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WHCP Fun Run Mission Direct

We are writing on behalf of Pupil Council representatives across the school. We would like to inform you that on Wednesday June 5th 2024 we are going to be holding a sponsored fun run within school.


We are organising this event to help raise money for schools in Africa through the partnership with Mission Direct, specifically to the Uganda Kumi project. We were recently visited by someone called James who had visited the Kumi project. He said that he felt truly humbled when he met the children of Kumi Primary School, and like the staff and children of Whitehouse Common, the children at Kumi were vibrant, keen to learn and buzzing with enthusiasm and curiosity. During the assembly James shared photographs of the children and classrooms that he was there to help with; some of these photos are attached.


The money we raise will go towards making a better life for many: 12p average cost of one brick; £25 a child in school for a month; £15 malaria treatment.  If you scan the code at the bottom of the letter you will be taken directly to the Uganda Kumi information page.


This also helps us become ACHIEVERS – we are being creative and positive as well as being valued contributors to our world. We understand how lucky we are to have the facilities and experiences we have at Whitehouse Common and want to do what we can to help others.


The fun run will be within the school grounds with a variety of different stations that the runners will get to experience: obstacle, water pistols and bubbles to name a few. Children will change into their P.E kit to run as they would for a PE lesson, and are welcome to bring something else ‘fun’ to wear eg hat/tutu/leg warmers. Children will be running in year groups throughout the day.


We are asking for a donation of £1 cash to be brought into school on Wednesday 5th June 2024, but if you feel that you are able to donate a little more, we know that this would be appreciated and put to very good use. We want to do everything we can to help children around the world receive a better education, and then in turn become ACHIEVERS themselves.


We will be holding an assembly to share this information with the children.