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A trip back in time...

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Last week, the weather was incredibly kind and we enjoyed a sunny day out at Kenilworth Castle to begin our new topic, "A Knight's Tale".


The day was fantastic. We had a tour of both the outside and inside of the castle ruins and the guides were great at making the remains of the castle come alive to help us imagine what it would have been like to have lived there in the past. 

CLJ2         CLJ5

  We learnt about attacking and defending castles and about the different rooms inside the castle and how these would have been used by the people living there.

CLJ6     CLJ10

We asked lots of super questions to extend our learning and, beacuse the sun was shining, we got to enjoy a picnic lunch on the grass and some fun playtime too!

It was a brilliant day out which has got us thinking a lot about a new topic and keen to find out more!

Health Week News

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Last week, we all enjoyed taking part in health week and a range of activities to help us think about keeping our minds, bodies and attitudes happy and healthy.

CLJ2      CLJ4    CLJ5


 We had visits from tennis coaches and The Life Education Bus (with Harold the Giraffe too!), designed a healthy egg based meal for a D&T competition and learnt about the importance of sleep! We also enjoyed Safety Awareness Day which allowed us to learn more about Stranger Danger and to learn important safety messages form other year groups who had different focuses for the day through our team assemblies.

We learnt a song about Stranger Danger which helped us to remember the main things which we need to know to keep us safe and which we shared in assembly by singing the chorus! Look at the video below to see the song that we shared...

Role play fun - but silence is golden!

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We have done lots of role play this week and used this to explore areas of different subjects.

In Science, we used our learning and the understanding that we have developed to act out the life cycle of a plant. We revisited key vocabulary and reminded oursleves of how plants begin, grow and then reproduce. It was great fun and we showed the wealth of knowledge that we have gained throughout the unit of work.

Science plants 1     Science plants 2

We also used role play in our RE work. We focused throughout the week on contemplation and on the values of honesty and attentiveness. We looked at stories from different religions to develop our understanding of these qualities and discussed why they are important and the ways that we can show these attributes through our behaviour and attitude.

For our final lesson, we looked at the story of Noah and we were set the challenge of working togethwer to retell the story as a silent movie. We had to work in silence for the entire activity and explore alternative ways to communicate using facial expressions and gesture and then we performed in silence too, sequencing our individual group role plays to recreate the whole story. It was great fun and we rose to the challenge well. 

RE role play 1      RE role play 2 

RE role play 3     RE role play 4



Healthy Plants and Healthy People

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We have been busy in science learning more about plants and the things which are needed to help them grow healthily. We have set up a new investigation to explore the effects of light on plant growth and have made predictions about what we think will happen when we look at our plants next week when the investigation will conclude.

We have learnt about the parts of a plant and their function in the life cycle of a plant. This week, we will be using role play to explore and act out each stage of a plants life. This will bring together all of our learning and give us an opportunity to use our distilling skills to show our knowledge and understanding.

plant parts

In PSHE this week, we have been continuing to consider how to keep ourselves fit. As part of this, we explored the idea of exercise and the different activities which help us to raise our heart rate, use our muscles and keep our bodies healthy. We designed our own creative and unique, alternative Sports Day programme with activities other than familiar sports with the aim of encouraging everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle and get active!

Be active

Hunting for Lost Luggage

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Last week we started on our new topic theme "Lost and Found" and enjoyed a treasure hunt around the school grounds using grid references to find pieces of lost luggage. We had to work together to solve the clues and use our noticing skills to identify where the next clue was hidden. It was great fun and we all managed to find the treasure at the end.

Treasure Hunt 1      Treasure Hunt 2

Treasure Hunt 3

Following this, we had to look inside our lost luggage and use a range of skills to work out who the luggage belonged to. There were clues inside including artefacts, texts and pictures and we had to use our inference and deduction skills (which we had been developing in Literacy) to predict who the owner was.

In our final topic lesson, we revisited our map reading skills and plotted places where our lost luggage owners could be linked to in Birmingham. We really enjoyed exploring both ordnance survey maps and A-Z maps and building on our understanding of grid references.

Map skills 1

Map skills 2

Map skills 3

A week of chocolatey fun!

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This week we continued with our Sweet Treats topic and enjoyed a trip to Cadbury World.

We had a busy day in which we learnt the story of the Cadbury family and the history of chocolate and then we looked around the factory and saw how chocolate was made and packaged. We got to taste some too of course!

After our tour, we listened to a talk about the victorian times and working conditions in the past and we learnt about the influence that the Cadbury brothers had on industry and the ways in which working conditions changed as a result of their ideas.

Cadbury 1     Cadbury 2

Cadbury 3     Cadbury 5

Cadbury 4

It was a great trip!

We have also been enjoying some mixed media, collaborative art work to create a portrait of George Cadbury which has led us to carefully consider scale, shade and tone and how different materials can be collaged to create images.

George Cadbury


Summer Science

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In Year 3, we have enjoyed an exciting return to our summer term with lots of science on our first day back at school.

We leapt straight into our new topic of plants and set up an investigation to find our about how the amount of water can affect the growth of a plant. We are looking forward to seeing the results over the next couple of weeks and must remember to keep our plants well watered in this lovely sunny weather that we are enjoying!

We also had great fun this afternoon when Mrs Hawksworth paid us a surprise visit and told us that tadpoles were emerging in our pond area. We were very excited and wanted to see a life cycle in action so we dashed down to the pond area to take a look.

It was fascinating and Mrs Hawksworth told us lots of facts both about our pond and the wildlife that might be lurking in the depths!

It has been a super science based day with lots of learning and some outdoor fun too!

Pond 1 BLOG       Pond 2 BLOG  Tadpoles BLOG

A cracking week!

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Well our final week of the term has been a busy one but a lot of fun!

We completed our "Cool Dude" topic by designing and making our own mini tie dye t-shirts. This meant we had to use a range of art and design skills and explore joining techniques through sewing. It also tested our BLP skills of resilience as it can be quite tricky sewing, especially if your needle comes unthreaded! There was a lot of perseverance shown in Year 3 this week!

P1100736 Website 1         P1100809 website 2         P1100832 website 3

Alongside this, our Big Hoot project was launched in school and we took part in activities and some outdoor learning to explore all we could associated with owls. We also went on a hunt for Hoot which meant we had to use our mental maths skills to solve clues and find our owl sculpture.

Big hoot 1      Big hoot 2       Big hoot 3

Of course, we also had some end of term fun too with a classroom treasure hunt for some treats and our talent show which was an opportunity for us to see some of the great talents across the school.

talent show

It has been a fantastic week full of both hard work and fun and we are off now to enjoy our well deserved rest!

See you soon for summer fun!

Shining Stars and a Solar Eclipse

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We hope that you all enjoyed our performances at the end of last week in our class assemblies. We were really proud of what we achieved and enjoyed sharing our learning with you. Our teachers were incredibly impressed with our efforts and what fantastic stars of the stage we proved to be.

This week we are looking forward to seeing the solar eclipse on Friday (if the weather allows) and enjoying some activities linked to this using both our art and literacy skills. We will be creating our own original art work to depict solar eclipse scenes using a range of materials and techniques and we will be writing a detailed recount to revisit some of our basic skills in literacy and produce a piece of cross curricular writing.

Solar eclipse Resized

Thank you for the Music!

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Cool dude

This week, we have continued with our Cool Dude topic and we have begun to compose and perform our own pieces of music.

We have learnt about beats and rhythms and have made links to our Mathematical understanding to count and follow a steady beat or rhythm using ourselves (clapping and stamping) and using percussion instruments.

We have created our own imaginative accompaniment to an iconic song (Hey jude by The Beatles) and have critqued our own work and that of others by referring to the key elements of music and considering the timbre, texture and dynamics used to enhance the piece.

P1100544 BLOG     P1100543 BLOG

P1100547 BLOG

Today we will be using digital technology to create our own piece of music which will reflect what we think the music of the future may sound like and we will be sharing this with our friends and reasoning about our choices and ideas.

We are really enjoying exploring music in many different ways and have shown our creative and expressive sides!

music notes

Music Maestros!

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Brit music

This week, we have begun our Cool Dude topic with some exciting music lessons that had us tapping our feet and boogying to the beat! We have been learning about British pop music and exploring how it has changed over time from the 1950s to today. We listened to some examples of iconic British music artists and though about our own likes and dislikes and also about how music has changed through the eras in relation to the instruments used, the style of musicians and the sound of the music. We have been developing our musical vocabulary as part of this and have thought carefully about some key musical terms such as; tempo, dynamics, timbre, pitch and texture. 


We have also used our Literacy skills in our topic work to write fact files about members of the world famous british band - The Beatles. We looked back on our previous learning about information texts and tried to use and apply our understanding of this genre to create interesting fact files about The Fab Four.

Next week we will take our learning in music further by exploring ways to accompany well known songs using percussion instruments and by using our creativity to consider what music of the future might sound like and devlop examples using our I-pads.

For now, maybe you'd like to enjoy a hit or two from the group that we have focused on as the biggest ever British musical success...


Springing forward in our learning...

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We are back into our second part of the Spring term and have got straight back into our routines, felling refreshed and ready for the half term ahead!

In Literacy this half term we are focusing on Science Fiction texts and will be exploring developing our own creative and exciting Science Fiction stories. In maths, we are continuing to learn a range of maths concepts and we will be focusing primarily on angles and fractions using apparatus to help us understand and to support our learning. In Science, we will be learning about states of matter by exploring how to change materials from solid to liquid or liquid to gas and back again. Our Science work will include some investigating to help us to continue to develop our scientific enquiry skills.

In topic, we are all going to become "Cool Dudes" by learning about fashion and music throughout modern British History. We look forward to sharing more about that with you soon!

We are also focusing on rehearsing our class assembly in which we are going to be sharing some of learning from the year so far. We are going to be singing a song linked to our topic title from last half term ... take a look at the video below for a sneak preview of what you might be hearing...

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