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Time to get arty with The Big Wave!

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the big wave

This week, we have been using our topic work linked to our Wonderful World to explore artwork from across the globe which depicts scenes of nature. We focused on The Big Wave by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai and looked closely at the line and shape used to produce this effective print. We sketched the original piece and have then used our own creative and artistic skills to produce our own original paintings with the same title. It has been great fun!

We have been thinking about staying safe on the internet both through our assembly for Safer Internet Day and also through our ICT lesson in which we explored and discussed internet safety together and its importance for us both at school and outside of school.

Finally, we have continued to explore time in our maths learning - moving on from analogue to digital. We have been looking at 12 hour and 24 hour clocks and making links in our learning between these two methods of telling the time.

We know just how important it is for us to use time vocabulary and read clocks when we are away from school to help us to make more progress in this tricky area of maths. We have thought of lots of different ways to do this and the video below is a fun song that can help us too!

Time to Talk

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talking time

This week in Year 3, we have been enjoying lots of talk and learning about time.

In our Maths work, we have been exploring analogue times and using our skills and understanding to read and write times accuratey from an analogue clock using key mathematical vocabulary. We have used our reasoning and distilling skills to explain how we read the time and refer to the key features of an analogue clock. We also took the opportunity to find out more about roman numerals; what they mean, how they are used and the rules of using them to write different numbers.

Next week we will be using another of our BLP skills to make links between analogue and digital times and we explore this measures topic a little bit further...

Analogue digital

In our Literacy lessons, we have continued to learn our class poem but have focused on the skills of speaking and listenng and perfomance to consider how to best present poetry to an audience. We have thoguht carefully about facial expression, body language (for action and gesture) and how we can use and change our voice to add atmosphere and greater expression to the performance. We look forward to sharing our poem with you in the future!

An encounter with an alien and preparing to perform a poem!

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This week we have been contacted by Orson, an alien from the planet Orb.

He has been asking us all about our planet and, as a result, we have been investigating our world to share some answers with him. To begin with we had to decipher his alien language using our reading and decoding skills and we have been using atlases to find facts about our world including its continents, features such as mountains, rivers and cities and its climates. It has been both fascinating and fun!

In Literacy, we are preparing to perform a poem so we have been looking at the key features of poetry and beginning to think about using our speaking and performance skills effectively to present it to an audience. the year group poem  that we have chosen is Daffodils by Wiliam Wordsworth. Have a look at the video below to listen to it:

Inspiring Writing!

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This week we really enjoyed working with friends and family at our Inspire workshop.

We had a lot of fun sharing our learning and exploring more exciting ways to improve and develop our writing.

We played word games, used our sentence tricks and showed off our fantastic vocabulary and creativity. It was a great way to reflect on all of our learning and progress so far this year and to enjoy working closely with friends and relatives.

3JH Inspire 1   3JH Inspire 2

3CR Inspire 1   3CR Inspire 2  3JH Inspire 3

Also this week, we have continued to investigate electricity in our Science topic - finding out about building circuits and testing different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. We made predictions, careful observations and wrote conclusions to help us think more about the scientific ideas and vocabulary that we can use!


Electrifying Science and Arty Maths

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This week, we have continued to enjoy our Bollywood topic and our Apprentice task (showing great collaboration skills in our teams!).

We have also begun our new Science topic - Electricity - by taking part in a science workshop led by a visitor from ThinkTank in Birmigham. We had great fun learning about different types of electricity, about how electricity works and is used and about scientists of the past who have worked with electricity. At times the workshop was hair-raisingly fun!

Science 1           Science 2

We made some links in our topic work and maths too with an exciting arty matsh lesson. We learnt all about the paisley teardrop and traditional patterns from Indian culture and used our maths vocabulary to describe the shapes and patterns.

We then used press printing to create our our mathematical patterns (exploring repetition, rotation and reflection) using our own intricate teardrop designs. This activity really helped our reasoning skills and made us think about the maths words associated with shape and geometry. It was great fun too!

Maths 1         Maths 2

A New Year - New, exciting times!

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New year

Welcome back! Happy New Year!

We hope that you all had a fabulous holiday and a good rest and are feeling refreshed and ready for the spring term!

We have a lot of exciting things planned including our first two weeks back on our new topic of Bollywood. This is going to be a great opportunity for us to explore cultural diversity and learn more about life in India. We also have a new link with a school in Mumbai to maintain our links across our global community.


We are incorporating all of our learning within our Bollywood theme and taking on an Apprentic style challenge to focus on our DT skills.

Be sure to visit our blog regularly to see how our learning is progressing and all the fun things which we are doing!

Meeting the Bear, the Hare and the Angle family.

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Last week, Year 3 have been very busy with Christmas Show preparations!! However, we still managed to fit in lots of Literacy and Maths work...

In Maths we met the angle family...

Obtuse  Right  Acute  Reflex

We have successfully identified and named the different angles with the help of the angle family. The children have even used their knowledge to identify different types of angles in different subjects. Many noticed the angles on a Christmas tree are normally acute!!! 

In Literacy, we have been writing setting descriptions and story openers for 2012's Bear and the Hare Christmas advert. Year 3 used some lovely vocabulary to describe the winter scene. How would you describe the setting in the advert?


Brilliant Bodies

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With the temperature dropping, what a great opportunity to test out our bodies to see how making our muscles work hard can warm us up.

In Science the children went outside and exercised their muscles. They thought about how they felt before, during and after exercising; what muscles they could feel working hard, whether they felt hot or cold and ended with discussion about how and why their hearts were pumping harder. They were completely warn out afterwards but suprisingly...none of the children felt cold :) 

Muscles1   Muscles2

Towards the end of the week, we had lot's of fun with Meccano to try and make a model elbow joint. The children had to use their knowledge of muscles to try and work out without instruction how to make the elbow joint using Meccano pieces and elastic bands. All of the children were really engaged in this activity and used their models to help them explain how an elbow joint works.


Joints1  Joints2

Joints3  Joints4

Muscle Mad

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In Science, we have began to investigate our muscles.

We have learnt all about how muscles work in antagonistic pairs, when one muscle contracts, the other muscle relaxes.

Have a look at this animation:

This week the children will be taking part in some scientific P.E lessons, investigating how their muscles feel before, during and after excerise. It'll be interesting to see how warm they feel in this lovely cold weather!!!

Later in the week, the children will all be making their own elbow joints with elastic bands that represent the muscles.


Elbow Joint


Watch this space...there will be some photos of both of these activities on the blog next week.

Music Madness

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Last week, Year 3 went music mad!! 

We listened to the sounds of a storm and imagined how we could make the different sounds using our own vocals and a range of different instruments. We all found trying to keep a steady beat very difficult but we persevered and achieved it after lots of practice.

After splitting up into smaller groups, the children created their own piece of music thinking about how the sounds of a storm built up, created chaos and then faded out. The children collaborated exceptionally well during this task, which resulted in an excellent, well created piece of music. 

Blog   Blog3CR

Year 3 go potty!!

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Last week, 3CR and 3JH completed their topic on the Groovy Greeks. To finish off, we spent two lessons in the Art room making and decorating Greek Pots using clay and paint. There were some fantastic pots made, with bases and handles and decorataed in authentic colours and tones. Watch this space...there will be a new piece of pottery coming home in the new year.


This week, we have started our new Topic of 'Extreme Weather', which we will continue into the spring term. During our topic lesson we listened to the sounds of a storm and considered how these sounds made us feel. We also discussed what instruments could make these sounds then tried to create a steady beat using clapping and introducing sounds that represent weather. 

ExtremeWeather      Music

Getting back into the swing of things!

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Winter welcome

Welcome back!

We are all back after our well earned break and raring to go!

This week, we are finishing off our Groovy Greeks topic with some art work - making our clay pots that we designed at the end of last half term. we can't wait to get creative and enjoy using our art room!

We are also starting a new Literacy unit exploring shape poetry which will link nicely to our forthcoming topic - Extreme weather. We will be looking at Calligrams this week and exploring how to use descriptive writing to paint vivid pictures in the minds of a reader.

We will also be spending some time this week investigating different religions and beliefs using our RE resource boxes. We will be using our BLP skills of questioning and making links to find out more about our diverse world.

Remember to keep visiting our blog and see what we are up to as we enjoy the next few weeks and the festive frenzy which awaits us!

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