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Remote Education Provision

Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents

Should a bubble be closed, or when local or national restrictions are in place requiring entire cohorts to remain at home, pupils will access online platforms for remote learning. In such times, remote learning will mirror the in-school learning for the children of key workers. Curriculum coverage will be delivered, wherever possible, in line with the planned in-school delivery; however some adaptations may be required, for example, where practical Science investigations were planned.


Remote teaching and study time each day

As per the Restricting attendance during the national lockdown: schools - Guidance for all schools in England (January 2021) document, remote education (to include remote teaching and independent work) will be equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school. The amount of remote education provided will be, as a minimum:

• Key Stage 1: 3 hours a day on average across the cohort, with less for younger children

• Key Stage 2: 4 hours a day


Accessing remote education

Pupils will be provided with access to one of two online platforms depending on their year group. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 pupils will access remote learning through Class Dojo, while pupils in Years 2 – 6 will access their remote learning through Microsoft Teams. All pupils will be given log-in details for these platforms and ICT technicians will provide support where needed in terms of access.


Remote learning will be supported through a range of stimuli: presentations, worksheets, pre-recorded audio and video and use of online resources.


Nursery, Reception and Year 1 staff will upload daily learning and additional video stimuli to Class Dojo with a daily overview being available from the start of the school day. Work will need to be completed in a child’s online portfolio where feedback will be given.


In Years 2 to 6, staff will invite children to attend scheduled Teams check-ins at the start of the day where the day’s work will be set out and pupils will have the opportunity to ask about their learning. A catch-up session later in the day will also be provided where pupils can ask for additional support with their learning. Live sessions may be provided at times, where a learning task may be supported by direct ‘face-to-face’ input from a class teacher. Throughout the day, a member of staff will be monitoring the online platform and available to respond to individual queries from pupils.


Pupils who may have difficulty engaging with remote education at home due to a lack of devices or online access will be supported through the provision of loaned laptops where access to a device may restrict learning opportunities. Where pupils are unable to access learning from home due to internet capabilities, a place within in-school bubbles may be offered or families may be supported in managing the daily timetable to reduce online demands. Please contact the office if you feel that additional support is needed in this area.


Engagement and feedback

Online protocols were shared with parents in the letter dated January 7th and clearly set out the expectations for pupils, staff and parents in terms of remote education. Pupils should access their online platform daily, taking note of the daily timetable and attending check-ins where possible to gain insight into the day’s learning and submission requirements. Feedback will be provided through self-mark opportunities, acknowledgement through the online platforms, shared celebrations of work and specific personal feedback where needed. In Years 2-6, specific pupils may be asked to join a catch-up meeting to be given feedback where necessary. Pupils’ attendance on the platforms will be monitored and discussed with parents in the fortnightly safe and well-being phone calls and, where engagement may be lacking, support will be provided through additional phone-calls, ICT support and possible provision of in-school sessions.


Additional support for pupils with particular needs

Pupils who may require additional support with their learning will be supported through in-school provision, where appropriate and necessary; through provision of devices to support learning at home; and through regular contact with designated members of staff. Individualised learning will be shared with pupils through the online platforms or individualised learning packs, overseen by the SENCO.


Remote education for self-isolating pupils

Outside of local and national restrictions, if a pupil is required to self-isolate, while their bubble remains in school, then work is provided through the Parents > Home Learning tab on the school website. English, Maths and work from other curriculum areas are uploaded to this area so pupils can continue their learning. If a pupil struggles with their work, then the office should be contacted so that support can be sought.