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Ready For a Change!

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We have been really busy in year six this week - practising for our end of year production as well as having Lynda West-Mullen visit to each us about SRE.  We have also visited our new secondary schools as part of transition day.  We cannot believe there is only two more weeks after this one at Whitehouse Common School and are making sure that we make the most of every minute in our last few weeks together.  It is time for a big change in our lives but we really feel ready for our new schools. 

Transition to Secondary School Questionnaire


Titanic Trip

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On Monday we were lucky enough to travel to Liverpool for the day to visit the Maritime Museum and find out more about the Titanic.  We left really early in the morning and travelled up, arriving at the Albert Docks at 10.30am.  We went into a Titanic workshop and learned lots of interesting facts as well as being able to investigate information about the Titanic ourselves in the museum.  It was great fun and we really enjoyed ourselves.

albert-dock-liverpoolnew     merseyside-maritime-museumnew

Sports Day fun

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Today we have had sports day - it was such fun and a lovely end to the week!  We all represented our house in an event and tried our very best.  Everyone showed super team spirit and had a great time.


What a Busy Week!

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This week we have had 'My Money Week' in which we have been learning about how to manage our money.  We looked at the stock market and how investing can not only make money, but can also lose money.  We also set up our own business using a pretend loan from the bank!  We had to be very carefuly with what we bought to begin with so that we did not become bankrupt! 

We have also been continuing to work really har don our writing - producing work  linked to 'The Black Book of Secrets'.  We have written amazing setting descriptions and very detailled recounts based on poor Ludlow's horrific experiences.  Our teachers are really proud of the writing we have produced.

the-black-book-of-secrets-978033051681503   mymoney-week-illustration

Healthy Lifestyles Week - Safeside

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safeside resized2

safeside resized

Year six have really enjoyed Healthy Lifestyles week this week. It began with a really enjoyable and informative trip to Safeside where we learned about how to stay safe in all sorts of different situations. We even had the opportunity to make a 999 emergency call! We have also enjoyed taking part in a special tennis lesson, writing linked to being healthy and listening to a local young gymnast, Hamish Carter. It has been a really super week!

The Ghost Behind the Wall

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Today in Guided Reading we were focusing on the text 'The Ghost Behind the Wall' written by Melvin Burgess.  We looked at the atmosphere and tension that was created in extract one and how the author has done this.  We then compared it to the second extract and discussed how it was very different.  We then based our writing on the text, ensuring that we included tension in our own story. 


We are all still continuing to work incredibly hard in the final week before our SATs tests and are very focused.  Well done!


the ghostresized

Welcome Back Year 6!

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Year six have had an excellent start to the term - returning with a really positive attitude, and with some fabulous homework.  We are thrilled with the effort that has been put into the work that was set before the holiday.  Everyone has worked really hard - making sure that learning has continued and that standards are maintained.  A huge well done to all!  We are all working incredibly hard to make sure we do our very best during SATs week.  Keep it up!


Easter fun in Year 6

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We have been having some Easter fun in school this week. Yesterday we went on an Easter Egg Hunt - there were 60 eggs hidden around the school grounds and we each had to find one for a prize.  Bonus prizes were given for finding the golden egg!  We also had an egg decorating competition.  Look at some of our designs - they were all absolutely amazing!  Can you spot the two winning entries? 

P1020755  P1020756  P1020758

P1020757  egg1  egg2  egg3  egg7  egg4  egg5  egg6

Go Go Joseph!

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This week we had a real treat - we went to see the production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at Quems in Tamworth.  It was fantastic, we thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the amazing dancing and singing. 


Sweet Maths!

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In Miss Maltby's group we have been learning about ratio and proportion using practical equipment.  This week we used some skittles for a yummy and engaging maths lesson!  We talked about the ratio and proportion of colours and about how the ratios can be reduced down.  We looked at how proportion related to fractions and solved different problems using the skittles.  It was great fun! 

Skittles Original2

P1040294new  P1040297new

The Sick Insects are Growing up!

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Our class stick insects are growing up!  We now have some that are full size - these ones mostly enjoy looking like a stick and standing still!  They are being kept in 6SG where they are enjoying their new large tank.  In 6RD we have lots of babies - they are hatching out of their tiny eggs almost daily.  The babies are far more energetic - a few tried to make a run for it earlier in the week!.  Once they grow to full size we can put them into the larger tank.  


Titanic Writing

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The R.M.S. Titanic has come to Whitehouse Common!  Well, to our writing lessons anyway!  We are basing our writing on the Titanic, using some film clips and information collated using the Ipads as a stinulus.  We have written non-chronological reports this week and are really looking forward to a bit of diary writing.  Although we all know what happened to the ill-fated Titianic we are ensuring we do not give anything away just yet in our writing!


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