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Easter egg hunt fun...

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What a treat!

We went on an easter egg hunt around our amazing grounds. We searched all over for the eggs. 

We were especciall excited to find the GOLDEN EGG!

It was hidden so well but took only moments for these eager searchers to discover it under the tyre park tyre!

egg hunt 1

Here are our winners...

egg hunt 2

Bollywood dancers

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Bollywood 1

Today we have created an exciting Bollywood dance. We learned about the different type of moves and the terminology used in a dance.

We learned about the history of Bollywood Dance:

The style of dancing in earlier Bollywood films was based on Indian Classical Dance or Folk Dances from various parts of India.

In the late 50's and 60's group dances began to evolve in Bollywood films with influences from folk dances.

Bollywood Dance began to change in the 70s. The Cabaret style of dance was used in many movies and, later on, this gave way to Disco, which was a worldwide phenomenon at the time.

After experimenting with Classical, Semi Classical, Folk, Cabaret & Disco styles of dance, came an era which introduced Bollywood Free Style of dancing; a new and original style of dance.

Since the 1980's, Bollywood dancing has been heavily influenced by Western dance styles, and incorporates elements from the West. In modern Bollywood films, the musical numbers are often based on the Hip-Hop style of dance as well as other variations of Hip-Hop dance.

Currently Bollywood Dance is still influenced by Western culture, perhaps even more so today than when it began. The movements have become more bold to capture the audience‚Äôs attention. The Evolution of Bollywood Dance is a process that is entirely Indian and yet cross-cultural at the same time. 

We are proud of the dances we created.

Bollywood 2





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hockeyThis half term in PE we have been learning a range of hockey skills. We have learned how to hold the hockey stick correctly by shaking hands with it. We have been developing our ability to move with the ball.

We have been using the skills that we originally learned from the England Hockey Player, David Beckett, who came to visit us last half term.

Hockey 002


Artist studies

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Escher art work

This week we have been researching the artist, M. C. Escher. We will be creating a display board (A2 size) that shows information about the artist, examples of his work and art work we have created in his style. We will be displaying this in creative ways.

 Charlotte and Josh in 3LM found out the following about Escher:

He was born in June 17th 1898

He was the youngest son in the family

He died 27th of March 1972

They moved to Arnhem

He Left school in 1922

He did not graduate in school but he was good at art

Click on the Escher art work below to see further examples of his art work at this online gallery.



Move over Mozart!

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This week we have been exploring music from India. We listened to and discussed the instruments and sounds they use. We learned about the different layers of music and used the technical vocabulary.

We followed a pattern to create our own musical compositions.

blog 3

After we explored difefrent patterns we then worked as a group to compose an Indian inspired piece of music using instruments.

blog 2




A trip to India...

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On Wednesday, Year 3 "flew" to India. We boarded the aeroplane at Gate 3LM and watched the in flight safety video below:

We then embarked on a multi-sensory experience. We tasted Indian foods, smelt some of the scents associated with India, looked at photographs of life in India, handled Indian artefacts and listened to some sounds associated with India.




We can't wait to learn more about our Bollywwod topic this half term.

Food tasting tomorrow

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Year 3 will experiencing what it's like to embark on a journey to India tomorrow and will be tasting some of their delicious cuisine. 

If there are any allergies we do not already know of or you have any questions regarding this then please let us know.


Its all makes perfect (number) sense!

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This week we have been learning to the very complex methof of subtraction. We used the Base 10 apparatus to help us understand what was happening to the digits when we were subtracting.

[Click here] to see the PowerPoint that illustrates how we do this using apparatus.

We have this equipment in our maths box which also help us...

inside the maths box

We use Base 10 apparatus to help calculate subtraction. we have really embedded our understanding of number.



Indoor Athletics Tournament

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Today has been fantastic! We trudged through the mud across the Vesey field to take part in some exciting athletics activities. Mr Davies (the PE teacher at Bishop Vesey) organised fun track and field events that we completed in their HUGE sports' hall. Some of the Vesey students also helped us. They demonstrated different techniques we would need for each event and they kept all our scores. We have learned so many new skills that we can use in our upcoming inter competition events against other schools.

pe 1


pe 2


pe 4

Tickling the taste buds

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This week in topic we learned about the function of our taste buds. We looked at facts about different animals' tongues.

Did you know that a giraffe's tongue is 53cm long so it can clean its own ears? It is also blue-ish black in colour so it doesn't get sunburned whilst it does this regular activity! the human tongue is about 10cm in length and covered in about 100,000 tiny taste buds.

We learned about the key flavours we taste including: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. We also learned about a taste called Umami which is another taste only recently discovered by Japenese scientists. It detects savoury flavours.

We tried some different foods/drink to experience these different tastes.


Watch the video below which shows information about our taste buds.

Year 3 get INSPIRED!

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Thank you to all who attended our maths inspire workshop this week. We hope you found it useful and FUN! 

It was great to see you all enjoying your maths learning together.





The video below shows the impact of numicon and how important it is that children have "number sense"

Thank you for all your support at home - it really makes a difference. 

A visit from the Dentist

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Q: What does the dentist of the year get?
A: A little plaque

We would award Mr Dixon a plaque for his super talk about teeth on Monday! We learned about the profession, how to care for our teeth and the different names of teeth. we also compared teeth of humans with animals and thought about how animals adapt so they can hunt and eat. Can you imagine if a shark had human teeth?

funny shark

We enjoyed looking at the models of teeth and used these to learn how to brush our teeth properly!


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