We now have a vast array of amazing igloos  displayed in the classroom. Wow!





Inuit Stories

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This week we are writing quest stories based on an Inuit story we have read together as a class.  We have read the story Atuk which is about a little boy who goes on a quest to hunt a wolf.  We have planned our stories based on this and are really looking forward to writing our own at the end of the week.  As we approach the end of our 'Poles Apart' topic we have reflected on everything that we have learned about the North and South pole, Scott and Shackleton and animals living in the polar regions.


Rocks and Soils in Science

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In Year 2 we are really enjoying our new science topic ‘Rocks and Soils.’  We have been to the Phiz Lab and carried out investigations in there to discover which rocks are permeable and which are impermeable.  We then suggested uses for the rocks depending on what we found out.  We all agreed that slate is a good rock for roof tiles because it is impermeable.   


Happy New Year!

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We have an exciting time back today an have got straight back in to our learning.  We have begun our new topic 'Poles Apart' and we are learning about our topic through literacy this week.  We have been identifying the features of a non-chronological report and analysing different texts.  

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The Snail and the Whale

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We have based our literacy on 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson over these last two weeks.  We have thoroughly enjoyed using 'talk for writing' to support our learning and help our understanding of the text.  We have composed some fabulous pieces of writing. 


Tinsel and Tea-towels!

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Now that our class assembly has been shared we are very excited to be going on to our Christmas production.  The children were invited to auditions and following this we have given out the scripts.  This week we are starting to practise and learn the songs.  Prepare yourselves for plenty of tea-towels and tinsel!!


Class Assembly in Year 2

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We have been really busy practising our class assemblies in Year 2 this week.  We are looking forward to performing them for everyone this Friday.  2MW is at 9.15am and 2DH at 2.45pm both in the Acorns Hall on Friday 13th November 2015.  We look forward to seeing you.

class assembly


Beauty and the Beast

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This week our literacy continues to be based on Beauty and the Beast.  We are really enjoying writing descriptions of settings, characters and diary entries.  we are using the Disney adaptation of the film to support our writing.

2DH are also really pleased to have the 'Walk to School' trophy again this week!  Well done!

walk to school2

This Week's Learning

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The hunt continues for the missing money - we have been busy sending emails to various member of staff around school to help us find the culprit.  We have also been learning about animals and their babies including what they are called. We have learned about what babies need to be cared for and looked after.  In literacy we have been reading about Beauty and the Beast and looking at the key features of fairy tales.  We really enjoyed the story and wrote book reviews for it. 

Beauty and the BeastRESIZED

We are Detectives!

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In Year 2 we are being detectives trying to help Miss Maugham solve the mystery of the missing maths money!  We are learning about how emails can be used to communicate and have send and received emails from Miss Maugham explaining the problem.  We are hot on the case to find the suspicious man, who may or may not have stolen the plastic money, using the clues she has emailed to us.  

play money resized  

Charlie and Lola visit London

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Continuing with our London theme we have been reading the text 'We Completely Must go to London' during our Literacy lessons.  We have really enjoyed reading the text and using it for our writing as well as thinking about all of the things that can be seen in London.  

charlie         charlie 2

Our science topic has also got off to a fantastic start and we are enjoying learning about Animals Including Humans.



The Great Fire of London

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We are about to begin our new topic on 'The Great Fire of London'.  We are really looking forward to finding out about what happened on that fateful date - how the fire began, who it affected and how the fire was finally extinguished.  It is a very famous event in our history.  

fire of london  

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