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Ending in Style!

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What a great first week! We ended our first week in style by dressing up for the start of our Brilliant Brummies topic.

Throughout the day we looked at different Birmingham landmarks through the years, began to research famous landmarks and people from the area and played tradition games outside, the games seem to have been a highlight for everyone. 

We are all looking forward to delving deep into the history of Birmingham, with a little geography thrown in. 

Wk 1

Year 5 Cricket Inter House Tournament

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cricket tournament

Dazzling DT Day at Bishop Vesey

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Yesterday, a group of pupils from our Year 5 and 6 cohort were given the opportunity to attend a pioneer DT day at Bishop Vesey Grammar School. The day was set up to forge links between a DT secondary provision and our primary approach to the design-make-evaluate process. The children were guided through the design procedure by Mr. Brown, the head of Design Technology at BVGS. From here the pupils used new technologies and techniques including; CAD design, laser cutting, using acrylic plastic, lining-up of layers and tapping of the holes. The building process was fantastic, with the end project being professional and well-constructed. The children experienced a secondary setting and were fantastically behaved and a credit to the school. Mr. Brown allowed the school to experience hands-on DT using specialist equipment. A wonderful opportunity!


boxing glove

bore hole


Busy with business

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This week, we have completed a range of business enterprise related activities. Some representatives from the year group presented our business pan to the "dragons" in a Dragon's Den style presentation. Our ideas well praised and confirmed as a good business venture. We do hope you'll join us at the school shop later this month to purchase our products!

We researched famous entrepreneurs to find out about how they became so successful. We presented our reserach to

the class.



In maths we planned a new theme park, following set mathematical clues and criteria. We had a strict budget and clear guidelines to follow. We loved using our mathematical skills to solve this problem.

Year 5 Bread

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Our DT topic this half term has been all about bread! We have tasted a number of different breads from around the world and considered their taste, appearance, texture and aroma.

This week we have designed and made our own bread with the help of our fantastic school cook...

We were very impressed with the results - hope you are too!

sue small

bread 2 smallbread small

5MM's budding author!

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5MM enjoyed a very special treat today as one of our members of the class shared his story with us - well, we heard chapter 1 and are looking forward to chapter 2 when it is written! This wasn't a book he had got from the library though... he has written it himself! The whole class was enhralled in the story-telling!

Year 5 Inspired

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This week and next sees parents of year 5 children being invited into school to join us in our Inspire Workshops.

The verb "inspire" means - "Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something." (Oxford English dictionary definition)

We hope that we have managed to achieve this... Our children really enjoyed working with their parents.

Inspire Blog 1Inspire blog 2Inspire blog 3

Year 5 Mental Health Awareness Week

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Last week, we spent some time focusing on Mental Health awareness and participated in some activities to help us develop our mindfulness, use strategies to help us when we feel worried or stressed, and identify what mental health means. We did activities such as yoga, reading, mindful colouring, 'worry buckets', group discussions, talking strategies, guided meditation and laughter therapy (a favourite in 5MM!). We hope that in times of worry, stress or uncertainty, we can remember some of these activities to help us a coping strategy.


Class Assemblies

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This week and last, Year 5 have been celebrating their Creative Curriculum by performing class assemblies.

Wow! They have been amazing and all of the children have enjoyed sharing their knowledge about the ancient civilization of Maya. We think that everyone in the audience will have learned a lot too!

Many thanks to parents for supporting their children in the learning of lines and providing fantastic costumes.

Mayan assembly

The Lock Up

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On Thursday 18th January all of Year 5 headed into Birmingham for an exciting trip to the Lock Up and Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum.

The Lock Up is the old Steelhouse Lane Police Station that was operational until a couple of years ago but is now a museum...

It was so interesting to look around the Victorian building and consider how law and order has changed over the years...


handcuffsWe also looked at safety and who needs a booster seat in the car.


Our visit to Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum enabled us to see some artefacts dating back as far as the Mayans.


We had a great day out and combined work from last term's topic - Law and Order and this term's topic - The Mayans.

Thanks to all our fantastic helpers.

Space Camp 7.12.17

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Our second Space Camp of 2017 was a resounding success!

Space Camp 7.12 15 unpacking 

 Space Camp 7.12 14 unpacking

Children arrived and excitedly unpacked their things into their tent.

Space Camp 7.12 15 register

Once unpacked, Miss Greenwood took the register and told the children which team they were in. Children were split into four teams, Team Aldrin, Team Peake, Team Ride and Team Armstrong, and then rotated around four activities.

Space Camp 7.12 5nebular pictures   Space Camp 7.12 4nebular pictures
 Space Camp 7.12 5 nebular

 Space Camp 7.12 3nebular pictures

 Children created nebulae pictures using chalks and pastels.

Space Camp 7.12 22 craters  Space Camp 7.12 23 craters 
 Space Camp 7.12 24 craters  

Does the size of the meteorite affect the size/shape of the crater it makes?

Space Camp 7.12 19 telescope   Space Camp 7.12 4planets

Looking at the stars with a telescope from Warwick University.

Space Camp 7.12 18 moon rock  Space Camp 7.12 19 moon rock 
 Space Camp 7.12 20 moon rock  

Moon Rock cakes were very popular!

Space Camp 7.12 11sky walk   Space Camp 7.12 10sky walk
 Space Camp 7.12 12sky walk  Space Camp 7.12 9sky walk

After completing all the activities, children went outside to look at the stars using the 'Sky Walk' app on our school iPads.

Space Camp 7.12 10 hot choc

Mrs Clark and Mrs Cowdery were on hot chocolate duty! We enjoyed a hot chocolate and cookie while watching 'Space Chimps' before bed.

Space Camp 7.12 11 breakfast

Space Camp 7.12 12 breakfast

Chhildren slept well and enjoyed breakfast together in the morning.

Space Camp 30.11.17

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Our first Space Camp for this academic year was a resounding success!

Space Camp 30.11 12

Space Camp 30.11 13

Space Camp 30.11 14

Childen arrived (with enough luggage for two weeks) and unpacked their things into their tents.

Space Camp 30.11 15

Miss Greenwood talked to the children about the plan for the night and told them which group they would be in for the different activities. Team Peake, Team Armstrong, Team Aldrin and Team Ride each rotated around four different activities.

Space Camp 30.11 1

Space Camp 30.11 2

Space Camp 30.11 4

Space Camp 30.11 22

We enjoyed making 'moonrock' cakes with Mrs Slassor and Miss Hughes.

Space Camp 30.11 3

Astronomers from Warwick University helped us to look at the night sky outside with their telescopes.

Space Camp 30.11 16

Space Camp 30.11 18

Space Camp 30.11 17

We created nebulae pictures.

Space Camp 30.11 21

Space Camp 30.11 20

Space Camp 30.11 19

The fourth activity was investigating the size of craters made by meterorites.

Space Camp 30.11 6

Space Camp 30.11 7

After we had completed all the activities, we all wrapped up warm and went outside to look at the stars using the Star Walk app on our iPads.

Space Camp 30.11 11

Some of us were very tired in the morning. We all enjoyed a selection of breakfast items.

Space Camp 30.11 10

We had a fabulous time and even recieved a tweet from Tim Peake himself!


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