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We are animators!

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This week in our ICT learning, we have continued to explore creating and developing our own simple animations. Using the Scratch programme, we have been writing scripts to make a chosen sprite move across the screen and perform a serires of actions. We have learnt about how to change the background and to customise our sprite by changing the colour and size. Some of us have been challenging ourselves to include more than one sprite in our animations and writing a script which enables them to interact or move around each other.

We have had great fun developing our ideas using the programme on the desktop computers and then working collaboratively to use and apply our skills and problem solve in order to find out how to adapt to creating the same animations and effects using the Scratch Jnr app on the I-pads.

Scratch blog 1     Scratch blog 3

Scratch blog 2


Feeling Inspired!

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This week, Year 3 have had Inspire workshops with parents. It was a great opportunity for us to work alongside people from home and show all of the exciting things that we are doing as part of our Maths learning. The focus for our workshop was mental maths and the use of practical maths to support our learning. It gave us a chance to show how we use Numicon, Cuisinaire rods and other practical resources to help us claculate and explain. We also shared a lot of maths talk to show how we are developing our mathematical vocabulary. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed our morning. We had lots of positive feedback which showed us that our friends and family enjoyed it too!

Inspire Blog 1      Inspire Blog 2

Inspire blog 3

It is also anti-bullying week this week and we have explored this important topic in many ways. We have had discussions about bullying (what it means and how we can help to prevent it), reflected on the qualities of a good friend, written stories in Literacy with a friendship theme and we have each written an anti-bullying pledge to be put into a whole school book.

anti bullying

We will survive!!!!

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We are Back

We have come back to school and started our new term and topics with energy and enthusiasm!

Our new topic is Extreme Survival and we have begun by exploring the world's biomes to learn more about the climates and lanscapes across the globe.



Our Literacy work is also linked to weather and we have begun a unit which centres around the text, One Snowy Night. We have had great fun beginning to learn the story using actions to help us and retelling it to our friends.

In Science, we are continuing with our work on animals and are learning about ways of classifying animals according to their characteristics.

In Maths, we have been exploring shapes and developing our use of mathematical vocabulary to describe shapes and their properties.

It has been a busy first week in what will no doubt be a VERY busy half term.



Remember to keep visiting our blog to see what we are learning about and seeing our wintery fun develop and the festivities begin as December draws closer!


Exciting Writing - Becoming Authors

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Myths title

This week, we are bringing together all of the skills which we have been exploring in Literacy, all of our work on exploring Myths and our topic work on Ancient Greece to create a piece of extended writing throughout the week. The piece of writing will be a myth of our own. This is a great opportunity for us to use and apply all of our skills and to show what fantastic writers we are becoming!

Author       Author 2

Next week, we will be using the editing and revising skills that we have been learning to turn our myths into books with a front cover, blurb and with illustrations to support and enhance the text. We are looking forward to bringing together all of our hard work and learning from this half term to create a final piece to be proud of.


Thinking about our British Values

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British Values

This week, we have enjoyed a number of activities which have helped us to reflect on our British Values and their importance to us as individuals and as a society.


We have learnt all about democracy as part of our topic work; learning about its roots in Ancient Greece and how it is now established in the UK today. We shared our thoughts and opinions about the importance of democracy and considered how we as pupils also have a voice in school through our Pupil Council.

As part of a competition run by Waitrose and through our PSHE learning we talked about the role of our monarch and the ways in which she is a role model of how to live by our British Values. We thought about the significance of the queen in our country and all that she does for the people who live here. The competition is to design a cake for The Queen's birthday celebrations as it is a significant year for her now she is the longest reigning monarch in history. We created patriotic designs with our British Values in mind and will be sending them off to Waitrose to be judged...


We enjoyed a Harvest Festival assembly this week too which was great fun! Reverend Peter came to visit to tell us a story linked to harvest and we got to sing both of our harvest songs. This was another opportunity for reflection and enabled us to play our part as responsible and respectfuol citizens, helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Harvest 1      Harvest 2

Egg-citing Experiments!

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This week we have enjoyed a Mad Science assembly which inspired us all and helped us see what a fun and exciting subject Science is, especially when getting stuck in to experiments and investigations. It was great to watch and learn - some of us got to lend a hand too!

Mad Science 1   Mad Science 2    Mad Science 3

In our Science lessons this week, we have been thinking about the importance of looking after our teeth and keeping them healthy and we have set up an investigation to help us understand more.

We have used hard boiled eggs (comparing the shell of an egg to the enamel on our teeth) and have covered it with vinegar to see what happens over time. This will be like the effect if we were to not brush our teeth and allow sugar and acidic substances to regularly come into contact with the enamel.

We used our knowlegde and understanding to make predictions using scientific vocabulary and can't wait to see what the outcome will be!

Adventures with Adverbs and Adjectives!

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This week, as part of our Literacy unit on narrative stories and linking to our topic work on Ancient Greece, we have been exploring Greek myths. We have looked at the story of Pandora's Box and have begun to think about the use of descriptive language to show the feelings of characters.



Through our writing tasks, we have been developing our vocabulary using the sentence tricks and have been linking our learning to our reading skills too and thinking a lot about inference and deduction. Inspector Inference and Detective Deduction would be proud!

Inspector Inference         Detective Deduction



Fun with Numicon and Practical Maths!

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This week, we are enjoying practical maths lessons in which we have been revisiting the maths resource boxes and exploring some exciting new resources which will help us with our maths work.

We have used Numicon and Cuisinaire Rods to investigate and play with numbers and have been working in groups to develop our maths talk and reasoning skills, sharing and discussing our ideas together using a range of maths vocabulary.

Numicon blog 1   Numicon blog 2

Numicon blog 3

We are looking forward to using the maths resources boxes in many of our maths lessons to help us to understand, solve and reason about maths problems and to develop ways to use and apply our leanring in lots of real life contexts.


Going Potty in Year 3!

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We enjoyed a great first week in Year 3, getting to know each other and settling into new routines.

We completed our Literacy unit linked to our transition text, Voices in the Park, and began work on our new topic - Greece Lightening.

As part of this new topic, we began with some Greek art. We investigated and explored Greek patterns and images which often appear on Greek pottery and then we set to work designing and making our own Greek pots using both our design skills and our 3D art skills using clay.

We had great fun and the results look fantastic!

Blog 1 CLAY   Blog 2 CLAY

Blog 3 CLAY   Blog 4 CLAY

Blog 5 CLAY

To revisit our BLP skill of collaboration, we enjoyed two PE lessons where we worked as a whole year group. We divided ourselves into teams and had to use our creativity and teamwork skills to create challenging activities, measure and score results and we found our perseverance skills were challenged too in order to achieve success!


We are looking forward to the weeks ahead which will continue to be themed around the topic of Greece and we look forward to sharing more of our learning ans successes with you.

Watch this space...

Courageous and Clever...

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This week, we have been reflecting on the idea of courage through our most recent RE unit of work. We have looked at stories which link to the theme from both Sikhism and Christianity and completing tasks linked to each story. We have also though about the ways in which we will need to use courage as we move into Year 4 and leave Year 3 behind. Change can be scary but we are now feeling ready to face the challenge!

In Literacy, we have been focusing on our transition text, Charlotte's Web, and using the skills which we have learnt throughout the year by writing in a range of genres. We have written diary extracts and alternative chapters for the book and we have also had the opportunity to enjoy some shared reading and use our comprehension skills to discuss and answer lots of questions about characters and events.

Take a look at the video below to see a clip of the film version of our transition text...

Another busy week...

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This week in Year 3, we have had anoher busy week with lots to think about and lots to learn!

story writing

In Literacy, we are once again putting our narrative writing skills to good use and have become authors to write our very own historical adventure stories based on castles, knights and dragons and using all the tools that we have learnt about throughout the year to make our writing lively and entertaining.

In maths, we have continued with our calculation practice and have been exploring efficient written methods for multiplication as well as continuing to build on our mental maths skills and times table recall.

We have also been treated to some creative activities to inspire us to get involved with performing arts both in the classroom and beyond...


We had a visit from the Four Oaks Cluster Training Choir on Monday and were treated to a performance of some of their songs. It was great to see some of our friends up on the stage showing us what fun singing can be and how this opportunity can help to build confidence, speaking and listening skills and collaboration. They were fantastic and some of us might just be tempted to go along and join.

Dance pic

We also rehearsed our dance show in preparation for our performances to audiences before the end of term. It was a hot afternoon but full of energy and everyone really enjoyed the range of dances on offer. The audiences are in for a treat!

Thank Goodness for the Sunshine!

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We have been very grateful of such good weather this week in Year 3 - not only because it puts a smile on our faces and gives us more opportunities for outdoor learning, but also because we have been able to do some real life and meaningful investigating for our science topic of Light and Shadows.

We have been out on the playground making and exploring shadows to find out how they change througout the day according to the position of the Earth in relation to the sun.

Shadows blog 6       Shadows blog 1

Shadows blog 2

We had to use a variety of maths, science and BLP skills to be successful in our work such as; predicting and concluding using scientific ideas and vocabulary, measuring with accuracy, directional and postional language, collaboration, noticing and reasoning.

Shadows blog 5     Shadows blog 4

Shadows blog 3


We are really enjoying this topic and have built on prior learning to develop our deeper understanding of how the world works!

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