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Aeroplane Visit

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What a treat! At the end of last week the children had the unique opportunity to visit an aeroplane that came to our school.  Don’t worry it didn’t fly in but was rather trailered in.  This special aircraft had foldable wings so that it could fit in through the school gates.  We listened as Roger, the pilot, talked about the plane itself and his experiences flying it.  After some questions, the children were allowed to sit in the plane and feel what it might be like to fly it.  The children were really impressed and a number of them commented that “This is the best thing to have happened in Whitehouse Common. Ever!”

Pizza Express

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Year six are looking forward to visiting Pizza Express this week, 6SG will be going tomorrow and 6MD on Thursday. We will be walking to Pizza Express in Sutton Coldfield and will be taught how to make a pizza by the Pizza Express chefs as part of our DT work. Everyone will then be able to create their own pizza!

Our Indian Visitors

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Today (Wed 19th June) we officially said good-bye to our two visitors from Bawa Lalvani school in the Punjab region of India.  After an interesting assembly, where some children from our school showed off their dancing skills by doing a ‘Bollywood’ dance routine, the two teachers can into Year 6 to share with us facts and information about their school.

The children asked many interesting questions and both teachers were impressed by the quality and amount of questions the children asked.  All the students sat with rapped attention and we listen to our visitors explain the cultural differences between their school in India and what they had experienced of Whitehouse Common.  It was also interesting to note that even though our two schools and separated by many thousands of miles, that we both share many of the same experiences and values.     

My Money Week

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This week (10th-14th June) we took part in 'My Money Week' and preparation for ‘Business Enterprise’.  This meant that the children has the opportunity to think about how money is made and how is it spent.  We created furry key fobs to sell at the school shop in Sutton Coldfield and presented our ideas to Mr Worth and Mrs Allen in a ‘dragon’s den’ style interview.

We also spent the numeracy lesson designing a Theme Park and then working out how much is would cost to buy rides.  The children had to calculate the running of the park, subtracting daily expenses such as staffing and maintenance from entrance fees and money made at the shop and other facilities.  From this the children could see if they would have made a profit and if they could reinvest into their park for a second season.  Needless to say the children were all enthused by this project and learned much from it.

Congratulations Year Six!

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Well done to everyone in year six for your attitude towards your SATs this week. Your focus and attitude towards them has been exemplary. We are all extremely proud of you and hope that you get the results that your deserve.

Remember that we will be holding auditions for our end of year show on Monday lunchtime - get rehearsing!


Good Luck!!

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We hope that you have all had a good rest this weekend ready for SATs week. You have all worked incredibly hard and now it’s time to show-off how much you have learnt! We all have faith in you. Good luck Year Six!


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With only seven more school days before year six take their SATs they are working extremely hard in their booster sessions.

In our writing boosters year six have been covering a range of genres through the ghost hunting topic of S.P.O.O.C.S. This has included: explaining how a ghost capturing machine works, the pros and cons of ghost hunting, creating letters of application to be a ghost hunter and many more exciting tasks.

Well done for all of your hard work, it will all be worth it!


Another busy week

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WOW what a busy time we are having in year 6.  We are pleased to report that all the children are working really hard and certainly taking their SAT’s revision very seriously.  It has been a whirlwind 2 weeks and with the SAT’s just 11 school days away we would like to thank all the members of staff who have come on board to run booster groups in their own time.

Of course its not all about the exams though and in the afternoon that children have been continuing to look at the topic of chocolate and the Aztecs.  This week the children learned about Montezuma (the Aztec emperor) and wrote a report about his life and achievments.  


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We hope that you had a fantastic Easter break and are full of energy for the summer term. As I'm sure that you are aware, we have four more weeks to push ourselves until SATs week (w/c 13.5.13) and year six are continuing to challenge themselves to make progress in their booster sessions. Thank you for your ongoing support at home too.

Our topic this term is ... Chocolate! We are looking forward to learning about the origins of chocolate and finding out about the Aztecs.


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This half term we have been learning about electricity in science and have been experimenting with various electrical equipment to make circuits. We've learnt the difference between series and parallel circuits and the factors that alter the strength of the buzzer sound and light bulb's brightness.

Next week we'll be doing our final set of mock SATs for reading and maths. We're looking forward to seeing how much progress you have all made since our last set of tests.


Red Nose Day Stand-Up Show

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As part of our celebrations of Comic Relief the year five and six phase joined together this afternoon to tickle their funny bones! Each child was given the opportunity to become a stand-up comedian for 30 seconds in order to impress their peers and staff. It was an afternoon of fun, frolics and laughter. Michael McIntyre watch your back.


Animal Woman

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Yesterday year six enjoyed a visit from the animal woman. We met many interesting creatures including: a racoon, a snake and a skunk. We had the opportunity to hold and stroke these animals. The animal woman told us various insightful facts and we were able to ask her questions to find out more.





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