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De la cabeza a los pies with Señora Stevens

sharkIt's time for another Spanish story from Señora Stevens. 

This one is written by Eric Carle and features animals getting active.
Can you copy the movements made by the animals? If you can, you can join in and shout ¡yo también! 

It's called De la cabeza a los pies - From Head to Toe in English (although the more observant of you that have been doing your Spanish homework may notice that 'los pies' are feet not toes!)


A Spanish pirate story.

treasureThis week Señora Stevens has been inspired in her book choice by Y1. In English they have been reading Sayeeda the Pirate Princess so Señora Stevens has chosen a short story about another pirate - Osito Tito.

He doesn't look a very scary pirate does he?

Colours and clothes with Señora Stevens


Are you enjoying the weekly Spanish videos from Señora Stevens?

Here's the latest one in which she reads one of her favourite books about some animals putting on their clothes. Except one of them isn't very good at getting dressed. Which animal is it? ¿El elefante? (Elephant) ¿El alce?  (Moose)¿El oso? (Bear) ¿O puede ser el pavo? (or perhaps it's Turkey)

Can you see why she likes it?

Enjoy the story and stay safe!

Another Spanish story with Señora Stevens



Señora Stevens has decided that it's time for another Spanish story! 

Following on from Elmo, she'd like to introduce you to another of her friends, a big colourful one. Can you guess who it could be? There's a clue in the picture!

Hope you enjoy it! 

A Spanish story with Señora Stevens



This week Señora Stevens has recorded a story about colours and finds out the answer to the question ¿De qué color es Elmo?

Here it is: 

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