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RADIO GAGA - Audition Song

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Auditions for this year's end of Y6 show will be held on Monday 15th May. You will be required to sing the first 2 verses from the show's song "Radio GaGa" The link below might help you to prepare for this:

Theseus and the Minotaur

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Year 6 have begun their new literacy unit on Greek Myths.. We listened to an audio retelling of the famous myth: "Theseus and the Minotaur".

You can listen to this too by clicking on the image of Theseus:


We discussed the pivotal moments in the story and the children created a freeze frame for these.

Can you guess which part of the story they are representing in these photos?








Year 6 start their World War 2 Topic

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Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visitor last week to tell them all about some key events of World War 2. Peter Armitage, who works for Royal Mail, explained to us about how our postal service operated during the war years.  He also showed us some old newsreel about the extensive bombing of Coventry during the Blitz. Finding out about wartime evacuation and school life was fascinating; the children were especially surprised by the fact that local pubs were sometimes used as classrooms!

On a different note, please send back permission slips for our Arthur Terry trip on Tuesday. This will be a fantastic theatrical experience in readiness for our end of year production in July.

Keep working hard on your CGP books Year 6! 


An author calls

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We were extremely lucky to secure a visit from new author Christian O'Connell this week. You may know him better as the presenter of the breakfast radio show on Absolute radio. The year 6 children had the unique opportunity to ask Christian questions about his book and inspiration. They also had the chance to purchase signed copies of his book.






Lichfield Cathedral Choir 2016

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Our Year 5 and 6 choir represented Whitehouse Common fantastically well on Wednesday night at the above event. It was lovely to see them singing as part of the LTE ensemble; they behaved and sang impeccably. We are enormously proud of each and every one of them. All the congregation left in high Christmas spirits! Well done children. 

lichfield choir 3

Lichfield Cathedral Choir

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The Lichfield Cathedral Choir Service will take place on Wednesday 7th December. All children involved (25 children from Years 5 and 6) have had letters and purchased tickets have been sent home. The service begins at 7.15 pm and children need to be there by 6.50pm.  The service will last for approximately one and a quarter hours. Further details are featured in the letter. 

Choir members are able to access all the music on the Key Stage 2 area of Moodle in order to rehearse at home. 

The children have been rehearsing hard and sound fabulous. We are very excited to have the opportunity to show off their hard work and angelic voices! 


Christmas is coming to Year 6!

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Christmas is fast approaching and Year 6 is feeling festive! The Bear and the Hare has been the inspiration for this week’s Literacy work. We’ve been using this lovely story to help write dialogue and create effective scene setting. In addition, we are busy preparing for the upcoming Carol Service at St Chad’s Church on December 13th. The children have had letters sent home regarding ticket arrangements; the service will start at 6.15pm. Festive jumpers (parents and children) are encouraged!

Don’t forget tomorrow if non-uniform in return for a wrapped gift for the tombola. Also, if your child wants to buy their Christmas decoration before they go on general sale, they may do so tomorrow for 50p.

Christmas Fayre festivities commence at 6pm on Friday 3rd December……. Ho ho ho!


chrsitmas jumpers

Spooky Literacy in Y6…..

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We have begun an exciting new unit in Literacy centred around the text ‘Room 13’ by Robert Swindells. The children have been researching different aspects of the book and making some predictions based on inferred and deduced information. We can’t wait to read it!

New maths groups have started really well this week. The children have been exploring place value and securing their calculation knowledge. Both classes have also been busy preparing for their Class Assemblies which will take place next Friday 14th October; 6LC in the morning and 6HJ in the afternoon. We really hope you can come to see their special memories of Howtown. 

room 13

Rehearsals in full swing!

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Year 6 are busy preparing for their end of year production of Oliver! Keep learning those lines and lyrics children. Thank you in advance for help at home with costumes; we are sure the children will shine. Please send in any outstanding ticket slips, seats are at a premium but we will endeavour to cater for any extras required.

oliver musical clipart 1

We hope you had a fantastic day visiting your new schools this week Year 6. We missed you and Miss Johnston and I are very much looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow.

Don’t forget to collect sponsors for the speed bounce event on Tuesday!

Well done 6LC and 6HJ!!

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You made it! Huge congratulations to all of our fabulous Year 6 pupils for completing their SAT tests this week. We are so impressed by the diligence and self-application you have shown in preparation for this week; we are enormously proud of you. Each and every one of you has risen to the occasion and done your best.

And now for the show………… 

small celebration balloons 2em2mw0

Darkside - a gripping reading!

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darkside cover

"It wasn't what he had expected. It wasn't like anything he had ever imagined. Jonathan stood motionless, barely breathing, and trying to take everything in. His senses were working overtime, struggling to make sense of the scene before him.

He had come out on to a narrow cobbled street that bubbled with a cauldron of voices: gabbled shouts, throaty cries, squawks of protest and snarled threats. A procession of horse-drawn carriages filed past in front of him, and Jonathan's ears reverberated to the rumble of the wheels and the loud clopping of hooves on the cobblestones. On either side of the street, a row of tall, soot-covered buildings leaned menacingly towards each other like boxers."

Chapter 9 "Darkside" Tom Becker

Miss Maugham has been working with a group of year 6 pupils in the afternoons to develop comprehension skills and depth of understanding about a text. The children have explored a very well written text and discussed why the author chose particular language features.

See if you can answer these questions about the extract above:

1. What effect do the concise sentences have at the beginning of this chapter? (1 mark)

2. Retrieve an example of: alliteraction, personification, metaphor (3 marks)

3. How do you think Jonathan is feeling at this point? (3 marks)

4. What do you think Jonathan expected? Why was he so surprised? (2 marks)


We can't wait to find out what happens next...


Revision! Revision! Keep Going Year 6!

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Just a quick note to say well done for all your fervent hard work – keep it up, we are very proud of you.

Use the bootcamps on this website to help with some daily revision:

Username: whc2016

Password: revision

All lower case and no spaces. Please particularly on SPaG, Literacy and Maths bootcamps. The image below is a link to the website.  Good luck! J


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