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Lara's Language Journey Day1-5 Competition

quiz 1Every day this week we have followed Lara as she has visited the countries of our Erasmus+ project, and learned a little bit of the languages that are spoken.

At the end of the week, here's a little competition to see what you've learned. Can you answer these questions? If you can tell Señora Stevens the answers, you will be rewarded with house points, a certificate and quite possibly a little prize! 

1. Which 5 languages are spoken by the partners in our project?

2. How do you say hello in those languages? (If you know the words to our Erasmus+ song, you know this already!)

3. Which language has one word for he she and it?

4. Which language has a habit of combining lots of words to make one long word?

5. Which of the five languages is spoken by the most people? (According to the statistics given on the posters!)

If you can tell Señora Stevens the answers, you will be rewarded with house points, a certificate and quite possibly a little prize! You can write them down, tweet them or tell her in person next time you see her!

Good luck!     καλή τύχη   Viel Glück     iyi şanslar   ¡Suerte!      


Lara's Language Journey - Day5

As we come to the last day of our week of European Day of Languages celebrations and  visiting countries that are part of our Erasmus+ project Let's Go Cultural!, can you work out which language we are looking at today? We've looked at English, Greek, German and Turkish so... today we're going to Spain to look at Spanish!

Señora Stevens is pretty sure that most of you already recognise the numbers 1-10 and the greetings on this poster, but do your families? Could you teach them? You can use the QR code to listen to the sound file if you need some support, or ask a friend who you know is really good at or actually is Spanish! We often use ¿Qué tal? to ask how somebody is feeling, don't we, but ¿Cómo estás? is another way that Y3 have been learning this week in this song. It's very catchy! 

Spanish isn't just spoken in Spain - there are 20 countries where it's the official language and others where it is spoken by many people (for example, many people in the southern states of the USA speak Spanish) You see and hear lots of people who speak Spanish when you follow sport or watch the TV. For example, there are 5 managers in the football Premier League who speak Spanish as their first language. Can you name them? Here's a clue - they manage teams beginning with A, E, L, M and W. And on Strictly Come Dancing, there are 3 dancers who speak Spanish (one is presenting rather than dancing) - can you name them and where they come from? 

Next week, we'll start travelling around Europe and learning more languages,but we won't be visiitng a new country and language every day! 


Lara's Language Journey - Day4

Where shall we go today? I know! Let's visit Greece and learn some Greek!

Greek has a different alphabet to English - the Greek alphabet! Some of the letters have names that we use in English like alpha, beta, gamma (used to describe rays), delta (the area at the mouth of a river, called a delta because the shape is like that letter) and iota (an extremely small amount -  "I don't care one iota" means you don't care even the tiniest bit) You can see the alphabet in the bottom left along with a QR code that gives you access to the pronunciation. Evven better, can you find someone who speaks Greek who could tell you how to pronounce the words? 


Lara's Language Journey - Day3

Today we head to another of our partner countries, Austria, to learn about German!

With 95 million speakers, German is spoken in Germany and Austria as well as Switzerland, Luxembourg Belgium and Liechtenstein. There are quite a few words in English and German that are similar because they originate from the same language group, but be careful! In English a gift is a present but Gift in German is poison. And in German a Wand is a wall not something that wizards and fairies wave to perform magic!

Do you know anyone who speaks German? Ask them to help you read the numbers and greetings. If you don't, why not scan the QR code and listen to the words then try and copy them.

Which language will we look at tomorrow? It's the language of another one of our partner schools...German

Lara's Language Journey - Day2

Today we head to one of the countries of our Erasmus partnership - Turkey! 

Did you know that Turkey is in two continents - both Europe and Asia. Their official language is Turkish. We already know how to say Hello! as it's in our Erasmus+ song, isn't it? Merhaba! And now we can say yes and no, and count as well. Scan the QR code with a mobile device and you can repeat along with the sound file! 

Tomorrow we'll look at the language of another of our partners. Which will it be?




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