Barcelona 2013

spanishflag Mrs Goode and Miss Doughty are going to visit one of our link schools, Els Pins, in Barcelona from 13th February. Whenever they get a chance, they will post some updates direct to this blog so we can see what they have been up to!

Please feel free to leave a comment on any of their posts!

Day 10 - Last Day


A bitter sweet day as it is our last day in Barcelona and at Els Pins.

We have had a fantastic time and been made to feel very welcome all around Barcelona and especially at Els Pins.

Today we visited a Year 6 Science lesson, taught completely in English.  The children were able to talk about the different parts of the heart and the job that it does.  We were very impressed with their understanding and ability to verbalise their explanations.

They sang a song at the start and end of the lesson all about veins and arteries.  Have a go at it yourself.

Another of the lessons we went to see was the P4 class, our Reception, called the Dolphins.  They were able to create the date in English using a chart as well as talk about different animals and the colours of those animals.  Their verbal sentence creating was amazing, they could ask `is it....` and ´can it...¨

Our final class was Year 2.  They worked very hard and talked to us as much as they could.

We will really miss the staff and children at Els Pins and thank them very much for the fantastic experience they have given us.

Day 9 - Els Pins

What a great day!

We spent our time in lots of different year groups today.

Year 5 was all about sports.  The children were learning the difference between playing a sport and doing a sport, for example playing tennis and doing judo.  They had a fantastic understanding and were able to speak in English for almost the whole lesson.

In P3, which is our Nursery, the children were learn the English words for different foods, mainly bananan, apple and sandwich.  The teacher put lots of different pictures around the room and the children had to run and find the picture that she had called out.  We were very impressed with the childrens understanding considering they are so young.

Our final lesson today was in Year 3, an Arts and Crafts lesson.  The week before they had started to design and make their our Maths games.  Today they had to make the counters and dice from a variety of different nets.

It is our last day in school tomorrow. Cry

Have a look at the blog made by the teachers at Els Pins about English at their school!


Day 8 - Els Pins

We were in school today, going from class to class seeing how English and Spanish lessons are taught. 
The school looks very different to ours, it is a one form entry with only 2 playgrounds and no playing fields. 


The classes here are named very differently to ours. This year the theme is water so the children picked something water related and do projects based on that. 
The names were:
Year 6 - Icicles 
Year 5 - Mediterranean
Year 4 - North Pole 
Year 3 - Martians
Year 2 - Icebergs
Year 1 - The Future
Reception classes- Fishes and Dolphins 
Nursery - Turtles

They have a display in their entry hall with all the different names and research. 


We started with a spanish lesson in a year 3 class. They speak Catalan most of the time but are taught Spanish in a similar way to our literacy lessons.

We then moved to a class called P5, which at our school would be reception class. We sang nursery rhymes in English and the children learnt the words for head, shoulders, knees and toes, which of course involved singing the song in English. 
The lessons are very different to ours. The children are spilt into two groups and they swap teachers half way through the lesson

Green George wanted to play and meet the children today so we brought him along

He really enjoyed spending time in a year 2 English lesson. The children loved playing with him and giving him cuddles. He helped them to name animals and describe them as part of a guessing game.

It was a great day and we can't wait to go back tomorrow. 

Day 7 - Presentation Day

What a day!

Heading to university this morning we were slightly nervous as we knew we were going to have to present a lesson, in Spanish, to the rest of our class.

Our homework for the past week has been to prepare a lesson based on a Spanish story book we were given. We had to make the resources, ensure all our pronunciation was correct and create activities for the class to help them improve their vocabulary.

Miss Doughty's book was all about a rabbit that didn't want to go to school.  He was worried all night about going to school but once he was there he had a fantastic time and didn't want to come home again!

The activity that Miss Doughty and her partner organised was a true and false game about the rabbit.  We had great fun reading the statements and organising them into the two groups.  Another activity that they did was to teach us vocabulary for different activities that the rabbit did, for example descansar - to rest, dibujar - to draw, jugar - to play.

Mrs Goode and her partners activities were all based on animals at a farm.  We played a ‘Who Is Missing’ game and had to say which animal had gone for a walk. The animals were: El gato - cat, El pato - duck, La gallina - chicken, La vaca - cow and El caballo - horse.  

The other game we played, based on the animals, was finding the different animals around the room and saying a sentence about them, for example La vaca es negro y blanco.

We had great fun playing all the different games and learning new vocabulary to add to our sentence knowledge.




Day 6 - Flamenco Dancing and Songs

Another busy day at university today!

As part of our training in Spanish we looked at verbs.  We learnt to identify different verbs and had to place them in sentences to make them grammatically correct.  This was a very hard task to complete but with a little bit of perseverance we were very successful and our teacher was very proud of us!

After a short break we learnt a new song, cabezea, hambro, rodilla y pie (head, shoulders, knees and toes.)  The whole class had to get up to sing and dance along to the song.

Have a go at it yourself!



The second part of our day was very exciting.  An ex-student from the university came to teach us flamenco dancing.  We found out the different names of some steps, the different features of flamenco dancing, for example the different types of clap, and the clothing that they wear.

Our dancer teacher taught a few routines and we will continue to practice them.



Day 4 and 5 Barcelona

We have had a busy weekend taking in all the sights that Barcelona has to offer.

Green George asked to come along too so have a look at the wonderful adventure we have had.

Mrs Goode and Miss Doughty at the start of Saturday on the City Tour Bus.




Green George taking in the sights at Sagrada Familia



Mrs Goode and Miss Doughty Placa d'Espanya



Green George enjoying some Paella at a Tapas restaurant.  He put his hood up as it was rather cold on the sea front.


Day 3 Barcelona

What a busy day we have had a university today.

We started off the morning recapping our numbers to 1000, playing lots of number games and completing number problems, in Spanish of course!

Moving swiftly on from number we began to look at pronunciation of the Spanish letters, ensuring we remembered that some of the letters are completely different to ours eg the ll makes the sound of y and j has a h sound.  This helped us with our next section, which was describing different items of clothing.

After familiarising ourselves with clothing we had to describe different people within our group so the others could guess who we were describing.  

Lunch was very short, only 20 minutes to grab a sandwich and water.  Our ordering skills are much improving; today we stretched ourselves by ordering a bag of crisps.

As part of developing of understanding of sentence and sentence structure we watched an episode of Pepper Pig, in Spanish, and then had to read and order a variety of sentences said in the clip.  We even got to show off our artistic talents by drawing pictures to match the different sentences. 

Keep checking the blog over the weekend and half term as we will continue to update it daily.

Have a look at the photos of Green George (RG's mascot) around the university.




Day 2- University

An early start this morning, had to be at university for 9, which is in the mountains surrounding Barcelona City :-)  The journey was about an hour, including walking to the metro.  

Once off the metro we had to climb into the mountains up numerous flights of stairs.  We practised our Spanish numbers while we were doing this, although we couldn't count them all.

Our morning consisted of learning basic based around ourselves.  For example what our jobs were and where we lived.  We looked at many famous people and were able to discribe them and their lives.  We were very proud of ourselves :-)

During a break the Head of Department took us outside to see the beautiful city of Barcelona.  He told us all about the early visitors to the city and how they set up a monastery before Barcelona was the great city it is today. 

After a delicious salad at lunch time we were back in the classroom ready to learn again.

We used a variety of  BLP skills throughout the afternoon learning about different ways to teach the Spanish language.

You will all be glad to know that Miss Doughty and Mrs Goode have been given homework to complete ready for university tomorrow.

Mrs Goode outside the univserity



View from our classroom window


Barcelona Day 1

We have both safely arrived at the University residence in Barcelona.


After some unpacking we went for a stroll along the beach, the sun was shining and we were glad to have arrived in such a beautiful city.


We are meeting with another school teacher, who will be coming to university with us, this evening for a meal before we start lesson in the morning.

Keep you updated :-)

Our first day

We have both arrived safely at the University residence in Barcelona. After some unpacking we went for a stroll down the beach, the sun was shining and we were glad to arrived in such a beautiful city.  Keep you updated.                    

Mrs Goode and Miss Doughty


The Start Of Our Trip

Good morning Whitehouse Common,

We have arrived safely at Gatwick and are just having a coffee waiting to board our plane.

We are both super excited to start our Barcelona adventure and will keep you updated!


Mrs Goode and Miss Doughty

Make sure to follow our trip by clicking on Our School > Link Schools > Barcelona 2013 from the website menu.


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