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At Whitehouse Common Primary School we strive to make our curriculum exciting, engaging and most of all purposeful. Mathematics also adopts this philosophy and is taught through a daily Mathematics lesson in line with the National Curriculum. The different areas of maths are covered throughout the year. Each area of maths has opportunities for children to use and apply what they have learned in a range of contexts to ensure their understanding is embedded. Our aim is that all pupils are challenged and develop mastery of maths.


Lessons are taught in exciting and practical ways using a ‘big question’ to introduce the learning and spark investigative skills. Captain Conjecture is often used to introduce the ‘big question’ and may set further challenges in order to help advance the children’s reasoning and problem solving skills.


We explore and demonstrate concepts through the use of practical apparatus for example:

Mathematical concepts are taught through the use of demonstrating, modelling and discussion. The children are taught to develop a practical and pictorial understanding of key concepts before immersing in the abstract form of number.

Throughout lessons, opportunities arise for children to reason, explore, explain and discuss. Activities are directly related to the learning objective and may be practical, recorded in books or completed using ICT. The lesson refers back to learning objective and success criteria and provides opportunities for self and peer assessment.


Our calculation policy is available on our policies page.


Arithmetic and Mental Maths

Within each daily mathematics lessons children are also taught the skills needed for mental arithmetic. Where appropriate, mental maths and arithmetic are taught explicitly. Outdoor practical mental maths sessions take place wherever possible. The purpose of these sessions is to develop pupils’ fluency of number.

[Click here] for arithmetic activities.


Multiplication Tables

The learning and teaching of multiplication tables is imperative as it supports many areas of the maths curriculum.  Children are taught on a regular basis the tables they need to know confidently.  Each child (Year 2 - 6) has their own personal target card to identify the multiplication tables they need to work on and know confidently.  Children are encouraged to learn their tables at home as well as at school and regular practise is important. 

[Click here] for times tables activities.


 Times Tables Rockstars

We use Times Tables Rockstars in school. Click on the image below to visit the site!