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Toad of Toad Hall

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Over the last couple of weeks we have been reading Wind and the Willows. We have had lots of discussions about the vocabulary used for example meander, flabbergasted and weary. We've also begun to write setting descriptions of the river banks and English countryside. Some of the characters like Toad are very mischievous! These type of characters will be included in our own stories. 

Click in the link  below to listen  to the story in full. 

He came...we saw...the Romans conquored!

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What a start to the new term!

Year Four had great fun this week travelling back in time with the wonderful and wild Professor McGinty! The children got to experience first hand the artefacts used by the Romans such as; mosaic tiles, clay pots, coins and drinking vessels as well as learning about the Celts and their primitive way of life, from the 'pointy do-do sheds' to their choices to live upon the hilltops of ancient Britain. The children thoroughly enjoyed their history session and I’m sure it will help them produce a range of topic work over the half term.

He came...we saw...the Romans conquored!




Christmas at the movies!

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This week we have started our rehearsals for our year three, four and five Christmas concert – ‘Christmas at the movies’. The children are really excited and are making excellent contributions to our rehearsals. Each class will have one Christmas song to sing and as a collective we have three songs to practice. The children have been working really hard to ensure they are becoming more familiar with the lyrics and working hard with their beautiful singing voices. It is sure to be a Christmas concert to remember!

Take a look at the links below, which are the songs we are singing during our concert:

Santa Claus is coming to town – 4AF

Sparkle and Shine – 4CC

All classes:
All I want for Christmas is you
My favourite time of year                    
When Christmas comes to town

Each video has the lyrics to each of the songs for the children to follow along, but eventually the children will need to sing without the lyrics.

If you could encourage children to practice these songs at home, it would be much appreciated!

4AF - Santa Claus is coming to town

4CC - Sparkle and Shine

When Christmas comes to town

My favourite time of year

All I want for Christmas


Topic 'Around The World in 80 days'

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Year Four have started our new topic 'Around The World in 80 Days'. For our hook lesson, the children went out onto the playground and drawn and labelled their own world maps in groups, identifying the 7 continents of the world. The children can now identify and explain the seven continents of the world and label them on a world map. This week the children will be researching and using atlases to help us identify capital cities of countries within the seven continents, we will also be developing our understanding about traditional foods of the world.

Take a look at the video link below which the children enjoyed when learning about continents!


Year Four Remembrance Day

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This Sunday is Remembrance Day and in Year Four we have been learning about World War One. We have been learning about the recruitment process and how all of the posters used propaganda to encourage men to sign up for the war. We discussed what propaganda posters were used for in World War One and we found out that they were used to; recruit men to join the arm, recruit women to work in the factories and in the Women’s Land Army, encourage people to save food and not to waste it and keep morale high and encourage people to buy government bonds.

We discussed how men were made to feel unmanly and cowardly for staying at home and how women were encouraged to pressurise their husbands, boyfriends, sons and brothers to join up. We looked at different propaganda posters and spoke about how they made us feel now and how we think it would have made us feel if we were women and men living during World War One.

We made our own propaganda posters, here are a few examples below!


IMG 0094IMG 0093


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This half term Year Four having been learning all about sound. The children can now explain how sounds are made and how they travel through the air. In Science last week, they had to write a letter explaining which materials are best for Dr Buzz to sound proof his room. This week the children will be investigating how to change the pitch of different sounds. 
Click on the  link to play the sound game 


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Over the last few weeks Year Four have begun their brass lessons! 
First of all, they  have learnt all about Looking after the instruments and opening them correctly. Then they learnt the breathing techniques for example floppy buzzes and tight buzzes. This week they have learnt how to play a C.
Whilst the music is playing the children have also started to count the number of beats and name the musical symbols like a treble clef. The children are really enjoying their lessons and have started to play at home! 

Welcome to Year Four

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Welcome back!

The children in Year Four have been working very hard this week and they should feel very proud of how well they have settled into their new classes. They are already reaching the high expectations. 

In topic this week the children have started to learn all about Volcanoes. Their hook lesson was extremely exciting. They cut into a scotched egg and compared the layers to the  earth's surface. They did incredibly well using lots of geographical language like mantle, inner core as well as earth's crust. 
If the want to learn more, click on the link below. 

Needles and Thread

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Art in a Day has taken 3 days to finish. :-)

The children have had great fun evaluating, designing and creating their own coat of arms. They looked at the meaning of different colours, animals and items, and then created their own coat of arms to represent their family.

art in a day


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CodingCodingDuring our Computing lessons this half term we are looking at Coding.

We started the topic by tring to teach our teachers (robots) how to walk, of course using coding language. We weren't very successful! After a little discuss we realised that we have to tell computers very detailed instructions for them to work.

Using Purple Mash we have been practising giving instructions to a knight protecting a castle.

Have a go!


K-NEX Building

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This morning we were luckily enough to have an engineer come and visit us.

She set Year 4 the challenge of building a fairground ride that had to either move on it’s on, or move with a little bit of help from us.

We spent time working in teams to design and build our fairground rides, then had to present them to the class.

K nex 2


K Nex1


The ideas ranged from the traditional to the sublime! 

The Indian in the Cupboard

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indian in the cupboard

To help us develop our APE style answering we have been reading a new book for the last few weeks, The Indian in the Cupboard. The story is all about Omri and a cupboard he was given for his birthday.  We have enjoyed the magically side of the story, as well of some of the more bloodier parts of being an Indian.

The children enjoy being read to, and some even offer to the give the teachers a rest and read to the rest of the class. :-)

We are excited to see what happens to the characters!

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