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Language Leaders

Language Leaders


Language Leaders are appointed each year in KS2 to support and promote language learning. The initial group of Language Leaders worked with Señora Stevens to develop a ‘job description’.  


A Language Leader should: 

  • Lead by example and use their languages 
  • Encourage people to use their home language(s) 
  • Help people understand other languages 
  • Support people who don’t speak English 
  • Take risks and try out new languages 
  • Aim to know at least two languages 
  • Encourage others to learn and use languages outside of the classroom e.g. in the playground, at home, at dinnertimes, in the library 
  • Help teachers with their Spanish lessons and other language related activities 
  • Fetch and look after the language resources especially the dictionaries 
  • Pass on important messages from Sra. Stevens 
  • Suggest ideas and be enthusiastic 


In addition, they often play a key role in our international projects, leading by example and acting as ambassadors.


The 2019-20 ambassadors answered two questions:


Why did you volunteer to be a Language Leader? 

I volunteered to be a Language Leader because I love learning languages; when I go on holiday I like showing off how I know how to speak the language.

I wanted to find out more about languages as they’re fun.

I volunteered as a Language Leader because I like learning how other people communicate.

I wanted to represent the school.

I thought it would be fun!

I volunteered because languages make me happy.

I wanted to explore the different languages and how to speak them

I volunteered because I like to learn languages

I volunteered because I wanted to try something new


What do you like about languages? 

I like speaking languages – it makes me feel proud!

It makes countries different

I like how other people talk and I don’t understand them.

I like that if you learn a language, you can communicate and understand people that speak other languages.

I like the sounds you make and how you spell words in other languages

I like that different countries have different ways of communicating.

It’s fun to learn!

I like that everyone’s language is unique

I find them interesting,

When you go on holiday you can speak that language.