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Happy and Healthy for Health Week

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We really enjoyed the start of our half term which began with a whole week focusing on healthy lifestyles.

The week included a whole range of activities including; sports, exploring healthy snacks and healthy foods, a visit to the Life Caravan to learn about keeping our brains healthy, a visit from a chef who taught us about cooking healthy foods, exploring how music can help our moods and minds and learning about the importance of sleep to our health.

P1070843 - healthy eating

P1070981 fruit tasting

P1070884 Life caravan

It was certainly a busy week but we learnt a lot and developed a variety of skills and knowledge.

We revisited our BLP skills and shared how these can help us to have healthy attitudes towards our learning and many of our activities gave us the opportunity to use these skills and reflect on them in action.

We certainly feel that, in Year 3, we are a super healthy bunch who can understand the importance of health in all aspects of our lives! Good health everyone! :)

Castle Fun!

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A little while ago, we started a week with an exciting trip to Kenilworth Castle as part of our topic work.


The weather may not have been as kind to us as we would have liked but we wouldn’t let a little bit of rain dampen our spirits or spoil a fantastic and fascinating trip which taught us a great deal about life in a castle in medieval times.

While we were at the castle, we enjoyed a tour both inside and outside of the castle walls with our brilliant (and entertaining) guides George and Sonia. We learnt about how castles would have been both defended and attacked and we showed that we have learnt lots in school by answering questions we were asked.

Tour 1

Tour 2


Tour 3

Our guides were impressed and commented on how knowledgeable we were.

We used a range of BLP skills on our trip and were particularly good at questioning, asking relevant questions to extend and deepen our learning and understanding.

We also showed our absorption in our learning and we continued to learn independently using displays, artefacts and information that was available to us.

Research 1

Research 2

The day out was enormous fun and we learnt lots. It was a super start to the week which was then filled with follow up work on castles, swimming lessons, reviewing our learning in Maths and Literacy through assessments and dance practises for our big dance showcase the following week!


Lots of learning!

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We have continued enjoying lots of learning in our busy four day week this week.

Luckily the sun came out so we managed to go outside to explore light and shadows further for our Science unit. It was great fun creating shadow images with our friends and finding out how shadows change and move throughout the day.

In maths, we have been exploring fractions more using our structured apparatus and in lots of different contexts. We have been using lots of opportunities to develop our explanation and reasoning skills too by collaboarting with others to problem solve about fractions.

Watch the video below to remind you of some fraction facts...

Finally, we have been having a fantastic time improving and developing our swimming skills in our PE. We are exploring different strokes and techniques and increasing our confidence and ability in the water.

On Monday, we head off to Kenilworth castle which should be a great learning opportunity for our creative curriculum topic work. Watch this space to hear about our activities and experiences...

Scientific exploration and mystery mayhem!

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This week in Year 3, we have returned after our Easter holiday and thrown ourselves straight back into our learning. We’ve been having great fun!

In Science we have used our investigative skills to explore our new unit of Light and Shadows.

Despite the British weather being unpredictable as ever and challenging our plans to look at shadows outside (as soon as the sun appears we will be ready to run and enjoy it!) we used torches and resources around the classroom to generate some initial ideas about how shadows are formed and how they behave.

rsz light and shadow 1

Light and Shadow 3

Light and Shadow 4

Light and Shadows 5

In our Literacy work, we have begun to look at mystery stories with links to our new topic of Castles and think about ways to create suspense, drama and excitement in narratives.

Continuing the “mystery” theme, we have also been launched into our new topic by enjoying an exciting treasure hunt in which we became history detectives to find out some key facts about castles.

Take a look at the video below to discover some facts about Motte and Bailey castles, the first type of castle to be built here in Britain.

Easter egg hunt fun...

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What a treat!

We went on an easter egg hunt around our amazing grounds. We searched all over for the eggs. 

We were especciall excited to find the GOLDEN EGG!

It was hidden so well but took only moments for these eager searchers to discover it under the tyre park tyre!

egg hunt 1

Here are our winners...

egg hunt 2

Bollywood dancers

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Bollywood 1

Today we have created an exciting Bollywood dance. We learned about the different type of moves and the terminology used in a dance.

We learned about the history of Bollywood Dance:

The style of dancing in earlier Bollywood films was based on Indian Classical Dance or Folk Dances from various parts of India.

In the late 50's and 60's group dances began to evolve in Bollywood films with influences from folk dances.

Bollywood Dance began to change in the 70s. The Cabaret style of dance was used in many movies and, later on, this gave way to Disco, which was a worldwide phenomenon at the time.

After experimenting with Classical, Semi Classical, Folk, Cabaret & Disco styles of dance, came an era which introduced Bollywood Free Style of dancing; a new and original style of dance.

Since the 1980's, Bollywood dancing has been heavily influenced by Western dance styles, and incorporates elements from the West. In modern Bollywood films, the musical numbers are often based on the Hip-Hop style of dance as well as other variations of Hip-Hop dance.

Currently Bollywood Dance is still influenced by Western culture, perhaps even more so today than when it began. The movements have become more bold to capture the audience’s attention. The Evolution of Bollywood Dance is a process that is entirely Indian and yet cross-cultural at the same time. 

We are proud of the dances we created.

Bollywood 2





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hockeyThis half term in PE we have been learning a range of hockey skills. We have learned how to hold the hockey stick correctly by shaking hands with it. We have been developing our ability to move with the ball.

We have been using the skills that we originally learned from the England Hockey Player, David Beckett, who came to visit us last half term.

Hockey 002


Artist studies

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Escher art work

This week we have been researching the artist, M. C. Escher. We will be creating a display board (A2 size) that shows information about the artist, examples of his work and art work we have created in his style. We will be displaying this in creative ways.

 Charlotte and Josh in 3LM found out the following about Escher:

He was born in June 17th 1898

He was the youngest son in the family

He died 27th of March 1972

They moved to Arnhem

He Left school in 1922

He did not graduate in school but he was good at art

Click on the Escher art work below to see further examples of his art work at this online gallery.



Move over Mozart!

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This week we have been exploring music from India. We listened to and discussed the instruments and sounds they use. We learned about the different layers of music and used the technical vocabulary.

We followed a pattern to create our own musical compositions.

blog 3

After we explored difefrent patterns we then worked as a group to compose an Indian inspired piece of music using instruments.

blog 2




A trip to India...

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On Wednesday, Year 3 "flew" to India. We boarded the aeroplane at Gate 3LM and watched the in flight safety video below:

We then embarked on a multi-sensory experience. We tasted Indian foods, smelt some of the scents associated with India, looked at photographs of life in India, handled Indian artefacts and listened to some sounds associated with India.




We can't wait to learn more about our Bollywwod topic this half term.

Food tasting tomorrow

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Year 3 will experiencing what it's like to embark on a journey to India tomorrow and will be tasting some of their delicious cuisine. 

If there are any allergies we do not already know of or you have any questions regarding this then please let us know.


Its all makes perfect (number) sense!

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This week we have been learning to the very complex methof of subtraction. We used the Base 10 apparatus to help us understand what was happening to the digits when we were subtracting.

[Click here] to see the PowerPoint that illustrates how we do this using apparatus.

We have this equipment in our maths box which also help us...

inside the maths box

We use Base 10 apparatus to help calculate subtraction. we have really embedded our understanding of number.



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