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Inspired Work

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Another fruitful and busy week in Year 6! Our Inspire Workshop was an enjoyable opportunity to open up our learning environment to parents. Both classes enjoyed flexing their skills at making their writing fantastic.


Continuing our topic work saw us studying Aboriginal art this week. We looked closely at how their depictions can be used to map landscapes and show images of indigenous animals of Australia. We had a go at planning our own images and more time will be spent perfecting these next week.

Keep up the good work 6LC and 6LM!

New Year gives us a boost

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This week we have been doing literacy and numeracy in our new booster groups. We have settled in well and have worked extremely hard. In literacy we used clips from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as a stimulus for writing. We have put a lot of effort in to uplevelling our writing to ensure it is at a high level.


In maths we have been solving problems involving place value.

We are excited about our new topic "Australia" and have learned a lot about this fascinating country already!


Top Bombing!

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Year 6 have been constructing model Anderson air raid shelters as part of Design Technology for our World War II project. We considered many aspects of successful construction such as triangulation of joins for reinforcement.

The test.... we 'bombed' our shelters with a 6kg weight to test their resillience. The winning group were Zoe, Jasmine, Zachary, Harry , Sophie and James from 6LM. Their structure stayed remarkable in tact and sturdy during the attack. Congratulations to them.

See for yourself on our video, please excuse my terrible filming!

Christmas in Year 6

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We have been designing and making our own Anderson style air rade shelters from various materials, our focus has been to make them sturdy and protective. We are looking forward to bombing our shelters next week on the payground! We've been working hard on our Polar Express inspired payscripts and singing our hearts out in the Christmas Production.

Mrs Cleaver, Miss Maugham and Miss Maltby would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely Chritmas cards we have received.

Assessment week

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This week we have completed a Mock SATs paper for reading, writing and maths. We have all tried our best to show what we have learned so far this term.



We have also started our rehearsal for the KS2 Christmas Performance. We are learning lots of new songs and beginning to feel very Christmassy already!

We also have produced a project in groups based on planning a Christmas party. We looked at menus, decorations, invitations and planned to a budget. We will send this project to our link school in El Pins and City Road to share how we celebrate Christmas.


Safeside visit

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This week we visited the Safeside centre which is a facility that shares a range of scenarios or situations that we may face. The safeside team talked to us about the dangers and how we can keep ourselves safe. These included by dangers that may occur by a canal, travelling on buses and trains as well as how to contact the emergency services in a crisis situation. The police collected us and returned us to school and this contribution kept the cost of this trip low and for that we thank them.



Year 6 go back in time...

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This week we were excited to begin our new tppic: World War II. Our first lesson took us back in time to 1939 when an announcement was made that a war had begun. We were overwhelmed by the sound of the air raid siren and discussed how children would have felt.

We are looking forward to learning more about how the war affected the nation.



Year 6 gymnasts

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As part of our Animals topic, Year 6 have devised gymnastic moves that reflect the characteristics of different animals. they have designed and made masks that they will wear when they perform these movements.


Year 6 update

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The children of year 6 have been busy carrying out tests in Reading, Writing and Mathematics this week. They have worked extremely hard and we are really proud of the maturity and focus they have shown.

We have also been continuing with our topic work about 'The Weird World of Animals.' 6LM have been listening to Sain Saen's Animal Carnival and Prokiev's Peter and the Wolf. Meanwhile, 6LC have been learning how and why animals migrate and completing thieir class collage for the topic wall.

This week has been National Book Week. Year 6 celebrated this by sharing and learning about each other's favourite authors such as Roald Dahl. Sara regaled us with an amazing anecdote that Dahl only ever wrote in his shed on yellow paper!

We are very much looking forward to our cinema trip next week.

Literacy-March of the Penguins

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In Literacy we have been gathering facts about penguins using a variety of sources. We have collected a range of fascinating facts.

We are looking forward to learning more and writing our non-chronological reports.


Year 6 learn about Henri Rousseau

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This week Year 6 have been learning about the artist Henri Julien Rousseau.




We have created a factfile about him identifying key events from his life. We couldn't believe, that despite being such a great artist, he had never had an art lesson.

We then created a pallet of green tones using paint. These were used to create our own Rousseau inspired paintings.



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