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Online Safety

Please [click here] to read the UK Council For Child Internet Safety guidance for parents in helping keep children safe online.


As wonderful as the Internet can be for helping our children to learn new things, and connect with people throughout the globe, it also opens up a range of new potential threats that we need to protect them from.

Childhood bullying used to be face-to-face physical and verbal behaviour. Now online technology and constant connectivity has allowed bullying to harm children through often anonymous contact or actions. Cyberbullying can happen at any time and leave a child feeling unsafe and alone.


Cyberbullying most commonly occurs through:

  • Comments posted in an open online environment such as Facebook.
  • Direct text, email or instant messages online or on a mobile phone.

We encourage parents to be aware of what their children may be doing online including social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter etc. Most social media platforms require users to be at least 13 years of age. We would encourage parents to be aware of any social media accounts that their child may have and ensure they discuss how their child may be using them.

Always remember that:

Everything posted online is public – it can be copied and redistributed – think before you post


The Department for Education has released a document that aims to help parents better understand the issues and offers advice about many aspects. Please [click here] to read the document. For further support you can visit

Long Term Online Safety Plan