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Rock Star Maths

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Year 3 are well underway on their Rock Star journey! Starting out as hopeless wannabes practising in our virtual garage we will work towards becoming rock star legends playing in arenas all over the world!

Using our new website and app, we are able to continue to improve and test our times table abilities.

tt rock

What's your rock star name? Comment below:

Extreme Weather!

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We have returned from our half term break fully refreshed to carry on with our exciting learning opportunities here at WHCPS. Like the weather outside our Topic for this term has changed. It's linked to weather too ... extreme weather!

The children will be introduced to the six main types of biome; Aquatic, Desert, Forest, Grassland, Rainforest, Tundra. We will look briefly at each of the key features of the biomes in turn. Children will learn about the difference between weather and climate. The children will understand the idea of longitude and latitude and how our planet is split into; The Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern hemisphere, the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, and the Arctic and Antarctic Circle. We will have discussions about where the hottest and coldest places on earth are. The children will then develop knowledge that extreme weather conditions can create extreme weather events such as storms and hurricanes. The children will then study another extreme weather event, the Tsunami and discuss how it is a serious of extremely destructive waves that cause mass destruction and devastation. Following this the children will produce a newspaper report on the extreme weather that they worked on. They will finish by providing a shared example and talk through each of the key features used.



Year 3 at the Greek Olympics

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Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Ancient Greece. This week, we learned that the Olympics were created in ancient Greek times. This was a time when the states stopped fighting each other and competed ina  number of athletic events. We compared the games from ancient times with modern day Olympic activities.


Can you guess what these sporting events are?

olympics 2


A Royal Celebration!

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Today the children have been having lessons linked to The Royal Family and The Royal Wedding. All of the children in Year Three have dressed as princes, princess or in red, white and blue. In English, the children found out who was who? This involved them reading an extract of text and mapping out the Queen’s nearest family members. They learnt all about The Queen’s children and grandchildren. In addition to this, the children design a wedding dress and wedding gift suitable for a member of the royal family. All the children had a lovely picnic in the sunshine! It was a fantastic day full of excitement and celebration.

Mary Quant

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This week Year Three have been lucky enough to take part in tie-dying. We completed our "Cool Dude" topic by designing and making tier-dye pieces of fabric. We then used running stich to sew a Patten onto our fabric. The patterns were inspired by Mary Quant and famous fashion designer. We used colours, shapes and patterns that were used in 1960s fashion. The children showed lots of perseverance practising their running stitch. Their final products looked amazing!

68566 004 3C7E2275


The Borrowers

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This Half term Year Three have been reading The Borrowers. They have been developing lots of skills. For example, using their APE skills to answer a range of questions and using a dictionary to check the meaning of unknown words. To make sure the children really understand the text, they have been wringing out the meaning of certain phrased used by the author and backing up all explanations with proof from the text. In golden time, the children got to watch the film and compare the similarities and differences to the text.

Clock family 1997

World Book Day in Year 3

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Year 3 had a great time learning all about the work of Beatrix Potter. The children focused on the story of Peter Rabbit and created setting descriptions for Mr Mcgregors garden, learnt how to measure the perimeter of his garden and used Typography to create beautiful representations of Peter in words. The children's favourite part of the day was spending time with the children in the nursery and sharing books with them.


What a treat!

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This week Year Three have been lucky enough to have a visit from Professor McGinty. He came to WHC to share his expert knowledge of Ancient Greece with us. We all learnt so much new information, to consolidate our learning of this topic. We really enjoyed looking at artefacts used by the Greeks such as pots and coins.


In addition, we also had a visit from a theatre company and saw the production of Charlotte’s Web. This will be our transition unit for English in the summer, so we got a head start!

220px CharlotteWeb

Indian Naan Baking

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The children in Year 3 have had a busy few weeks learning about Indian food and researching what their favourite Indian accompaniment is.

The children have taste tested a variety of different Naan breads Inc Yogurt and Mint, Plain and Chilli Naan. The overall favourite was the Onion Bharghi Naan. They then designed their own bread recipe and today enjoyed making their bread.

The children  had a great time mixing and kneading their breads. Fingers crossed they tasted as good as they looked!!!


Bhangra Dancing

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Year Three are now looking at Bollywood as their new topic. Bollywood is the name given to the Indian film industry. Bollywood films feature music, song and dance, drawing influence from traditional folk music such as Bhangra as well as modern music such as hip hop. One of the main instruments used in Bhangra music is the dhol, which is a traditional drum.

Year Three were lucky enough to take part in a Bhangra workshop. They learn about the history of the dance as well as learning new moves. Bhangra is a type of folk dance. The dance started in the Punjab region, now divided between India and Pakistan, and began as a folk dance which was conducted by Punjabi farmers. So lots of the moves represent jobs done by farmers for example sowing seeds.

Bhangra became popular in Britain in the 1980s and the artists of Bhangra were selling over 30,000 cassettes a week in the UK even though not one of the artists made their way into the Top 40 UK Chart.

3CC are now going to perform a Bhangra Dance in the summer term.

bhangradancers 1024x797

Year Three Class Assemblies

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Over the past two weeks all of the children in Year Three have been working so hard to learn all of their lines and songs for the class assemblies. 

Wow! They did brilliantly, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Charles are very proud of them all.
 The assemblies were based on the children's Ancient Greek topic and included songs, role plays and stories based in myths, legends and fables.
rsz photo 18 01 2018 14 14 43

Art in a Day

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Art in a Day

Year Three have had so much fun this week taking part in Art in a Day. All of the work we produced was inspired by Monet. We found out the following information about him:

  • Claude Monet was born on 14th November 1840 in Paris, France.
  • He was named Oscar-Claude, and his parents called him Oscar.
  • He probably most well-known for his series of paintings of water lilies, but he also painted many other landscapes and seascapes. He produced a series of paintings of weeping willows – a tribute to the fallen French soldiers in World War 1.
  • He was an impressionist artist, who often painted the same scene lots of times at different times of the year.

We used water colours and oil crayons to create paintings that were linked to our topic of Extreme Weather. We developed our knowledge of techniques like wet on wet and flat brushing. When we painted over our drawings the paint repelled the oil and left our rain and puddles images. We used dark colour like blue and greys to create a stormy scene.



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