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Christmas Preparations in Year 3

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The children have enjoyed lots of Christmas themed activities whilst still learning lots about Maths, Literacy, Art and Food Technology! We would like to remind you that our first week back at school sees the beginning of our Swimming Lessons and that the children will need both their swimming kits and their P.E. kits for this week. The Year 3 Team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your festive wishes and your continued support.  We wish you all a peaceful holiday and look forward to seeing you again in 2013.

Kandinsky and the Christmas Production

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Towards the end of the this term we have been studying the artist Kandinsky.  We have been using our Brain Learning Powers of 'noticing' and 'making links' to reflect on the content of his work so we could then replicate it ourselves in our Art books.  The results have been fabulous and the Year 3 teachers are very pleased with the standard and quality of the work that has been produced this week.  We have also been busy perfecting the Christmas Production, Cinderella and Rockerfella.  Watch out for our School's new lighting system on Monday and Tuesday its amazing.


Music in Year 3

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This week we learned how to read and play music! First of all we learned how to read the different lengths of notes and how to tap them out on our fingers.  We then read music and practised a range of rhythms using percussion instruments.  Finally, we created our own piece of music and then taught another child to play it. In addition, we have also been busy practising our Christmas Production, Cinderella and Rockerfella, and are looking forward to seeing you at our performances over the next couple of weeks.

Reflecting on our progress so far this term.

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description of a setting

This week we brought together what we have been learning in Topic about extreme weather, and in Literacy how to write a description of a setting.  On Thursday we used a picture similar to the one above to write a description of a dessert,  making sure we used our best handwriting and used our phonics to helps us with spelling.  After we finished our writing we were able to tick lots of our writing targets and the teachers were very pleased with what we had achieved.  Look out for our new targets in our Planners over the next few weeks.   

Extreme Weather

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Our topic focus this half term is 'Extreme Weather' which we have been able to experience first had this week! We have extended the subject into both Literacy and Maths. During Literacy we have used powerful verbs and descriptive language to describe the weather. In Maths we applied our Maths skills to calculate snow and rainfall, wind direction, differences in temperatures and daylight hours. Working in groups we then used this information to present a Weather Report just like they do on TV. At the end of the lesson some children asked, "When are we doing Maths Miss?" Needless to say we all had fun in applying Maths to real situations.

Ancient Greeks, Art and Skipping!

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We've all had a busy week this week beginning with rehearsals for our assembly which we performed on Friday. We were too busy participating in the assembly and didn't manage to take any photographs for the blog...apologies! The Year 3 Team are very proud of the children's contributions and we would like to thank all those who supported them at home too. We hope you had as much fun watching as we did performing it. This week also saw the launch of our exiciting Art theme based on the work of Kandinsky. We already have some magnificent examples of work that the children have created and we look forward to finding out more about him. Besides the assembly the children also enjoyed a day in their pj's; we found the sponsored skip in our slippers just a bit tricky but not impossible. Next week we will be forging ahead with our 'animation' ICT topic and investigating the different properties of rocks.

Villa Football

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This week we had a fabulous surprise! We found out that the Villa Football coaches were visiting and would be teaching us football skills over the next few weeks. During our first session we improved our skills in controlling the ball. We used ALL of our foot to keep contact with the ball and then, using small kicks, we could dribble the ball accurately. This was then appliedd to dribbling the ball at different speeds and, just to make things more challenging, we had to use both of our feet to this. We had lots of fun and are eagerly looking looking forward to our next session.

Maths Day

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The day began with a Time Treasure Hunt.  We had to search for clues about time and the ask and answer questions about time.  We then worked in collaboration to make our own analogue and digital clocks and used our problem solving skills to answer questions relating to time.  We had lots of fun with Mr NK who used RAP and actions to help us remember our times tables. During the week we learned how to find the perimeter of a shape and today we applied this knowledge to Art and ICT.  The Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, used adjacent squares and rectangles to create what can look like stained glass windows.  We created our own Mondrian picture using adjacent shapes and then calculated the perimeters.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our day and indeed our first week back in school after the holidays. Miss Maugham, Mrs Sotomayor and Mrs Page have been really pleased with the children's enthusiam to learn.

Spirited Away

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On Tuesday we were treated to a trip to the Empire Cinema in Sutton Coldfield to watch the animated film of the classic Japanese story, Spirited Away.  Armed with refreshments we were 'spirited away' to another world and the tale of how the two main characters escaped from the imaginary world of cunning creatures and demanding leaders. After lunch we then practised our media skills and planned a performance based on a scene from the story.  We used a storyboard to guide us and then performed our scene to the rest of the class.

Year 3 - Ancient Greece and the Legend of the Minotaur

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We learned the story of the lengendary creature, the Minotaur.  It lived in a labyrinth on the island of Crete...we also learned it wasn't a vegetarian!  King Minos had a beautiful daughter, Ariadne.  She told Prince Theseus, who had the task of defeating the Minotaur, how to safely enter and leave the labyrinth using a ball of string.  Clever...we thought so too!  Theseus defeated the Minotaur and safely found his way out of the maze.  Later we made Minotaur masks that look just like the ones in the story.

Harvest Celebrations

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We have been learning a harvest song which we performed in our harvest assembly on Friday. We refected on the meaning of the song which was about being thankful. We thought about people less fortunate than ourselves and wrote a poem. The art work below shows Pieter Bruegel's perception of harvest.

Matilda contacts Year 3!

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This week we enjoyed finding out about how camera angles are used to reveal a setting or a character's emotions.  We used the story of  Matilda to gain in an insight into a director's job in creating a setting.  We then looked at Matilda's school life and compared it to our own.  She actually sent us a letter! We responded to her letter and are looking forward to her reply.  Miss Maugham and Mrs Page are sure she is looking forward to this...I wonder if she will read our blog?






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