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Year 3 curriculum workshops

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Please find information about the curriculum in year 3 and 4 here, which provides an overview of what your children will be learning in school. We would usually love to welcome you in to school to deliver this information but in the current circumstances this unfortunately isn't possible. 

If you have any questions then do please speak to your class teacher. 


Welcome back year three!

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Year three have had an excellent start to the year. They have settled in to the new rules and routines very well and adapted well to life in the Key Stage 2 building. For English, we have been learning about ‘Beating the Monster’ stories, and learning the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. In maths, we have covered numbers up to 1,000 and looking at the value of each digit within a given number, using base ten and place value charts to help us with our understanding of numbers.

Just a reminder that on PE days, children will be required to come to school in their PE kits as we will not be changing at school. The PE kit is as follows:

Dark unbranded joggers or leggings

Black or green unbranded shorts 

WHC t-shirt or plain white t-shirt

Green school cardigan/jumper 


Well done for an excellent first couple of weeks year three, let’s keep up the hard work! 

World Book Day!

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This week Year 3 have celebrated World Book Day. The instructions were to dress up as a word, which allowed the children to think creatively about how to accomplish this. There were some amazing ideas from the children, really showcasing their vocabulary. We had words such as mythical, magical, athletic, adventurous and even exhausted! To celebrate their love of books, the Year 3 classes spent part of their day in nursery, reading a book to one of the nursery children. They were really excited to read to their peers and spoke passionately about the books they had read.


Class Assembly!

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This week Year 3 have been preparing for their class assemblies, which took place on Thursday and Friday. The theme for the class assemblies was the Ancient Greeks, which they had studied in the autumn term. They performed their lines confidently and clearly, and also sang some songs about the Ancient Greeks that complimented the theme of the assembly. In maths, we have moved on from multiplication and we are now looking to divide two-digit numbers by single-digit numbers, including equations where tens need to be exchanged for ones. Well done Year 3!


Art in a Day

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This week, Year 3 are looking forward to finishing their topic on extreme weather. They will be finishing this topic with Art in a Day, where they will be creating a wax resist by painting watercolour over the top of wax or oil based crayon. They will be creating an image of heavy rainfall, making links to the work we did last week on the Matlock floods from November 2019. They are also looking forward to performing their Christmas production at the end of this week and the beginning of next week.

You can watch a video of what happens when water and oil based products mix by clicking here.

Christmas songs to practise

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Please practise our songs for the Christmas show. The music and lyrics are below:





Stille Nacht

One Snowy Night

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After a wonderful half term, Year 3 have come back to a busy week. In English, we have written our own quest stories. We had to use our BLP skill of imagining to come up with a new story completely from scratch. Following on from that, we have started to learn the story of One Snowy Night by M Christina Butler. To achieve this, we have created our own story maps to help us to retell the story from memory, and explored how we can use different time connectives to help a reader understand the order of events within a story.


Click here to hear the story!

Clay Pots

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This week Year 3 have been extremely busy completing their Art in a Day unit to end their Ancient Greek Topic. The children have been designing, making and painting clay pots. The children had to research the shapes, colours and patterns to inspire their own pots. They learnt all about how Greek pots told stories about the past. They had to us their BLP skills to help them succeed. For example, perseverance when they joined their handles to their pots. Some of the children even painted images of Greek athletes on theirs! 

Click on the link to find out more.



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Did you know humans have up to 32 teeth?

We even have lots of different types that do different jobs. For example, our canine teeth are for tearing meat whereas our molars are for grinding our food. Today we have set up on experiment linked to teeth hygiene. We have placed some hard boiled eggs in vinegar to observe what happens over a few days. The shell on the egg acts like the enamel on our teeth, both protect. We made some predictions about what will happen. What do you think? Some of us thought the shell will go soft, some thought the shell will dissolve and some thought it would crack.

Click on the link to find out more about teeth


Welcome to Year Three

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The children in Year Three have been working very hard this week and they should feel very proud of how well they have settled into their new classes. They are already reaching the high expectations. 

In topic this week the children have started to learn all about The Ancient Greeks. Over the term they will be reading Greek myths, learning about life in Ancient Greece and looking at Greek architecture. In Science the children have also started their learning about Animals Including Humans. Year Three will be investigating teeth and bones as well as looking at the diets of a range of animals.

We are all looking forward to the term ahead!


celebration clipart parents day celebration clipart 1

Making Naan

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As part of our Indian topic Year 3 have been bread making! We sampled naan bread with different flavours to see which we liked and to give us ideas then we designed our own flavoured naan bread bread.

Our fabulous cook Sue helped us this morning...

Sue naan sm 

And we are rather pleased with our results.... See for yourselves!

Naan finished sm

Looking forward to sampling...

Indian Bread Tasting

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This week, Year 3 enjoyed tasting different bread recipes originating from India. We made choices about which were our favourite recipes and decided on what to include for a bread recipe of our own.

In a couple of weeks, we will be mixing ingredients and making some naan breads to evaluate and enjoy.

Easy Indian Naan Bread 0006


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