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Digging for dinosaurs!

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We started a new Science topic this week with an exciting activity which grabbed our attention.

In groups we were given some dinosaur bones and the equipment which we needed to use to fossilise them!  By doing this we began to learn about how fossils are formed and how scientists are able to use these fossils to find out more about life in the past.  We will be digging up our dinosaur bones in the coming weeks ... watch this space!


Do vampires exist?

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Year 6 have really enjoyed reading 'Room 13' and have produced lots of excellent writing linked to it.  Examples include breath-taking descriptions and a non-chronological report all about the Vampire bat (a new species!)

This week we have moved onto a new style of writing (discussion texts) and today we held a debate to try and establish once and for all whether vampires exist.  Many valid points were given on each side including:

FOR - Photographic evidence has been discovered - how can you explain what is the photo if it is not a vampire?

AGAINST - Writers and film makers have imagined vampires to scare people and make their stories more exciting.

As there were many valid points on each side, it was difficult to come to a final conclusion.  This is not a problem however, as we will now move on to our writing and a discussion text should be balanced!


cartoon picture of girl writing

The Vikings!

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Welcome back to school - we hope that you all enjoyed your break!  This half term we will be starting a new topic and learning all about the Vikings.  We will be finding out about what life was like during Viking times, how warriors travelled, what the people believed in and what battles were like.  If you want to find out more to give you a head start, why not visit the website below and see what you can discover?

Year 6 Week 8!

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It's been a long and productive half term for year 6.  Highlights have included:

  • Art week
  • Howtown!
  • Rugby sessions
  • Our class assemblies
  • Reading Room 13 and writing some brilliant descriptions

Enjoy half term next week in preparation for more hard work to come!

Rugby Fun

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Thank you for coming to watch us in our class assemblies last week, we hope that you enjoyed them. Also thank you for attending the Curriculum Workshop last Tuesday.

This half term we have been lucky enough to have a specialist P.E teacher leading our P.E lesson every Friday. Mr. Davis from Bishop Vesey's Grammar School has been teaching us rugby skills and has said that he is very impressed with what we have learnt! We have been working on passing the ball backwards only, learning how to catch and throw the ball and also learning the rules of tag rugby. 

We will be competiting in a year group competition in a couple of weeks!


Assembly preparation ...

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This week everyone in Year 6 has been hard at work preparing for our class assemblies.  We have been working together to write our scripts and then learn our parts.  We are hoping that you will be able to see the result of our hard work on Friday when we perform our assemblies in front of parents and the rest of the school ... see you then! 

Room 13

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We arrived safe and happy back from Howtown at 4.27pm on Friday evening. The children had a fantastic time.

This week in writing we have started work using the book Room 13 as a stimulus, which is based on a residential in Whitby. So far we have written some fantastic alternative openings to the story and looked carefully at how to engage the reader.

Our class assemblies are next Friday 10th October in the Oaks' Hall. We hope that you can join us for them. 

6SG - 9.15-9.35

6HJ - 2.45 - 3.05


Amazing Autobiographies

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This week in Literacy we have been continuing our work on biographies and autobiographies by creating our own autobiographies. We have been thinking carefully about interesting events to include that will excite and engage the reader.

We have also been getting excited for Howtown - not many more days to go nowtest!

Reciprocal reading

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Rec-ReadingReciprocal Reading

This week in Year 6 we have started reciprocal reading sessions.

Reciprocal reading is a small group reading session which is led by the children. It takes place during guided reading and enables the teacher to work with another group. It is an opportunity for children to read and discuss a text taking on a key role within the group. The roles alternate each week and all children participate in some way.

A group leader is elected by the class teacher and then this leader is responsible for allocating the other roles. These include:

    • Summariser
    • Questioner
    • Clarifier
    • Predictor
    • Note taker

Look out in our planners for the sticker that shows what role we have taken on this week.


Welcome Back!

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We are delighted to welcome the new year six children back to school! We hope that you all had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for the year ahead.

This week has been focussing on art. As part of this we have been looking at artists including Banksy, Lichtenstein and Escher and creating work incorportating their style of art.



What a performance!

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A huge well done to the whole of Year 6 for a fabulous production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - you were all absolutely fantastic and we are so very proud.

215px-Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 

History Day

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We have really enjoyed taking part in History Day today.  We learned all about the Victorians and presented our work in a mood board.  We used ICT to find out different things and used out technical skills to enhance the design of our mood board.  We also looked at the work of William Morris and designed our own repeating pattern and printed it.  We also loved dressing up - have a look at some of our costumes!

Rhianna louise Segert


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